Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Evolution of the Forex Markets

During the past 12 months, we have seen a change in how the Forex markets behave and react. The changes come mainly from economic uncertainty, as many Euro-zone countries are fighting to recover from recession and even bail-outs from the EU.Further to the Euro-zone troubles, the Chinese stock markets have been taking a serious hit more recently which also contributes to the sensitivity in the market place.

With all of these changes, it is natural that the market participants become a little bit more cautious, this includes traders (retail and institutional). The changes in the way traders react also influences the evolution of the markets, we have noticed a difference in the way the actual markets react with banks increasing spreads during periods of uncertainty and Forex brokers decreasing leverage on specific pairs or during specific market conditions.

Yadix is an STP broker that focuses on technology and quality liquidity to support our clients and their trading strategies. Our focus is to have the flexibility to evolve when there are changes in the market dynamics in order to provide our clients a stable and reliable Forex trading environment.

Recently, we have noticed a dramatic increase in Indices, Gold and Oil trading volumes, the increase is due to these products being considered a "safe-haven", but they provide enough volatility to generate profit and are less sensitive than the Forex majors markets.  Furthermore, Yadix has experienced a major growth in EA systems that are focusing on commodities, Indices (CFDs) and energy symbols, with more and more arbitrage and scalping products entering the markets.

To evolve with our clients' needs, and to be able to handle the most recent market changes and trading trends, Yadix has also invested in launching a new trading terminal in Equinix LD4 with a new (deeper) liquidity pool in order to continue to provide our clients an ideal and unrestricted trading environment for profitable trading. The specific focus is on liquidity to support Scalping on all currencies. Indices and commodities.

The updates are also favorable as they there is more competition through our liquidity pool, which ensures lower execution spreads, and more stable pricing during high impact news events. To ensure that we provide the latest trending products, we have also sourced suitable liquidity for 25+ new trading instruments to satisfy our clients demands.

At Yadix, we remain proud to offer a no conflict of interest trading environment to support Scalpers, News Traders and High Frequency Trading. To learn more about how our brokerage can support your Forex trading, please visit the website or contact our support team on live chat.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anonymous Trading, Why it's Crucial For Profitable Traders

Profitable Forex traders and automated trading strategies rely on transparent, fair and no conflict order execution to be able to perform to their full abilities and to maximize their Forex trading profits.

Scalpers, Hedgers, Expert Advisors and high frequency trading systems are often exposed to manipulation and even exclusion, with profits being cancelled by market making brokers, and therefore turn to STP or ECNbrokers to benefit from no conflicts of interests and fair Forex trading. 

At Yadix, we are prepared to accept and handle all Forex trading flows and order sizes.  Our trading infrastructure and solutions are in place to be able to offer all traders Scalpers and Expert Advisors unrestricted trading  with leading conditions to ensure our client's are empowered with all the trading tools needed to succeed.

The Yadix MT4 trade server is connected to 15 tier one liquidity providers supporting our traders with the lowest inter-bank spreads starting from 0.1 pips, leverage up to 1:500 on all accounts and no market, limits or pending order levels or limitations. Due to the traditional nature of the Forex markets, many clients do not understand how STP brokers can offer such conditions and can often believe them to be too good to be true.

However, trading through an STP Forex brokers account gives you access to institutional level trading conditions and no restrictions on your Forex trades. As all trades are received and automatically submitted to the banks using the anonymous trading execution flow, means that (without sounding disrespectful) your tiny order (in comparison to institutional level orders) is swallowed up by the banks and executed in milliseconds without any conflicts. Liquidity providers include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, BAML(Bank of America Merrill Lynch), Citibank, RBS(Royal Bank of Scotland), BNP Paribas, Nomura.

Anonymous trading ensures that all trades are executed directly through to the liquidity providers fully anonymously and this flow is beneficial to profitable traders as the liquidity providers receive a command to open or close a trade to the markets and will never see and stop loss, take profits, EA information or the identity of the trader to ensure that it is impossible to hunt stop losses, implement unnatural slippage and to protect clients from an virtual or manual dealing desk interventions. 

Scalpers, News Traders, Arbitrage and high frequency traders are the real beneficiaries of such trading as they can implement their systems to benefit from anonymous order execution with unrestricted trading on all orders and to take advantage of the instructional level trading conditions. 

Yadix is an STP Forex broker who is happy to accept and support the most aggressive scalpers, profit making EAs, institutional traders and high forex volume orders without issue, and we are committed to  provide a reliable forex trading environment and build long term forex relationships with all clients.