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How Does STP Execution Benefit Forex Traders?

STP (Straight Through Processing) is a commonly used phrase in financial markets trading, but for many, the advantages, and benefits of STP trading remains unclear. In this article, we look to describe STP trading and uncover for all readers what it means.  

There are very limited, specialist Brokers offering its clients the opportunity to trade the markets using STP execution, and traders using specialist strategies and systems like HFT, scalping, hedging, expert advisors, news trading and profitable trading approaches have the greatest benefits of switching to an STP Broker.

These specialist strategies can only succeed when there is no conflicts of interest between the broker and the trader, and the reason for that is that most retail brokers generate profits that are based on client’s losses, meaning that a client deposits $1,000 trades and losses $1,000, the broker stands to profit $1,000 from the losses, and this in turn creates a conflict of interest between Broker and trader. However, STP brokers make money on volumes traded and as such make their platforms the most attractive to encourage success and higher volumes.

Market Making brokers implement restrictions on traders, and many are specifically targeted to cripple the potential profits that such trading strategies can easily generated if unrestricted. Restrictions can include enforcing minimal timeframes that trades must remain open, minimum market distances, and limit the number of requests that any auto-trading system can submit to the servers. Of course, failure to comply will lead to exclusion and can lead to a waste of time and money for the trader.

An STP broker on the other hand offers all traders the freedom, flexibility and confidence to trader without any such restrictions. This is because the broker passes on all trades received on the platform directly on to the banks, ECNs and execution venues in the brokers liquidity pool.

This process is done anonymously, and ensures that the trader’s identity, trading system, stop loss, take profit and any other information remains private. The order filling venue simply gets an instruction to buy or sell an order, and no other information, keeping traders as always protected as possible.

Moreover, traders experience unlimited trading conditions including the best spreads, fastest fills, least slippage and the most institutional trading experience possible. With a TRUE STO broker, you will be able to trade from 0.01 to 1,000 lots per ticket, you will be able to set your SL and TP anywhere, and you won’t be limited to any maximum lots per trade or simultaneously, which are all popular tricks of market marking brokers to restrict profit making.

Yadix is a true STP Broker that for more than 12 years, has been offering great execution advantages for traders and supports profitable and demanding trading strategies that are often excluded from other brokers with leading conditions, low costs and unrivalled execution quality.

Some execution benefits all traders should consider before choosing a Broker:

NO DEALING DESK: Orders are executed directly to leading liquidity providers anonymously with transparency, fairness and no dealing desk intervention.

NO RE-QUOTES: Orders are executed using market execution and ensures that there is no dealing desk intervention, last look or re-quotes.

NO STOP LOSS HUNTING: Orders are executed anonymously, the liquidity providers receive only the commands to open or close Market, Limit and Stop orders.

NO STRATEGY RESTRICTIONS: No conflict between STP Broker and Client allows Yadix to offer real trading freedom for clients to operate profitable strategies.

DEEP LIQUIDITY: The advantages of deep liquidity pools are lower execution spreads, better quality chart ticks and higher fill accuracy.

BETTER ORDER FILLING: As Yadix Broker uses 14 liquidity providers, the platform receives as much as 40% more prices than traditional brokerage houses, and therefore orders are filled quicker, at better prices and with greater accuracy.

Sign up for an STP Broker account today to benefit you trading style: Superior Order Execution & Exceptional Pricing (


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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Gold-Gains-Pro: A Comprehensive look at the Performance of this Trade Copying Strategy

Navigating the complexities of trading the financial markets can be a daunting task for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike.

Copy trading platforms have emerged as a popular solution, allowing users to mirror the trades of successful strategies. One such strategy that has garnered attention is Gold-Gains-Pro. Let’s look in detail at the key features, performance, and user experience of Gold-Gains-Pro's strategy.

Accessibility: Gold-Gains-Pro is exclusively available on Yadix Broker’s Trade Copying platform. Signing up and starting is simple, easy and quick, meaning investors can access the expertise that the Gold-Gains-Pro strategy provides in minutes.

Risk Management: One of the critical aspects of any copy trading is its approach to risk management. Gold-Gains-Pro employs advanced risk management tools to deliver incredible gains and protect investors from significant losses. Users have the flexibility to set risk preferences, allowing them to align their investment strategy with their risk tolerance.

