Thursday, December 9, 2021

FinTech to Supporting HFT Strategies

Any trading strategy that requires specific broker elements to support high order frequency and the ability to make profit, is often too much for a market making or dealing desk broker to handle, yet these strategies are more suitable to true STP forex brokers, who if they have a very good infrastructure, can deliver fast and accurate, real market (STP) order execution.

A good strategy can deliver great profits from trading the forex markets, 24 hours a day, five days per week, if they are built well and professionally programmed, however a Forex Trading Robot needs to the broker to deliver certain benefits to turn the theoretic profits in to real profits. There are many traders that think all brokers are the same and operate the transparent, no-risk STP model, but sadly that is not the reality. 

A true STP broker’s success is dependent on two crucial factors, liquidity, and technology. Since 2010, Yadix has invest greatly in the technology and liquidity side of the business as the highest priority to ensure the platform delivers the optimal order execution quality, speed, and accuracy any trading strategy needs to succeed. 

Profitable traders are the key to our broker’s success as they generate the highest volumes and the profitability model of an STP broker is solely reliant on volumes. Unlike most other brokers, Yadix does not allocate any budget on marketing, instead the entire budget is allocated for infrastructure developments and improvements which allows us to support all trading styles, regardless of how demanding or profitable they are, Yadix then relies on word-of-mouth referrals which we believe to be the best type of marketing. 

Technology is the biggest influence and the key for high-speed execution, this of course has a direct impact on accurate order filling and the faster orders are executed, the less slippage is experienced. Yadix has developed a network of access points around the world to ensure that traders benefit from the lowest latency connectivity, this infrastructure allows Yadix to deliver execution speeds as fast a 6ms, and 99.4% of all trades executed in 15ms or less. 

Working in tandem with the technology, is the pool of liquidity which is just as crucial to support profitable trading. Our liquidity team is continuously working on maintaining and developing the forever evolving requirements of trading the financial markets. At all times, the liquidity pool consists of 14 providers with great balance within the pool is created with the implementation of eight teir-1 banks, three ECNs and three non-bank venues feeding prices to support all trading activity from manual speculative to demanding HFTs. The combination ensures that all strategies experience efficiency and precision. 

Furthermore, each account at Yadix is targeted towards specific trading types and the appropriate liquidity is connected to each account for optimal performance. 

For complete transparency, Yadix publishes the latest monthly order execution statistics for the convenience of our traders and prospective clients who are looking for this unique, specialised and important platform set-up:

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tools to Support Successful Trading

As a leading STP/ECN Broker offering its unique and bespoke brokerage services since 2010, we are always looking to add more and more tools to support our client's successful trading.

Whilst Yadix broker specializes in providing leading conditions for specialist trading styles such as HFT, Scalping and Day trading, we also understand that starting trading can be challenging for clients and as such also offer high value tools and benefits to make sure all clients can optimize their trading experience with Yadix.

Financial Market Signals

Yadix offers a unique signals service that has outstanding and proven history with impressive statistics for any client to use. The Signals portal receives signals from 16 independent providers, and covers a wide range of markets to deliver the following results:

Success Rate: 85.2 %
Pips Delivered: 41,376+

Pips Gained per Signal: 17.88+

Yadix client’s can qualify for free Signals for life to help them enter the markets with an immediate advantage. 

Review Signals performance here:

Copy Trading (Social Trading)

Social Trading gives clients, new or experienced access to copy the most successful and proven Forex trading strategies. Anyone can choose a strategy that suits them and start copying successful traders immediately directly to their trading account.

A wide range of strategies are available from high monthly returns to stable long term, and low risk options. Each strategy has performance analysis for all successful strategies are available, so find the best automatic-trading option and start today.

Check who is number one on the strategy Leader Board and start copying:

VPS with 1.6 ms Ping 

The free Forex VPS benefit offered by Yadix has always been highly popular for clients using EAs (FX Robots) that rely on fast execution and accurate filling. 

We have sourced a new VPS provider that cuts the ping time in half so our traders can now benefit from ping times as low as 1.6 milliseconds. This means trading actions are executed in much faster speeds and this leads to more accurate order fills and dramatically reduced slippage that is usually caused by latency. 

The VPS is offered for Free to qualifying clients, to see if you qualify and to claim your own London VPS, please visit: 



Special Rebates: 1 Pip Cash Back on 1 Pip Spread Account

1 Pip Cash Back on 1 Pip Spread Account

Dear traders,

Yadix would love you to benefit from a 1 pip rebate promotion on the classic account (1 pip account)! 

As you know, Classic account spreads start from 1 pip (with no commission) so every lot you trade you will earn 1 pip Cash Back.

Example: If you trade 50 lots of EURUSD you will get back 500$ Cash Back – regardless of if you win or loss!

This is a limited time offer, and qualification is open for a few days only, so please contact the team as soon as possible to get the full details and to join the Rebates.

Our team are waiting to help you on WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber/Live Chat and Email. 

We hope to see you benefiting from the great rebate soon and wishing you successful trading.


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