Thursday, April 28, 2016

USDJPY - BOJ Catches Markets Off-guard

The markets were caught completely off guard early on Thursday as the Bank of Japan decided to leave their policy on hold

Expectations were that the BOJ would add some new measures, but instead they pushed the timeline for its inflation target objective to 2017 and these actions triggered a heavy round of stop loss selling in the major pair, tripling its average daily range movements.

Today's news makes it clear that the BOJ would allow time for their recently stimulus and negative rates more time and to see their impact before considering fresh measures.

Economic data is the most influential aspect of trading Forex online, and all traders are advised to keep up-to-date with the latest news, upcoming events and news stories around the world.
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Instant Forex Rebates

Your trading can be rewarded with instant Rebates to allow you to manage your cash-flow, increase your trading capabilities and profitability. 

For every trade that you close, regardless of profit or loss, your cash Rebate will be automatically calculated and credited to your MT4 account, moreover Yadix Rebates are unlimited and unrestricted.

What Rebate programs are available?

Rebates are available on four account types so you can choose the best account option for your trading strategy or Expert Advisor and start earning today.

What are Forex Rebates?

Forex Rebates is a way that Yadix can share with its traders a large percentage of profits generated from your trading activity. Rebates are credited as real cash that can be traded or withdrawn without restrictions.

How can Rebates help my profitability and cash flow?

Example: On the 1.2 pip Super Rebate account, deposit $1,000 and trade 50 lots EUR/USD and receive $600 cash back. With instant-rebate crediting, you receive your money in real time so you can manage your cash flows and trading with the highest efficiently.

How will Rebates help me profit if I have trading losses?

Even if your trading is breakeven, in profit or loss, you will still profit from your $600 guaranteed, these funds can be used for trading or can be withdrawn at anytime without restrictions.

What trading strategies are restricted from Rebates?

NONE, unlike other brokers , Yadix does not restrict Scalping or Hedging so there are no trading, strategy or EA restrictions for Rebates. You can benefit from unrestricted trading conditions on the account that suits your strategy the most to get unlimited Rebates.


$12 per Lot Traded - Super Rebate Account (STP)
Traders can take advantage of the highest Forex Rebate to earn a fixed 1.2 pips ($12) for every lot traded. This STP account offers the highest returns, no commissions and unlimited earning potential.

$10 per Lot Traded - Rebate Account (STP)

Trade on the Rebate account to benefit from a fixed 1.0 pip ($10) Rebates for every lot traded. This STP account offers competitive spreads, high rebates and execution to 15+ leading liquidity banks.

$5 per Lot Traded - Classic Account (STP)

Clients trading on the Classic account can benefit from up to 0.5 pip ($5) Rebates for every lot traded. This STP account offers fast execution, low spreads, no trading commissions and no trading restrictions.

$2 per Lot Traded - Scalper Account (ECN)

For the first time clients can benefit from ECN Rebates with a fixed 0.2 pips ($2) Rebates for every lot traded. This ECN account offers core spreads from 0.0 pips, unrivalled execution speeds and accuracy and no trading restrictions.