Performance Metrics: The heart of any copy trading platform is its performance. Gold-Gains-Pro boasts returns of 401% per month, with moderate drawdown statistics that are far outweighed by profit gains of $21,000+ to date. Other metrics include return on investment (ROI), drawdown, and other relevant indicators, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Gold-Gains-Pro offers trading expertise on Gold, which is well known as being a safe-haven for investors in the financial markets, but still provides amazing opportunities for savvy investors. The approach of specialising on one symbol mainly, minimizes the risk associated with relying on trading multiple markets.

Limited Time Access: Due to its incredible success, Gold-Gains-Pro has been opened for trade copying for serious public investors for a limited time. Therefore, any interested investors should register and join prior to April 29th to benefit from the greatly reduced performance fees of only 10% (normally 35% due to profit levels).

Gold-Gains-Pro stands out as a promising copy trading strategy, offering effective management and unrivalled performance and profit potential. While every investment carries inherent risks, the performance metrics are transparently available for any investor to research and review at any time.

Take advantage of the limited time offer and start trade copying from Gold-Gains-Pro with three easy steps:

1.     Create an account:

2.     Fund your account with the minimum required.

3.     Connect to Gold-Gains-Pro from your profile and start copying the profitable strategy.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Unlocking Execution Efficiency: Benefits of Using FIX 4.4 for Trade Execution

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of financial markets trading, precision and speed is essential for success.


Traders and institutions seeking optimal efficiency, low latency, and seamless connectivity turn to the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol, with version 4.4 being a widely adopted standard.

In this article we explore the key benefits of using FIX 4.4 to execute trades in the forex markets.

1.     Standardization for Seamless Integration: FIX 4.4 provides a standardized protocol for communication between different entities in the financial markets. This standardization ensures seamless integration, allowing traders, brokers, and liquidity providers to connect and communicate effectively. This standardized approach reduces the likelihood of errors and facilitates interoperability among different trading systems.

2.     Low Latency Execution: The forex market operates in real-time, and even milliseconds matter. FIX 4.4 is optimized for low-latency communication, enabling traders to execute orders swiftly. This is crucial in a market where prices can change rapidly, ensuring that trades are executed at the desired prices without delays, minimizing slippage, and optimizing trade outcomes.

3.     Direct Market Access (DMA): FIX 4.4 supports Direct Market Access, allowing traders to connect directly to liquidity providers and participate in the interbank forex market without intermediaries. This direct connectivity enhances order execution speed, reduces trading costs, and provides greater control over trade execution.

4.     Customization for Trading Strategies: Traders benefit from the flexibility and customization options offered by FIX 4.4. The protocol allows for the implementation of diverse trading strategies and algorithms, enabling traders to tailor their approach to specific market conditions and individual preferences. This customization is essential for deploying sophisticated trading strategies and risk management protocols.

5.     Real-time Market Data: Keeping abreast of market developments is critical for making informed trading decisions. FIX 4.4 facilitates the transmission of real-time market data, ensuring that traders have access to the latest information on currency pairs, market trends, and price movements. This real-time data empowers traders to make timely and well-informed decisions.

6.     Automated Trading Capabilities: FIX 4.4 supports algorithmic and automated trading, allowing traders to automate their trading strategies. This feature is invaluable for executing trades 24/7 without constant manual intervention. Automated trading can enhance efficiency, capitalize on market opportunities, and manage positions in a systematic manner.

7.     Scalability for Growing Trading Volumes: As trading volumes increase, the scalability of the trading infrastructure becomes crucial. FIX 4.4 is designed to handle large volumes of trades and orders simultaneously, making it well-suited for institutional traders and brokers dealing with significant trading volumes.

As the markets evolve, adopting new technology that enhances efficiency and responsiveness is paramount. Where FIX 4.4 stands out as a reliable and widely adopted protocol for institutional level market participants, FIX API is growing in popularity for High frequency traders, high volume traders and automated A.I systems. Traders leveraging enhancements like FIX API position themselves for success in the dynamic forex markets and gain the tools to navigate market fluctuations and capitalize on opportunities effectively.

Yadix is a broker that has been supporting profitable trading strategies such as HFT, Scalpers and Day Traders since 2010 (14 years) and as such, can provide dedicated FIX API connections for high-level traders.

If you are a HFT trader or a high-volume trader and want to benefit from the most advanced technology to support your trading, please register an account on the link below, or arrange a discussion with one if Yadix’s professional and experience account managers:

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