Thursday, March 24, 2016

Best Swap-Free Forex Accounts

Swap-Free Forex trading can help traders save money and generate higher trading profits.

Swaps are the interest charged on Forex orders that remain open overnight (rollover). The Swap rate is calculated using the interest rates of the countries of the currency pairs being traded. The swaps are charged or credited as per the direction of the trade (long or short).

Yadix is now offering swap free Forex trading accounts with the normal benefits of trading on a normal Forex account with no additional costs or charges.

At Yadix, we offer clients swap-free trading accounts with excellent trading conditions. Swap-Free accounts are exactly the same as our usual account types without any additional charges, increases in spreads or differences in leverages.

Swap-Free Benefits: No interest charged on overnight positions, no Leverage reductions, no increased spreads, no additional commissions or costs, no trading limitations, no order intervention and access to full Forex promotion offers.

With Islamic forex trading accounts, no roll-over interest will be charged or incurred to positions held overnight, as in compliance with the Islamic Shariah Law.

Please consult with your account manager or the live chat to qualify for trading Swap-Free

Friday, March 11, 2016

Aggressive ECB Moves Stimulates the Markets

The ECB announced wider than expected stimulus measures to boost growth and inflation in March. However, it was President Mario Draghi's comments that triggered the roller coaster movement in the markets. The EUR/USD initially dropped to a 6-week low of 1.082, before rallying to a high of 1.1218.

The Europe Central Bank lowered the main refi rate by -5 bps to 0%, the deposit rate by -10 bps to -0.4% and the marginal lending facility rate by -5 bps to 0.25%. It also expanded the size of monthly asset purchases to 80B euro from 60B euro with high quality (investment grade) corporate bonds becoming eligible for regular purchases. Further to this, the ECB introduced 4 TLTROs (TLTRO II), each with a maturity of 4 years, starting in June 2016.

Risk appetite soared immediately after the  announcement, however, we saw a strong reversal as Draghi, during the press conference, signaled that the ECB might not ease further. He suggested, 'rates will stay low, very low, for a long period of time and well past the horizon of our purchases" and hinted that they do not anticipate that it will be necessary to reduce rates further.

Despite the initial negative reaction, traders started to understand that the new stimulus measures indicated that the ECB is committed to use almost all of its tools to fight against deflation and that the final impact of the package is positive.

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