Sunday, August 28, 2016

Expert Advisors Review & Performance

Since 2010, Yadix has been focused on providing excellent trading conditions for Expert Advisors and Scalpers.

Based on our large community of EA traders, our Auto-Trading team have prepared review of  three EAs that have performed extremely well trading at Yadix.

Trio Dancer EA Review:

Trio Dancer is a powerful Scalping EA that trades high volumes. Because of this, the EA is very popular for client's that trade for instant rebates on the Yadix Scalper account.

Trio Dancer EA has a very high winning trade ratio of 64.12% and low drawdown when using the recommended low risk EA settings. 

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Romeo & Juliet EA Review:

Romeo and Juliet is an intelligent duel EA that works in conjunction with one another based on the direction of the chart. If Romeo sells, Juliet will buy and both EAs receive a price signals to identify the direction of the market, closes the losing direction and maximizes profitability of the right market direction.

The Scalper account is ideal as low cost trading delivers great profitability. The EA has recorded 69.46% profitable trades and ultra low drawdown. 

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Forex Hacked Pro EA Review:

Forex Hacked was launched in 2009 and remains one of the most popular EAs in the Forex market. The performance trading on the scalper account exceeded 113% in a very short time period, with this level of performance the EA is often used.

Trading on a Yadix Scalper account, the review shows 82.42% winning trades, 113% profit and just 8.70% drawdown.

Full Review:

To access these EAs for free, fund your account with $1,000 or more and contact our support team to arrange access to these powerful trading tools.

George Miller
Auto-Trading Team
Yadix Forex Broker
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

About Yadix Liquidity & Pricing

Major Banks Compete For Your Trades

Do you know that when you trade with Yadix  - true STP broker, your trade is send directly through to the liquidity provider offering the lowest price? Believe or not the major world banks like Citibank, Deutsch Bank, Bank of America, UBS, JP Morgan, Barclays Bank competing for your forex trades.

Due to the Straight True Processing (STP) broker model, our clients receive instantly core spreads and the best market prices from tier one liquidity providers. Unlike the Market Makers brokers, who do not execute the orders on the real market but only “internally” and requote the prices, Yadix provides the real market prices and fast order execution with no restrictions on stop loss or take profits.

As liquidity is a key factor to delivering continued excellence in order filling quality, execution speeds and no limits on stop loss, take profit and pending orders, we work hard to source the most suitable liquidity from 15+ banks and provide traders with fully anonymous execution with no dealing desk intervention to maximise their trading profitability and efficiency.

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For any questions, you are welcome to visit our live chat service where our professional support team are happy to help you.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Best Performing manager 2016

Growth of 183.28% with low draw-down of 10.26%

We would like to invite you join the most successful PAMM program during 2016.

PAMM Manager #1617 employs a low/medium risk manual trading strategy. With more than 10 years trading experience as a high value trader and money manager, the manager uses a range of trading tools and indicators to analyze chart history and price action for the best entry and exit points to deliver excellent performance statistics: 
Growth: 183.28%, Total Winning Trades: 67.24%, Maximum Drawdown: 10.26%.

10% Performance fee for the next 12 months: 
Due to network growth, the manager would like to offer Yadix Investors a reduced performance fee from 35% to 10% for investments above 5000 USD and 15% for investments under 5000 USD for next 12 months!

Contact our live chat to learn more.

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Yadix Partnership Program

Our partners can promote five competitive account types to earn high commissions and benefit from excellent client retention for maximum returns. We pay up to $12 per lot on clients referred to Yadix.

Up to 55% Share / Up to $12 Per Lot!
The Yadix partnership program offers you to earn unlimited commissions and build your business with a broker that offers full flexibility, unbeatable conditions, exceptional marketing support and a range of tools for your success.        

25% for Referred Partners
When you refer a new partner to Yadix, you automatically qualify to earn from 10% up to 25% of commissions generated by referred partners. Furthermore, the referred partner's earning is set for life.   

Fast Commission Payments
Cash flow is important for all partners that are why Yadix offers its partners the option to receive commissions on a weekly or monthly basis. Request the payment and the funds are sent the same day.

Conversion & Retention
Our program offers the highest commissions and conversion rates and the most advanced promotions and tools for traders, our retention team ensures you achieve maximum returns on your referred traders.

Asset/Money Managers
Our high-end PAMM/MAM software has seven types of distribution methods including disclosed or undisclosed allocations to give Asset/Money managers the flexibility reliability needed to succeed. As a manager all you need to do is focus on making money trading the markets and leave the rest to us.

Dedicated Account Manager
Account managers care for our VIP’s accounts and can help with funding, withdrawals and are available for one-to-one consultations to help maximise our leading trading environment.

White Label Partnership
As a successful Introducer, Affiliate or Asset/Money Manager with many clients, the next step to running your own independent broker can be expensive, demanding and most of the time just not possible due to the requirements.

EA Developers & Traders Community
Are you the developer of an EA and dream of realising the full potential? Yadix provides you a platform to release your EA to the market through our EA community. At Yadix more than 75% of our traders are EA traders and are constantly looking for new and successful Experts to trade with.

I would like to invite you to one on one chat with our partnership team, together we will be able to find the best roadmap that suite your business

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Yours sincerely,
Andy Lee
Yadix Partners Team

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