Thursday, February 25, 2021

Free Forex VPS!

What is the real value to traders using a Forex VPS? 
A VPS gives you the fastest access to the trade servers with lower latency and to give you the fastest trade execution, help beat slippage and increase trading profit potential. 
For strategies with even one millisecond could mean the difference between profit or loss, the Yadix high frequency VPS are already equipped with NVMe hard drives. This increases the computing power of the VPS and gives HFT traders VPS a real advantage.  
How fast can you connect to the Equinix LD4 trader servers? 
Below we have included some screen shots that display the value of using a Yadix Forex VPS for trading! 

If you want to reduce latency, improve your trading profits and help your self beat slippage, create a scalper account today to benefit from spreads from 0 pips and average ping speeds of 1.5 ms!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Why and How does Yadix Support HFT Trading?

What is High-Frequency Trading (HFT)?

High-frequency trading is abbreviated as HFT and is a trading strategy that uses powerful systems to execute large number of orders in within a very short time frame, usually one second or less. Using complex algorithms, HFTs usually analyse multiple markets and execute orders based on the conclusions of the analysis and market conditions. Due to the nature of HFT trading, systems rely on the fast execution speeds, low trading costs and the STP order execution flow to ensure they achieve their maximum profit potential.

Why does Yadix Support HFT?

Yadix is unique in the way it operates, it does not take risk on its client’s trades, it does not make money when clients lose and does not have any conflicts of interests with clients, unlike most retail brokers. Instead, Yadix makes money on the small commission charged, so relies on high volumes to make higher profits. Therefore, HFT trading systems match the goals of Yadix broker.

How does Yadix Support HFT?

The specialist set up of the Yadix broker infrastructure is probably the most unique and suitable of any online Forex brokers. Each element of the brokerage is carefully thought out and created to support strategies that other brokers see as “toxic”.
Firstly, technology plays a key part in delivering speed, stability, and gateways to the very best liquidity banks. After trialling several trade servers in the United States and Asia, it was discovered that Equinix LD4, delivered the best performance in terms of speed and in terms of capabilities. 

The trade server at Equinix LD4 is cross connected to multiple liquidity providers, ECNs and non-bank execution venues to ensure the lowest latency connections for traders. Furthermore, there are strategically placed datacentres around the globe that allows our clients to connect using fibre-optic technology to deliver the lowest latency connections.
Yadix STP broker uses 14 different liquidity providers to support HFT, and other types of profitable trading. The liquidity pool is made of eight banks, three ECNs and three non-bank execution venues that combine to deliver the perfect liquidity blend to support profitable traders. 

Due to the depth and targeted nature of the liquidity pool, the feed experiences between 30%-40% more price ticks than most other broker online, this is a massive advantage as the more prices there are available to trade, the more likely traders are to fill at the price they want, with no gaps in markets and of course lower slippage as a result. 

Further to the mentioned advantages, the Yadix Scalper account has additional liquidity providers connected, these are specialist providers who are capable of servicing strategies like HFT, Scalping and Arbitrage, making the Yadix Scalper account the most unique, targeted and efficient account in the Forex markets for HFT trading. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

An Account Targeted for EA, HFT & Scalping

The Yadix Scalper account is targeted for EAs, Scalping and HFT strategies that will benefit from inter-bank exchange core pricing, zero market distance levels and specialist liquidity to support profitable trading.

The Yadix Scalper account is a targeted account with a unique technology and liquidity set-up that supports demanding forex strategies such as Scalping, HFT and other profitable trading systems.

To be successful with any trading strategy, low costs, no trading restrictions, and fast execution is required to support your trading success. This account offers spreads from 0 pips and commissions of $/€ 3.50 per 100,000 traded.

The account gives traders direct access to targeted liquidity pools in order to offer unrestricted and unlimited trading abilities, with flexible leverage from 1:1 up to 1:500 and minimal trade volumes from 0.01 (micro lots) up to 1000 lots volumes per ticket.

