Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Tools that Help Make Successful Traders

At Yadix Broker, we have been providing traders with better ways to trade, with powerful tools, great conditions and unrestricted trading since 2010.

Our unique approach of helping our customers become successful traders to maximize their potential by providing powerful tools, systems and trading education to tackle the markets makes Yadix Broker a highly recommended financial markets broker.

Yadix trades are often customers who have powerful EA systems that are excluded from other brokers for being too profitable, or if brokers restrict their robot to reduce profitability.  Yadix provides the ideal platform and unrestricted environment for all traders.

Even for traders who have not found a profitable trading robot, are inexperienced,just starting out in trading or have been simply unsuccessful til now, Yadix offers some great options that help accelerate successful trading:


Yadix's Signals provider is the winner of the Global Forex Awards Best Signals Provider for 2022 and are great for clients looking for the best trading opportunities delivered in real time.

The signals that have high success rates are delivered with entry, SL, support and resistance levels, and a video explaining the trade for each signal, via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Trade with trading with the best trading opportunities with the highest potential to reduce risk and increase potential profits to join and benefit from the Best Signals of 2022!

Register Now: https://www.yadix.com/trading-account/direct/forex-signals/sa/


Yadix has teamed up with leading trading robot developers to offer the highest trading performance directly on their account for any trader looking to make it in the markets, performance below:

Closed profit:  +1,614.26 USD
Total return: +80.5%
History: 202 days
Risk of ruin: 0.0%

Yadix proudly pays the 12 months licence fee and a VPS subscription to bring the best trading opportunities to qualifying customers.

Start trading this month to get the FREE EA Package: https://www.yadix.com/trading-account/direct/low-cost-trading/


For customers that have no time, skill or intention to trade the markets, but still want to benefit from generating gains, then Copy Trading is IDEAL!

Simply select the most profitable master trader that suits your investment budget and copy their trades to your account, directly!

There great master traders with profits as much as 1701.64%! The beauty of Copy Trading is that the follower doesn't need any experience or skills, the process is fully automated so the customer simply monitors the accounts growth!

Start Copy Trading today with the most profitable pro traders: https://www.yadix.com/trading-account/direct/copy-trades/sa/

Join today to expand your skills, increase your chances of trading successfully and benefit your financial market trading returns.


Thursday, December 8, 2022

Award-Winning Trading Signals Giveaway!

We’re giving away 100% Free subscriptions to Award-Winning Trading Signals!

In cooperation with the winner of the Global Forex Awards Best Signals Provider for 2022, we are giving away 50 totally free subscriptions to the best trading signals in the industry. 

With market expertise and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, signals are provided on a daily bases, through WhatsApp and Telegram with entry, SL, support and resistance levels, to deliver more than 90% success rate.

The first 50 traders to deposit 100 USD will get real-time notifications on the trading opportunities with the highest potential to reduce risk and increase potential profits. 

To get your free signal subscription, please follow the next steps:

1) Register live account: https://www.yadix.com/trading-account/direct/forex-signals/sa/
2) Make your first deposit
3) Contact support and get free subscription

Don’t miss out, contact us to claim before the free places run out!
Best regards,
Victoria Miller
Support Team
Yadix Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117
E-mail: support@yadix.com
Skype: yadix.forex

Friday, November 4, 2022

Want to Beat Slippage?

Do you want to trade with less slippage? Do you want to experience the fastest order execution, do you want trading platform stability, 24 hours-a-day?

We have the perfect solution for you, a FREE London Based VPS. The VPS is not only good for EA traders, but manual traders can also benefit from the high-spec, London based Windows VPS to improve trading output!

Make your deposit today and contact us to get claim your VPS, for free.

To get your free VPS, please follow the next steps:

1) Register live account: https://www.yadix.com/trading-account/direct/VPS/sa/

2) Make your first deposit

3) Contact support and get free VPS

We can't wait to help you start successful trading, so get started today! 

Best regards,


Support Team

Yadix Forex Broker


Contact Us:

Telegram: https://t.me/YadixForex |  WhatsApp: https://wa.me/447585424285

Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117 | Live Chat: https://direct.lc.chat/9106680/3

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Massive Pip Gains During Fed Rate Decision Today!

Today’s Fed Interest Rate decision is one of the most important in recent history with extremely high volatility on Major USD FX pairs, Gold and US Stocks expected. 

These events are rare, and they create great opportunity to make thousands of Pips gains. Today we are offering you the chance to trade the Fed decision with the No1 Forex Signals in the Market! 

Make your deposit today and contact us to get access to the winner of the Forex Industry’s “Best Signals Provider 2022”, for free.

To get your free signal subscription, please follow the next steps:

1) Register live account: https://www.yadix.com/trading-account/direct/forex-signals/sa/

2) Make your first deposit

3) Contact support and get free subscription

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Support Team

Yadix Broker

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WhatsApp: https://wa.me/447585424285 

Telegram: https://t.me/YadixForex

E-mail: support@yadix.com

Skype: yadix.forex 

Live Chat: https://direct.lc.chat/9106680/3

Thursday, October 27, 2022

10 Great Reasons to Trade with Yadix

For 12 years, Yadix has delivered a platform that encourages successful trading through excellent trading conditions, low money saving costs, amazing tools to improve your skills and high value promotions to reward loyalty.

Below we have listed the 10 most popular reasons traders join Yadix and improve their trading experience. 

1.     Low Spreads From 0 Pips

Trade a range of financial instruments with raw spreads starting from 0 pips, prices are provided by a pool of 14 liquidity banks and ECNs and fed directly to the trading platform.

2.     Commissions From 2.50 per 100k traded
Combine great Spreads from 0 pips with ECN commissions from 2.5USD (per 100k traded) to experience low costs and excellent conditions that encourage successful trading. 

