Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Real Value of Trading for Rebates- Yadix Broker

Many Forex traders have heard of Forex Rebates, but as they don't fully understand how cash backs work, they do not participate.

Forex Cash Back Rebates are, at the end of the day, free money that Yadix Broker will give you back based on your trading volumes. So why not make the most of the best Forex promotion available.

More Cash Back Rebates Benefits:

1) Cash Back Rebates are credited to your account instantly and automatically as soon as you close your trade, and it doesn't matter what symbol, how long the order was open for or the outcome of the trade (win or loss), you will receive your real cash rebate directly to your trading account.

2) There are FOUR different accounts that offer Instant Cash Back Rebates. So even if you're a Scalper, Arbitrage, Day trader or manual trader looking for low cost ECN trading, or a trader looking for a no commissions account, you can earn unlimited rebates for every single trade!

3) What is the qualifying deposit? You can start earning Instant Cash Back Rebates from as little as a $100 deposit. The level of rebate you earn and deposit required depends on the account and rebate level you choose.

4) What's the Catch? There are no catches, you simply deposit and trade and no matter the outcome of your trading, you will earn rebates, it's a simple as that!

So what are you waiting for, switch to Yadix Forex Broker and earn more for your trading with free money, using the Forex Cash Back Rebates:

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Yadix- The Best Broker for your EA

An Expert Advisors is a software program that automates the analysis of the Forex markets and executes all orders of a programmed trading strategy with the MT4 plug-in.

EAs (Expert Advisors) are programmed to operate on the MT4 platform and are coded in the MQL language of MetaTrader, no other trading platform has the capabilities that MT4 provides.

Any strategy can be programmed into an EA, including Scalping, News Trading, Trend, Break-out and many more. Below are some of the most popular strategies of Expert Advisors:

Arbitrage- An Arbitrage EA will read the price action of one broker (or price feed) and execute trades on another broker. It takes advantage of  a faster feed to execute trades already knowing which direction the market is heading to give the EA a massive trading advantage. Arbitrage trading can lead to disqualification on market making or dealing desk brokers as a market maker will make profits on client's losses. Yadix on the other hand is a true STP broker and makes money only on the spread or commission (ECN) and therefore arbitrage trading is allowed at Yadix.

Scalping- Scalping strategy makes many trades of smaller volumes over a short space of time to generate small but regular profits based on fast moving markets.  This strategy is also not welcome at most market making (dealing desk brokers) due to the fact that it is often a very profitable strategy. As Yadix does not trade against its client welcomes Scalping and our trading conditions and execution speeds make Scalping a very popular and successful strategy at our brokerage.
These EAs rely on speed, are very active and will require a Forex VPS for efficient trading. Yadix has a range of high-specification VPS available our traders can enjoy for free.

Hedging – Hedging strategies are implemented mainly to control risk and reduce potential losses. Many brokers do not allow hedging and make sure hedging is not implemented by charging margin for one or two legs of a hedged order. Yadix allows 100% hedging with zero margin requirements and traders can even hedge when their accounts have negative margin available to reduce risk and help our traders succeed.

Martingale Strategy (Averaging)- Martingale is implemented to many EAs as the returns can be extremely attractive. Essentially, the EA will execute trades continually, each time it will increase the volume slightly to ensure that the profits from the trend it is trading will be maximised with slight increase in risk each time.

The Yadix trading infrastructure is carefully set-out and designed to support all Expert Advisors regardless of strategy, frequency, volumes and more. Below we have highlighted the main aspects most EAs need to be successful, however, if what your EA needs is not listed, our support team can help.

Leverage – Yadix offers up to 1:500 leverage on all accounts, so no matter your EA or risk preferences, Yadix can help you be successful with your EA.

Spreads - Our accounts offer the lowest market spreads, with major pairs starting from 0.0 pips. Due to deep liquidity, our spreads remain amongst the tightest even during volatile or abnormal markets.

Speed of Execution – Most EAs rely on fast execution, so how does Yadix match your EAs requirements? Trades are executed to our Liquidity Providers as fast as 6ms, with recorded average statistics show that more than 99% of trades are executed in less than 15 ms.

No Last Look – The term Last Look simply means that a brokerage has the opportunity to reject a trade. As trades are executed anonymously (the liquidity only sees a buy or sell order and no stop loss, take profit or any other details) the liquidity must accept the order and execute it.

