Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Zero Fees on Skrill Funding

Yadix is committed to continue to provide the highest quality execution to its clients, with a specific focus on EA traders, scalpers and High Frequency Traders.

We would like to update you on some exciting upgrades that you can benefit from.

1) Zero Fees on Skrill: Firstly, I’d like to offer you no deposit fees when you fund your account using Skrill. Just make a deposit 2,000 or more to your trading account using Skrill and we will cover 100% of the transaction fees.

2) New Card Processor: If you prefer to deposit with cards, we have implemented an amazing Credit and Debit Card deposit solution, suitable for your region so you can easily and quickly make your deposits.

3) New Symbols: Due to popular demand, we have added more trading symbols, please feel free to login and check the symbols and the great spreads we offer. 

4) VPS Discount: During July, we would like to reward our EA traders with a huge discount on the required deposit to quality for a free VPS. Contact our support team to claim your discount and the free VPS today.

Finally, as we have some great offers on during the summer months, I’d like to invite you for a one-on-one session where we can identify and set-up the most valuable offer for you.

Please let me know the best time for you, so we can schedule five minutes that may change the way you trade forever.

Our support team are available to answer any questions you may have or help you to deposit using the many new deposit options available to you.

Best regards,

Tony Edwards
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117
E-mail: support@yadix.com
Skype: yadix.forex

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Free London VPS!

During July 2019, we are offering you massive discounts on three outstanding VPS products.

Your trading will benefit from faster (as fast as 2ms connectivity), and more accurate execution to 15 top liquidity banks & ECN’s.

Reade about Top Quality Execution: https://www.yadix.com/Execution-speed/

Fund your account with the required amount for your choice of VPS, between 11 to 31 July and contact us to claim your free VPS.


VPS specifications: https://www.yadix.com/forex-trading-community/promotions/Free-VPS/ 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Review Performing Trading Strategies

Choose your Investment Strategy! 

Please review three successful Master strategies where you can benefit from profitable trading strategies with no experience required!

Master Profile 5566: The success of the strategy is based on low drawdown primarily using a low risk, and manual trading style that has been developed with over 25 years of financial trading experience.

+ Performance Highlights: Total Returns445.94%, Closed profit (USD):+39037.01, Max DD 10.38%

+ Master Profile:https://www.yadix.com/pamm/pamm-managers-profile/Profile_5566.pdf

Master Profile 3443: Very stable automated trading system offering low risk trading system targeting 10%-15% per month by trading on two major pairs, identifying trends on medium timeframes.

+ Performance Highlights: Total Returns 205.3%, Closed profit (USD):+3,998.13, Max DD 14.42%

+ Master Profile:https://www.yadix.com/pamm/pamm-managers-profile/Profile_3443.pdf

Master Profile 6636: This automated trading strategy focuses trading on the popular DAX and other Indices, to deliver very high returns in a very short space of time, with extraordinary results of +21.6% weekly.

+ Performance Highlights: Total Returns +88.5%, Closed profit (USD):+820.55, Max DD 61.30%

+ Master Profile:https://www.yadix.com/pamm/pamm-managers-profile/Profile_6636.pdf

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or help to join any of there programs.

Best regards,

Mario Antov
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117
E-mail: support@yadix.com
Skype: yadix.forex

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Non Farm Payroll Alert

The U.S Non-Farm Payrolls will be released Friday, 5th of July 2019 12:30 GMT and is a key economic indicator that can cause volatility in the markets.

What to Expect this Month?

The markets were quiet on Thursday as the USA celebrated independence day, the European equity markets were flat and the Asian markets also opened flat on Friday due to a lack of any indications overnight, the GBP was subdued as a no-deal brexit edges closer. 

Most experts, economists and researchers have an expectation for the Non-Farm Payrolls to increase to around 160k in June, this follows a very weak report of 75k in May. Additionally, the experts are forecasting the unemployment rate to remain steady at 3.6% in June. 

Some banks have shown some concerns by highlighting that the labour market has started to show some weakness, so it is important to monitor employment growth, which is an important recession indicator. On average, the monthly increase in nonfarm payrolls has declined to 164,000 during 2019, from 223,000 in 2018.

The US dollar is currently trading slightly stronger when comparing to its G10 counterparts ahead of the Non-Farm Payrolls data. A report below 100K would be considered very poor, and as a result, could keep the Federal Reserve (Fed) doves in charge of the market. On the other hand, a stronger-than-expected figure could pause the rush into the US bonds and investors may change their dovish Fed expectations before the release of the FOMC meeting minutes next Wednesday.

Opportunities Around the NFP Reports:

Regardless of the results of the Non Farm Payrolls, the markets always experience moves immediately after the release which offer traders excellent short-term trading opportunities. Positive or negative reports will affect market sentiment which can create new trends and trading opportunities.

Boost your Trading Performance with Outstanding Execution Statistics & Price improvements:  

Price improvements can increase your trading results. Our technology set-up and direct to markets execution model (NDD) allows you to benefit from price improvements on your fills and increase your profits.

Read more: https://www.yadix.com/Execution-speed/

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tools for Master Traders

There is a growing trend within the forex markets. This trend comes from individuals, businesses and investors who have no forex experience , but understand the value that the markets can deliver them.

To support this trend and the massive demand from inexperienced traders, Yadix has a wide range of tools and business development options that efficiently help talented traders reach their full potential via social trading, account management and trade copying, plus much more.

