Thursday, July 28, 2022

Trade Copying Technology!

Start copying Trades from successful and profitable traders

Trade copying technology allows you to replicate proven strategies with no input required from you.

For example, with only $500, you can copy “Night King” a trading system generating excellent returns:

+ Account Growth: 731.94%
+ Total Profits (so far): $9,469.16
+ Low Risk: 11.21% (Draw down)

Expected Monthly Returns: With a $1,000 the expected monthly return will be $1,720.9!

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You will also benefit from 0% deposit fees using popular methods including: BTC, USDT (ERC20 & TRC20), Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, Perfect Money, Credit/Debit card and bank transfers (Sepa/Swift).

Our team is available on WhatsApp +447585424285 (or any channels below) at any time to help you get started.

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Yadix Support Team
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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Tether USDT (TRC20) is now available!

Great news, Tether USDT (TRC20) is now available as a deposit option, with 0% fees on your deposits!

The new coin is the latest addition to our existing offering that includes:

•    Crypto: Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and many other currency coins
•    Skrill
•    Neteller
•    Asia Local Banks (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand)
•    Bank Sepa (Euro)
•    Bank Swift
•    BitWallet
•    Perfect Money
•    Fasapay 

Login to your Yadix account now and follow the instructions to make your deposit with Zero deposit fees policy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

What is Different about Yadix STP Broker?

Why is Yadix different is a very valid question, and the answer is simple!

As a broker, Yadix uses 14 liquidity providers (8 banks, 3 ECNs and 3 non-banks), liquidity is constantly under development to ensure Yadix matches the volumes submitted by traders with the best executing and highest performing liquidity providers. From the technology perspective, the MT4 servers are located at Equinix London, LD4, which is the lowest latency venue, and because the liquidity providers are cross connected at the same datacentre, is one of the main reasons Yadix clients experience average order filling speeds of 15ms.

Moreover, Yadix understands the needs of traders using specialist and demanding systems and have therefore built a separate liquidity pool especially for HFTs, that consists of liquidity specifically targeted for their ability to accept and deliver the highest quality STP execution for HFT traders.

The HFT pool is available through our “HFT” account and includes the ability to use limit order capabilities, which allows the user (trader) to control slippage deviation levels, through submitting the limit orders themselves, or via the default settings on the bridge level, and ultimately gives the trader control over market slippage.

As a broker, we see our main role as the building and maintenance of a robust infrastructure to support all types of trading and systems, without any conflicts for the best performance.

We hope you join Yadix and your system is successful under our unique infrastructure.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Easy Way to Invest in the Financial Markets 📈

There are many tools, systems and methods to help you become a better trader in the financial markets, however one method really strands out.

Trade copying allows investors to get instant access to successful and proven trading strategies with immediate results without the need to study, learn or have any kind of knowledge or experience. 

Naturally, by investing in something that is real, with statistics to back it up, dramatically reduces the investors risk and gives a great advantage without too much work.

Yadix has invested heavily in the technology around its investor network tools, and has a truly transparent and automated system that gives the investor the entire control and power over their investments, as well as access to incredible, in depth statistics so investors can find the right strategy for them. 

One of the leading and most popular strategies currently is called Ipher Day Trading, and as teh name suggests it is a Day Trading strategy with phenomenal results to date:

  • Profits: 307.19%
  • Drawdown: 11.21% 
  • Age: 70
  • Winning Trades: 67.97% 


Review Results:

To view more strategies or to sign up for an Investor Account, click on the link and get started today:




Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Providing Extra Value for Traders

Often, the small details are overlooked, however in many cases, these small elements can massively contribute to a better trading experience for many retail or professional financial market traders.

For example, most retail broker will purely focus on new or inexperienced traders and offer promotions, rewards, and incentives to attract these types of traders in, and as such the channels of advertising to attract new client's is critical for their success.

Yadix, on the other hand operates a unique profit generating model that is purely reliant on the retention of traders to make the business a success, and after 11 years of successful operation, the Yadix management have found a very good balance between quality and rewards, that works for both the client and broker.