Market Depth – As Yadix uses 15 Liquidity Banks and ECNs as liquidity providers, we have the best possible market depth 100% of the time. Furthermore, execution of trades uses the best bid and ask price method, meaning you will always be executed at the best possible price available in the real markets.

Trading Restrictions– Many brokerages do not allow high frequency traders or short term fast execution, they restrict these strategies by implementing minimum market distance restrictions. For example, they will force you to leave  a trade open for a minimum time or you won't be able to close a trade until the market has moved a minimum pip distance. This is a disaster for Scalpers or high frequency traders. Yadix offers you no such restrictions and you have the freedom to open and close orders within the same second and with zero pip levels. 

Dealing Desk / STP –  Remember a   Dealing Desk brokerage will make money only when you lose, and will do all they can to make their conditions so that the likelihood of client's losses is greatly increased. An STP or DMA broker makes money based on the volumes traded, and therefore it is in their interest to give you the best conditions possible to help you succeed and trade more. 

Now that you've learned more about EAs and insights into why not all brokers are suitable, you are welcome to open an account at Yadix and even gain access to good performing EAs that are shared in our community of traders, see more details here: 

To discuss your EA or the Yadix trading conditions, please feel free to contact our live support today:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

We'll help you find the right trading account, and save money

Become a more efficient trader with the right trading account

Whatever your trading needs, we can help you find the right account to benefit your trading. 

An ECN account can help you reduce the spread dramatically, a rebate program can give you guaranteed returns on your trading or a no commissions account can help you save money and boost your profitability.

Our pick of Accounts and rewards you can get at Yadix Forex Broker!

Looking to reduce trading costs?

Try ECN trading to reduce your trading costs and add extra profitability to your trading activity.

All ECN accounts at Yadix benefit from core bank spreads, with the major pairs starting from just 0 pips. As the accounts are supported by deep liquidity, you can be sure of tight spreads at all times.

Looking to get something back from your Broker?

Yadix offers a comprehensive cash back program (Rebates) that promises to give you real cash back on your trading activity.

Win or lose, your trading will be rewarded with real cash rebates paid instantly back to your trading account as soon as you close your trade. You can choose the best account for your trading and earn up to $12 per each lot you trade, no minimum trade size and certainly no restrictions. 

Looking for low spreads and No Commissions?

Try the Yadix Classic account to benefit from low and competitive spreads with no commissions and no hidden costs or fees.

The account is also available as an interest free account (swap free) and is eligible for high value rebates or bonus with industry leading execution speeds and filling accuracy.

Yadix would love to save you more money, help boost your trading efficiency and profitability, so please contact our support team to learn more.

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Boost for emerging markets following upbeat Federal Reserve

Emerging Markets Boost!

There has been some softening in the US dollar, even though the Federal Reserve was upbeat after raising US interest rates for the second time in 2018, with a boost to the currencies for many emerging markets.

Following the latest US interest rate increase, there has been a pattern developing of traders taking profits on the dollar and this is giving strength to different emerging markets currencies, and most currencies across Asia are trading higher against the USD, including the Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupee, Philippine Peso, Malaysian Ringgit and Korean Won.

Even though this could be a short-term shift, the rebound is not expected to last too long according to the market experts. The Federal Reserve message was more upbeat than most expected yesterday with markets, and it's now expected that we will see two more interest rate increases before the end of 2018 as there is an optimistic feel to the state of the US economy.

With the improved outlook for the United States economy and the now higher US interest rate, it is expected that many investors will buy the Dollar at surprising lower levels.

Check the latest market sentiment and date here:

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Why is Yadix the No 1 Forex Broker for Scalpers and EA Traders?

Since 2010, Yadix has provided a transparent trading environment so Scalpers and EA traders can benefit from unrestricted trading, to maximise profits and trade with full confidence.

Dear traders,

There are elements to our infrastructure that makes Yadix unique and special, please see below:

1) No dealing desk execution

All accounts offer STP execution (straight through processing) this means that as a broker we are not taking the opposite side to your trades. Most brokers online are market makers and make profits based on client's losses, and more importantly make losses if you win. Their conditions reflect this and they implement many restrictions to ensure your system does not make money, and if it does, they will exclude you from their broker.

Yadix executes all trades directly to multiple liquidity banks and ECNs (our liquidity providers) using market execution and the no risk model. It means you will profit from real market conditions and execution benefits.

