Monday, December 31, 2018

MT4 Upgrades and Improvements

Due to significant upgrades and improvements in our trading infrastructure, a new version of MT4 is available to download directly from

As the new set-up is available now, all clients are required to download the new MT4 and login to the new servers QuantixFS-Live2.

Happy New Year!

Liam Cooper

Support Team
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Holiday Trading Hours 2018

We would like to thank you for trading with Yadix and to update you on the scheduled market and office operating hours over the Christmas and New Year's period

Please see the schedule here:  

We would like to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2019 and to thank you for your continued  custom. We are looking forwards to serving you in the New Year.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Get the Latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More Welcome Gifts

Yadix is giving away the latest iPhone Xs, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Macbook Pro and Playstation 4 to all traders that join the Yadix Welcome Gifts promotion.

The promotion is not a draw where one lucky trade will win the high-tech gift, its available for all clients that join the promotion, fund their accounts with only $100 and trade the volume requirements on the popular Classic trading account.

Unlike other broker, we offer traders easy to achieve volume and deposit requirements as we like to make our promotions achievable, enjoyable and rewarding for our clients.

For example, our competitors force traders to deposit $5,000 and trade 500 lots, whereas with Yadix, you can get the same iPhone (worth more than $1,000) by depositing $100 and trading 120 lots only.

The Welcome Gifts can be earned by trading manually, using any EA or any trading strategy. This approach is taken as Yadix is an STP broker, and we love to generously reward our clients based on their trading volumes, not on the deposit or lost amount, as a market making broker would. As such each participant has three months to achieve the volume requirements of the promotion.

Furthermore, for our most loyal traders we can arrange a unique Gift package based on any gift you'd like to trade for. Just let us know and we will set up the unique Gift for your trading.

For more details about this high value promotion, please visit the following link or contact our support team who are happy to help you:

Friday, December 7, 2018

Non Farm Payrolls- 07 December 2018

The U.S Non Farm Payrolls will be released Friday, 7th of December 2018 13:30 GMT and is a key economic indicator that can cause volatility in the markets.

What to Expect this Month:

The expectation for the Nonfarm Payrolls report is that a disappointing 200K new jobs were added during November, compared to 250K added in October.  The markets faced a day of turmoil on Thursday, as Oil prices tumbled, Wall Street closed with the S&P 500 down 0.2% at 2696 and the FTSE lost in excess of 3% value thanks to falling US Treasury yields.

There are increasing concerns over the US economy experiencing an economic deceleration and there are suggestions that the Fed will pause, or reduced rate hikes next year and the Nonfarm Payrolls could provide a boost for dollar Bulls after a rough week trading, if the report is better than expected.

A solid NFP figure along with signs of accelerating wage growth in the United States could revive market expectations relating to US interest rates during 2019. It is expected that the average hourly earnings will be up 0.3 percent in November after gaining 0.2 percent in October, leaving the annual increase in wages at 3.1 percent.

As the Fed is very data-reliant in decision making during recent years, the Non Farm Payrolls play a vital role in the US economic outlook moving forwards, and today's report is considered as one of the most important reports in many months. Currently, the financial markets are pricing in one price hick for 2019, which in terms of expectations is a big change from the suggested two rate hikes for 2019 predicted only last month.

Opportunities around the NFP Reports:

Regardless of the results of the Non Farm Payrolls, the markets always experience moves immediately after the release which offer traders excellent short-term trading opportunities. Positive or negative reports will affect market sentiment which can create new trends and trading opportunities.

For all of the latest market news, please visit:

Thursday, December 6, 2018

What are Forex Price Improvements?

Latency and slippage exists in the Forex markets, it cannot be avoided, and slippage is often referred to as a negative aspect of trading. However, slippage is natural and when you trade with a true STP broker, positive slippage (price improvements) are as common as negative slippage. 

Price improvements can increase your trading result and add extra profits to your trades. Our technology set-up and direct to markets execution model (NDD) allows you to benefit from price improvements on your fills and increase your profits. As your orders are executed to a range of liquidity banks and providers, and often the price you want to execute your trade at is better than the price you have requested in your MT4 trading account.

Statistically, our traders  experience price improvements on 28% of Buy or Sell orders, and 81% of pending orders (stop loss, take profits) trades are executed at a price better than the requested, and this is additional profit added to the trade.

What is Latency?

Latency is the time it takes for your MT4 terminal to communicate with the trade server located at Equinix LD4 in London, and the liquidity providers, who are also hosted at Equinix LD4. By using cross-connected liquidity within the Equinix LD4 infrastructure, latency is significantly reduced. 

Moreover, within the network are multiple data-centers located strategically around the world, that connect via fibre optic technology to ensure all clients experience the lowest latency technology can deliver. However, the further away you are from London, the higher latency will be, and you are subjected to increased chances of slippage. A VPS is a great and cost-effective solution.

For clients that rely on ultra-fast execution and the lowest latency possible, Yadix can provide a free VPS with ping times as low as 1ms, so that our clients (often scalpers or EA traders) can maximize their performance and execution quality.

During December, Yadix is offering discounted deposit requirements to qualify for a free VPS, delivered by a specialist provider with the lowest latency available (after intense testing of more than 15 VPS providers). Visit our VPS program page to learn more:

Prior to giving up on your Forex robot, we would suggest you try the famous Yadix execution, with a free VPS and judge your performance using the best Forex infrastructure.