Account Managers:

Yadix has several allocation methods available according to the manager’s requirements, they are as below:

PAMM- Percentage Allocation Method. This method splits the master’s trades across all investors accounts according to the percentage contribution to the master’s entire equity. Investors see the open trade, symbol traded and volumes.

PAMM – Money Allocation Method.  This method splits the profit or loss from the master’s trade once the trade is closed according to the percentage contribution to the master’s entire equity. The investors cannot see any trade details, they only see the profit or loss allocated once the trade is closed.

Earning: Account Managers that introduce their own client’s will benefit from generous IB rebates and can also charge their investors a performance fee. For Yadix clients that want to join your program, you can earn the performance fee. Masters can choose minimum investment required and the performance fee.

Strategy Managers:

Strategies can be manual, automated EA’s that the master uses to generate profits for interested investors. In order to protect their EA’s code, a master can consider the Yadix trade copying technology that offers transparency and great controls for both the master and the investors.

Earning: Trade Copy Masters can earn via performance fees and generous IB rebates for clients referred. For Yadix clients, you can choose to earn performance fee or volume related rebates.

EA Developers:

If you’ve developed a successful trading strategy and programmed it in to an EA, there are various ways you can develop your business and profits.  Yadix is a broker targeted for EA traders, and as such has a large data-base of interested investors that will be interested in your EA.

Earning: After testing and building up a valid performance report trading at Yadix, you can chose to sell licensed copies of your EA, or if you like to keep your cards close to your chest, you can choose PAMM, MAMM or trade copy options to stay in control.

Speak to our Partners Team today to get a roadmap and business plan for success with Yadix, and you will benefit from unrivaled experience and creativity our team offers: https://www.yadix.com/partners/

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Is There a Forex Holy Grail?

As most traders already know, a Forex Holy Grail does not exist when it comes to mastering the Forex markets.

However, Yadix has been working with one trading system that has proven to be the most successful trading system, the most popular and the most consistent system we’ve seen for a long time.

StablePro boasts excellent performance statistics of +176.7% return on investment and Zero % risk of ruin chances over the past 468 days, as you can see below.

Balance Growth:


Profit Performance:

Risk Statistics:

As StablePro provides low-risk trading, consistent returns and trades only on a couple of selected pairs, we believe it is suitable for serious traders or investors who wish to benefit from the continuously stable monthly returns on investment. If you are looking for a high risk and unrealistic trading system, then StablePro is not for you.

The system is licenced per account and is subject to a discounted licence fee, however, for serious investors Yadix is happy to cover the costs of this system and provide a free London VPS for qualifying accounts.

To learn more about this, and other available systems, please contact the Yadix support team, or arrange a one-on-one conversation with your account manager.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Forex VIP Trading Program

VIP and high volume traders are the backbone of Yadix Forex Broker, and that’s the reason we have created a special program, targeted for VIP traders that offers the very best trading conditions and amazing rewards.

As a Forex broker that supports profitable trading, we understand that the most important factor that allows you to generate the best possible trading performance is costs. 

The Yadix VIP account offers core-bank spreads which means you trade with the best spreads from more than 10 leading liquidity banks and ECN’s with no mark-ups whatsoever.  When comparing to the major brokers, Yadix boasts core ECN spreads as much as 40% lower than our competitors.

As an experienced trader, you will also realise that commissions (as well as spreads) are an important factor. On the Yadix VIP Forex account, we deliver the lowest possible ECN commissions we can, in fact we have sacrificed our STP profits for your high volumes. 

The VIP account commissions on currencies are 2.50 USD per 100,000 traded, for indices, commissions are just $1 per round lot and for commodities commissions are set to a very low $10 per round lot!

Even as a VIP trader, you can still benefit from high leverage, minimum trade size 0.01 and max trade size 1000 lots (per order). Furthermore, there are no strategy restrictions, no minimum market distances or time limits and no hedging restrictions, with zero margin charged for hedged orders.

Other Benefits no other Broker can give you

The Yadix VIP Program offers you:

•    VIP withdrawals processed in 1 Hour
•    Reimburse deposit fees
•    Personal Account Manager
•    Free access to Expert Advisors
•    Exclusive events and rewards

Are you ready to join our VIP trading program and benefit from these amazing benefits? Sign up today:  https://www.yadix.com/vip-account/

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Trade for iPhone X, Galaxy S8+ or PlayStation 4!

We would like to invite all traders to take part in a new trading challenge!

Convert your volumes and choose your gift: iPhone X, Galaxy S8+, MacBook Pro or PlayStation 4.

Read more: https://www.yadix.com/forex-trading-community/promotions/Welcome-gifts/

Best regards,

Mario Antov
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117
E-mail: support@yadix.com
Skype: yadix.forex

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Trade EUR/USD with 0.1 pips Spreads 41% of the time!

We are extremely proud to introduce to you the lowest and tightest spreads in Forex.

We have sourced new liquidity feeds and we are now offering the best spreads anywhere with a massive reduction across all symbols with as much as 60% lower spreads.

The average spread for EUR/USD for 07-05-2019 was 0.13 pips, with more than 41% of ticks at just 0.1 pips, please see below:

#Count of Spread
% Percentage

Login to your MT4 account and review the amazing reductions in our raw spreads and also benefit from our exclusive ECN rebate program and discounts.

Start trading today and allow Yadix to help save you costs and become a more profitable trader.

Best regards,

Tony Edwards
Yadix Support Team
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117
E-mail: support@yadix.com
Skype: yadix.forex