The most important factor that allows Yadix to support profitable trading strategies such as Scalping and HFT’s is the targeted liquidity connected to the Scalper account. These liquidity providers are specialists in accepting toxic trading flows and deliver superb trade execution.

High-quality execution allows HFTs, scalping and EA traders to benefit from fast execution speeds from 6ms, 99.4% of trades filled in 15ms or less, and 78% of orders are filled at the requested price or better.

Read more about the Scalper Account benefits at Yadix here:

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Perfect Money now Available for Account Funding

Introducing Perfect Money!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Perfect Money, another payment option available for your convenience at Yadix.

Perfect Money gives traders the ability to make deposits and withdrawals to and from their Yadix trading account is USD or Euro quickly and easily.

Make your first Perfect Money deposit today and get a 5% extra trading equity! Just contact support after your deposit and quote PERFECT5 to claim your bonus.

To start using Perfect Money,  please contact our live chat support for instructions.

 Register your account here, or login to an existing account here.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

New Year, Same Great Conditions | High Leverage

 Firstly, we would like to wish all of our traders, clients and readers and successful 2021!

As we head in to another new year, the markets are again changing with unrest in the USA, changes in the UK with Brexit and changes in trading conditions in Europe and Australia.

However, Yadix is pleased to announce that all clients can still trade using 1:500 leverage,  that will give you trading flexibility, power and no restrictions!

The high leverage, together with spreads from 0 pips spreads, lowest ECN commissions and no trading restrictions makes Yadix the number one choice for profitable forex traders. 

ECN Trading Advantages

The Yadix Scalper, ECN account gives traders unrestricted access to institutional level conditions with no limits or levels on stop loss or take profit orders, no-requotes and best bid/ask pricing for the most transparent, fair and beneficial forex trading to ensure our clients experience real trading freedom.

The account ic connected to targeted liquidity that handles demanding forex trading strategies such as Scalping, HFT and other profitable trading systems. Low costs, no trading restrictions and fast execution support your trading success.

To give your trading the advantage it needs, register a Scalper account (on the link below) at Yadix broker today.

Friday, December 25, 2020

HolidayTrading Hours

 Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

We would like to thank you for your continued support of Yadix during the past year and to update you with the trading and office hours over the holiday period.

Our Liquidity Providers have confirmed that the markets will closed according to the times foune on the follow link:

In observance of the holidays, our offices will be closed December 25thand January 1s twith email support only available on December 24th, therefore please allow for additional response time to any queries.

Important Note:During the Holiday period the markets may experience lower liquidity which may lead to wider-than-normal spreads. If liquidity is deemed inadequate, the market for the affected instrument may close without warning.

Once again, we would like to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous new year and to thank you for your continued custom.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Yadix Trading Gifts- Get the latest iPhone,Galaxy & Play Station 5!

The Yadix trading gifts program is a great way to get high tech and high value gifts from your broker, including the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Play Station.

As a true STP broker, Yadix rewards its clients with high value and generous promotions to give our traders real value for their benefit.

Recently, we’ve updated our trading gifts promotion with the latest devices from the best tech manufacturers in the world, including the iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S20, MacBook Pro    and the PlayStation 5!

What are Trading Gifts? 

When you trade on the Yadix classic account, for each trade you make, you contribute to your trading gifts. As soon as you have traded enough, you claim the gift of your choice, or the case value can be credited to your account.

How do Gifts Work?

Every trade you make contributes to your total trade target for the high value gift you chose.

Gifts Examples 

Yadix offers multiple excellent gifts like the iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Play Station 5. Simply deposit $100 or more and start your trading.

Which Trades Qualify for Gifts?

Each trade you make whether it is profitable or not, will count towards your gift with no restrictions at all!

Are There Any Withdrawing Restrictions?

No. You can withdraw at any time without affecting your gift claim. All you need to do is reach the trading volumes and claim.

Are There Any Restricted Trading Strategies? 

No, unlike other brokers , Yadix does not restrict any trading strategies or EAs. You can benefit from unrestricted trading conditions on the account that suits you and earn your gift.

Rebate more about the high value gift promotions