3.     Proven Expert Advisors & Trade Copy Options
Instantly become a successful trader low drawdown and high profit Expert Advisors Licences for free or copy trades from professional and high profit strategies to your own account.

4.     Leverage up to 1:1000
Flexible leverage up to 1:1000 allows traders to enhance profitability, reduce the collateral needed to open market orders and maximise the trading experience.

5.     No Deposit Fees 
Benefit from 0% deposit fees on popular methods: BTC, USDT (ERC20 & TRC20), Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, Perfect Money, Credit/Debit Card and Bank Transfers (Sepa/Swift) and Local Banks.

6.     Negative Balance Protection 
Negative balance protection is an extra layer of protection and prevents accounts from losing more than the total balance when trading leveraged products.

7.     Free Trading Tools 
To help clients achieve their trading goals, we provide free market signals, free London VPS and access to successful trading strategies with high profit returns and low downside risks.

8.     High Value Promotions 
Benefit from a range of promotions including a 50% Bonus for each deposit, an iPhone 14 Pro welcome gift and even cash back offers to give you the highest value trading!

9.     No Limits, Levels or Restrictions
Zero market distance levels and limits allow clients to set unrestricted SL, TP and pending orders and close scalping orders within the same second.

10. All Strategies Welcome
Yadix provides the ideal conditions for automated trading, Scalpers and High Frequency Traders with trade sizes from 0.01 to 1,000 lots and no strategy or trading restrictions.

You are invited to register now and start to benefit from these unbeatable advantages: https://www.yadix.com/trading-account/direct/low-cost-trading/ 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Proven Expert Advisor with Ultra-Low Drawdown!

Maximal Drawdown: 0.22% | Account Growth: 53.8% | Profit: $1,075

Please find below the performance report of a proven Expert Advisor that has traded successfully for 124 days with $1,075.33 of profits generated and ultra-low downside risk!

+ Maximal Drawdown: 0.22%
+ Review Period: 124 Days
+ Account Growth: 53.8%

The normal license fee for Gather Pips EA is $500 per year, but you can get this successful EA for free by contacting your account manager on WhatsApp today: https://wa.me/447585424285

I am available at any time to help you get started.

Best regards,
George Miller
Yadix Support Team
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117
WhatsApp: https://wa.me/447585424285
Telegram: https://t.me/YadixForex
E-mail: support@yadix.com
Skype: yadix.forex
Live Chat: https://direct.lc.chat/9106680/3

Monday, October 17, 2022

Launch of Swap Free Gold Trading

Yadix, the well-known international multi-asset STP broker, is pleased to announce the launch of swap-free gold XAUUSD. This upgrade is an enhancement designed to provide greater convenience for gold XAUUSD traders pursuing both long- and short-term trading strategies, who wish to take advantage of the current market volatility.

When trading Gold positions the trader is contracted for the payment of swaps every day. Swap is a rollover fee charged by the liquidity providers, based on interest rates and are applicable to positions kept open overnight. Traders who keep their trade open until the next day must pay or receive a payment of this rollover fee or what is known as the swap fee. With Gold however whether you buy or sell, the swap fee is always in the form of a deduction.

As Gold is traded traditional vs. the US dollar, the USD interest rate is used as the base for the swap, and therefore, a trader trading XAU against the dollar will have to pay will be paid interest according to the trade they have opened.

Buying Gold means a trader will buy Gold and sell USD, Selling USD means a trader will have to pay interest, which is payable per year, therefore every day the trader will have to pay a small fraction of the overall interest due.

For followers of the Islamic Faith, any transactions involving interest is prohibited and therefore, Islamic traders face restrictive trading conditions, or must trade against their religious beliefs. That’s why Yadix has introduced swap free trading.

This issue of interest, whether paying or being paid interest causes conflicts for clients of the Islamic Religion means Swap Free asset classes and Trading Accounts are a great option. Even though the markets demand “swaps”, Yadix as a broker is committed to cover these costs for clients of the Islamic Religion and followers of Shariah Law, as an additional benefit for our traders.

With the Yadix Swap Free Accounts, traders will not be forced to pay the overnight rollover interest “Swaps” on Gold and al other symbols, and will also not receive any interest that maybe due for payment, meaning our Swap Free accounts are Shariah Compliant.

Rollovers are charged at the end of the trading day at 22:00 UK time for traders who decide to fold open positions overnight. But for Swap Free account holders, Gold trades and all other symbols, the swap fees will not be applies to your open trades. For traders who do not follow the Islamic religion, who do not want to experience swaps, will need to close trades before 22:00, however, bear in mind that spreads can widen during these times to counter-act the rush to close trades before the rollover. We highly recommend that the closing of trades is planned to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Further to the above, as the markets are closed on Saturday, Sunday and during holidays, triple swaps are payable each Wednesday, and therefore, most traders will try to close trades off prior to Wednesday at 22:00.

If you are a follower of the Islamic Faith and need a “Swap Free” account, you are invited to register an account at Yadix Broker. Once your account is registered and funded, you can contact our support team to request it be converted to the “Swap Free” option and start your trading, and benefit from no overnight swaps on Gold, Silver, Natural Gas, All FX Symbols and all Indices. 

Furthermore, our client’s benefits from great advantages like 1:500 leverage on Gold,  and no deposit fees to make the conditions for our traders amongst the best in the industry.

Once you start Gold trading with Swap Free conditions, you will can execute both short or long-term positions in the markets and avoid paying any rollover, “swap” fees on your trades.  You will benefit from the same trading conditions and benefits as the normal Yadix accounts with the added benefit of not paying any Swap fees and means you will access the MetaTrader 4 Platform like all the other traders, and trade Gold as well as all currencies, all indices, CFDs and commodities.