2) No Trading Restrictions

As above Dealing Desk and Market making brokers will often restriction trading, making scalping and profitable EA trading impossible. Restrictions include minimum market distances in pips, time or both. Maximum lots tradable (kept low to reduce risks), maximum simultaneous lots/orders(kept low to reduce exposure), manipulated slippage (higher than the actual markets) and spread increases.

Yadix offers you core trading conditions, and this means no intervention or manipulations. You can trade the real market which means no minimum market distances, not delayed executions, core spreads with no false increases and price improvements (positive slippage) to give you added profits.

3) No Strategy Restrictions

Most brokers, as they are market makers will restrict specific trading strategies and forex robots (Expert Advisors) such as scalping, arbitrage and hedging. The reason for this is that these strategies can be highly profitable with very little risk from the user's perspective and as such the broker is likely to make losses on the trader's activity.

Yadix, as a no conflicts of interest forex broker, doesn't make a lose if a client wins, instead it makes money only on the commission charged or spread (dependent on account type) and as such will generate higher volumes from profitable trading strategies, and this is the main reason we offer the fair, transparent and low cost trading environment that is affordable for all levels of Forex traders.

For more information about STP trading, please visit:

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Affordable ECN Trading for Everyone at Yadix Broker

Yadix Forex broker is focused on providing low cost ECN trading accounts that are accessible and affordable for all levels of traders.

Benefits of ECN Trading:
ECN account use the core spreads the broker receives from its liquidity providers, with major spreads from 0 pips, and as Yadix is a NDD forex broker, we make profits on a small commission charge, rather than client's losses which is the earning model of most brokers.

By trading with no dealing desk, traders benefit from an unlimited and unrestricted trading environment, with all strategies and automated trading systems welcome.  Such benefits are no minimum market distances, for example, SL and TP can be set to zero pips from your trade opening price. Furthermore, you are not forced to leave your trades open for a minimum time limit, you can open and close trades within the same second.

There are no simultaneous order restrictions, minimum trade size is set to 0.01, and maximum trade size (per order) is 1000 lots. Swaps are not marked up and there is no freezing of markets during news, rollover or during market open/close.

Costs of Trading ECN:
Currently, Yadix is offering massive reductions for ECN trading:

Scalper Account
Min Dep: $500 - Now only $250
Spreads: From 0 pips
Leverage: 1:500
Commission: $5 per 100,000 traded ($10 round turn)
Min Order: 0.01
Max Order: 1000 lots
Reward: Cash Back $2 per lot
Full Specs:

Pro Account
Min Dep: $10,000 - Now only $2,500
Spreads: From 0 pips
Leverage: 1:500
Commission: $3.50 per 100,000 traded ($7round turn)
Min Order: 0.01
Max Order: 1000 lots
Reward: Free Hi-Spec VPS
Full Specs:

VIP Account
Min Dep: $30,000 - Now only $10,000
Spreads: From 0 pips
Leverage: 1:500
Commission: $2.50 per 100,000 traded ($5 round turn)
Min Order: 0.01
Max Order: 1000 lots
Reward: Free Hi-Spec VPS & Priority Service
Full Specs

Join Yadix Forex Broker and benefit from cost saving ECN trading today.

Lowest Cost ECN Trading Accounts

New ECN Spreads - Up to 60% lower across all pairs.

Dear Traders,

 As part of our latest development, we have added new multiple liquidity providers that allow us to offer you a raw Spreads reduction of 60% on all pairs:

Below is an overview of our major FX pair's average spreads, recorded over more than 50,000 ticks per pair: 

EUR/USD Average Spread 0.13 pips
GBP/USD Average Spread 0.32 pips
USD/JPY Average Spread 0.12 pips
USD/CAD Average Spread 0.12 pips
AUD/USD Average Spread 0.22 pips
These spreads are available on three low cost ECN accounts, as listed below:

+ VIP ECN account specifications: 

+ Professional ECN account specifications:

+ Scalper ECN account specifications:

The VIP, Pro and Scalper accounts offer the most competitive forex spreads from Zero pips and lowest true ECN commissions in the industry. Combine these low cost with top quality order execution supported by deep bank liquidity to get the best, and unrestricted trading experience anywhere. 

For more information on reducing your trading costs, and for help to access these unbeatable conditions, please visit our professional support team on live chat.

Best regards,

Tony Edwards
Yadix Support Team
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117