For example, unlike 99% of retail brokers, visitors will notice that Yadix does not offer an education centre. You may ask what's the reason for that, or surely that helps new clients understand the markets. While that is the case, and newcomers to trading are taken care of at Yadix, the broker's target audience are professional or profitable traders, that most retail brokers are not interested in, or those that use HFT, Scalping or profitable trading EAs/Systems.

Yadix broker basically offers services to the profitable traders that all the other brokers are not willing to accept as clients or make it awkward for such traders to generate profits. By offering conditions suitable for "toxic" trading, with no trading restrictions, fast or execution that also offers accuracy, makes the Yadix trading environment super attractive.

On top of these great benefits, the development team is continuously looking for ways to add more value to the environment that will offer benefits for the clients. The process to siurce and launch valable tools and rewards is challenging, however the development team have done a great job by introducing impressive range of trading tools.


After 12 months of research, the team have sourced a professional and independent Signals provider whose service comprises of a signals portal that offers market signals from 19 proven signals providers, with the aim of providing users daily pip gains. In fact, the stats speck for themselves with an 84+% success rate, and average 17.05+ Pips gains per Signal and 46,858+ pips delivered overall.

Yadix offers signals to every single account that is newly funded, all the trader needs to do is contact the Yadix support team to claim this trading tool:

VPS (London)

As the trading server is in London, at the Equinix LD4 datacentre, and as 75% + of Yadix traders are EA, Scalpers or HFT traders, having the fastest connection to the trade server is crucial and can be the difference between being profitable. Yadix utilizes three different VPS providers to ensure traders have a great solution to experience the fastest order execution, with ping speeds as low as 1.5 milliseconds to deliver precision and to help eliminate slippage.

Yadix offers three levels of VPS to all qualifying clients. The client should simply create and fund an account and contact the Yadix support team to claim this trading tool:

Trade Copying & Social Trading

As previously mentioned, Yadix caters for professional level traders, however, newcomers can also access professional level trading systems through the highly advanced copy trading software. With Trade Copying, anyone, regardless of experience, skill or knowledge can duplicate the trading strategy of the most successful traders directly to their own accounts, and at the same time, always remain in full control. Alliteratively, there are several Expert Advisors that traders can purchase, and operate them independently on their own accounts.

There are multiple trading strategies and Expert Advisors to choose from with different risk and return statistics with full history reports to analysis and to help investors decide the best option to help them reach their investment targets.


2022 promises to bring multiple other benefits to the enhance the trading experience at Yadix and support clients in boosting trading profits, so stay tuned for future announcements.


Monday, March 14, 2022

All Traders Get Free, Proven Forex Signals

Due to the amazing success and uptake of the Yadix Free Forex Signals and popularity of the service, Yadix has decided to offer Free Forex Signals for all Live account holders. 

As a Yadix trader, you will use your private key to login to the Signals Portal and receive highly valuable trading signals, with proven history from 19 independent providers under one valuable infrastructure. 
There are thousands of trading signals to benefit from, that deliver daily pip gains with high success rates to improve your trading potential and skills so you can master the financial markets. 

What can you expect from the Signals?

  1. 19+ Signal Providers 
  2. 46858+ Pips Delivered 
  3. 17.05+ Pips Average Gains per Signal 
  4. 84.2% Success Rate

As Yadix is a True STP Forex Broker, we offer exceptional conditions, spreads from 0 pips and low cost trading across multiple accounts to help support our traders in beoming successful market traders. 
Sign up here to get Free Forex Signals.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Zero Account Funding Fees

We are delighted to announce that our traders will now benefit from No Deposit Fees!

In keeping with our commitment to support providing the best trading environment to support profitable Forex trading, and during a preiod of time when money processing is becoming more and more expensive, the Yadix management have taken this extraordinary and generous step to cover the 100% deposit fees for it's clients benefits on the below account funding methods:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • SEPA - Bank Wire
  • SWIFT - Bank Wire
  • Perfect Money
  • FasaPay
  • BitWallet
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether

Coupled with the brand-new promotions and trading tools now available, such as iPhone 13 Pro Giveaway, 50% extra trading power bonus, 58% + Market Signals and a Free London VPS,  there’s never been a better time to trade, so make your deposit and choose your promotion to maximize the markets!

Existing clients can login to their profile here to take advantage

New clients sign up today to benefit!