Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Real Value of Trading STP Forex

The Real Value of STP Trading

Most retail brokers operate the Dealing Desk Model (or market making). This model means that the broker makes money on client's losses and often has a negative effect on the trading conditions made available to traders.

Yadix operates the agency model, which ensures no conflicts of interest between the broker and the client, and the profits are based on trading volumes which are earned over the spread or commissions.

Our client's benefit from unrestricted trading conditions, fair and low cost trading terms and order execution without any delays or intervention. This allows clients of Yadix to trade without any restrictions on many aspects we have covered below:

Minimum Market Distances: This is when a broker will implement a minimum distance the market must change before a client can close a trade, or a minimum time that the order must remain open before the client can close the order. These minimum distances/time levels are in place to restrict scalpers, or any other traders to close a quick profit or to trade during high volatile markets to take advantage of sharp market movements.

By trading with Yadix, clients can open and close their trade without any restrictions on market distances or time. This is one of the main reason Yadix is a leading broker for Scalpers, News and EA traders.

Raw Spreads: There are many "ECN" accounts that are available in the market place today. Many offer what seem to be amazing deals, however, when you look closely at the spreads, you will realise that the pricing is marked-up in order to create a less profitable environment for you and to assist in market making broker to make more money.

With the ECN accounts at Yadix, you are guaranteed to trade with the exact same spreads as we get from more than 10 liquidity banks. That means the spread is not marked-up or interfered with and without any delays or manipulations, for your benefit.

Trading Conditions: Many dealing desk brokers will manipulate the inter-bank trading conditions available to brokers, make them worse to pass on to their clients to ensure the trader is in a negative position to make money trading forex. This can be with sudden decrease in leverage (increased margin requirements), restrictions on Stop Loss and take profits, increased swap rates, enforced minimum and maximum trade sizes and restrictions in how many trades or lots a client can open. These elements can be negative for any EA trader, day trader and many other strategies.

When trading with Yadix, client's benefit from clean (raw) trading conditions that we pass on from the banks directly to you, our clients. That includes swap rates, spreads, unrestricted trading terms and trade sizes from 0.01 to 1000 lots per ticket and no simultaneous open order limits. We do offer leverage up to 1:500 , with no changes during the weekend, rollovers and holidays to give you the stability to perform to the best of your trading ability.

The above are just some of the reasons why professional and experienced traders choose Yadix as their number one broker; we hope to welcome you to join us soon also.

For more details, please feel free to read more here or contact our professional live support at anytime.

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