Monday, May 16, 2016

Best Trader Rebate Program Now Available

Get paid to trade! For every trade you make, win or lose you will qualify for your guaranteed real cash rebates up to $12 per lot!

Yadix invites you to take part in the highest value Rebate program that credits cash back instantly to your account.

From now on, traders at Yadix can reward their traded volumes with real cash rebates that are instantly credited to the MT4 account automatically.

No need to register through a rebate site, Yadix pays you directly to your MT4 account and the real money is credited instantly.

There are FOUR different rebates on FOUR different accounts to make sure your trading and strategy can benefit you can...Get paid to trade!

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Friday, May 6, 2016

30% Increase in Tick Frequency

To support EA traders and Scalping, we are happy to announce that due to technology improvements, your trading will now benefit from a 30% increase in tick frequency.

Ticks define the number of new prices fed to MT4 charts each millisecond and are very important for traders that rely on precision. Higher tick frequency reduces slippage and increases order filling at target a prices which is vital for Scalpers, news and EA traders.

The 30% increase in tick frequency is available on all account types to ensure all traders can benefit from the upgrades.

We would like to invite you to benefit from accurate order filling for your trading strategy with a $25 test credit. Contact our live support to claim!