Friday, July 31, 2015

STP Forex Broker Execition Advatages

Forex STP Brokers offer regulated Forex trading using fast order execution technology to support forex scalping, hedging, expert advisors, auto-clickers, news robots and all profitable trading strategies. is a true STP Broker that offers many execution advantages for Forex traders. Because all orders are automatically passed on to leading FX Banks, execution venues and exchanges, there is no conflict between the trader and his broker and no dealing desk.

When comparing Straight Through Processing of orders to a market maker, the STP Broker model is most beneficial for experienced, profitable and demanding trading strategies. The reasons are simple. Basically a market maker will generate profits based on clients losses and therefore have less favourable trading conditions and rules for money making Forex traders. 

The STP on the other hand, is happy to support profitable traders with better trading conditions as their gains are based on Forex volumes, not clients losses. Therefore, the more a client makes profits, the more satisfied they are and the more they trade, simple!

Some execution benefits all traders should consider before choosing a Forex broker:

NO DEALING DESK: Orders are executed directly to leading liquidity providers with transparency, fairness and no dealing desk intervention.

NO RE-QUOTES: Orders are executed using market execution and ensures that there is no dealing desk intervention, last look or re-quotes.

NO STOP LOSS HUNTING: Orders are executed anonymously, the liquidity providers receive only the commands to open or close Market, Limit and Stop orders.

NO STRATEGY RESTRICTIONS: No conflict between STP Broker and Client allows Yadix to offer real trading freedom for clients to operate profitable strategies.

DEEP LIQUIDITY: The advantages of deep liquidity pools are lower execution spreads, better quality chart ticks and higher fill accuracy

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Forex Expert Advisor Reviews

There are many ways to trade Forex, manual strategies have been developed and can generate Forex profits and as technology progresses many manual strategies and Forex techniques have been implemented into automated forex trading systems, algorithms, Expert Advisors and Robots.

In fact, the market is flooded with many EAs that promise high profitability with little trading risks, but as we know the proof of success comes with actually using these products on your own trading account. The uncertainty usually means many clients do not even try to trade with a Forex Robot and move on to find a different investment alternative.

Yadix is developing a section of its site with a vision to independently review the performance of Expert Advisors and trading systems with a unique and highly valuable advantage for Forex traders.

We are constantly reviewing all trading activity and whenever the auto-trading team identify a well performing EA, then a review is started and made available for our clients to review and decide whether or not to trade with the FX Robot.

Traders can review the full performance statistics and trading statement for full transparency, with deposit information, profitability and draw-down statistics.

But most importantly, the Yadix clients can see exactly how these Exert Advisors and Forex Robots work when trading on a real Yadix trading account. This is by far the biggest value due to the fact that an EA may work will on one broker but not on another, and there are many reasons for that. Is the Broker an STP Broker or Dealing Desk, does one broker use different liquidity than the other, is there any difference in execution speed and order filling. 

These points are crucial for traders to make sure that the product they choose to trade with will work just as well for them in their chosen trading environment.

The latest Expert Advisor Review overview is listed below:           

  • Account Type: Scalper
  • Deposit Sum: $2,000.00
  • Total Net Profit: $1,135.31
  • Profit (%):56.76%)
  • Short Positions (won %): 1055 (67.58%)
  • Long Positions (won %): 1103 (71.26%)
  • Maximal Drawdown: 179.64 (7.56%)
  • Pairs Traded: EURUSD
  • # Lots Traded (Monthly): 37.46 Lots

To receive the full review or to get access to a library of EA reviews, please contact the support live chat or your account manager today.

Monday, July 20, 2015

STP Broker (Straight Through Processing)

An STP Forex broker offers direct to market order execution (DMA)  to liquidity providers that are usually  Banks, Forex Exchanges and Hedge Funds.

The STP Broker model offers no conflicts of interest between the client and broker and ensures best execution policies and best Bid and Ask pricing, no requotes and fast order execution. All orders are executed and filled immediately and anonymously to the liquidity providers to ensure, through the broker account to ensure that all trading strategies are protected from stop loss hunting or any othr dealing desk plugins.

As an STP Forex Broker doesn't make profits on clients losses, but rely on high volumes to profit from small commissions or spreads, the STP Broker can accept and support profitable trading using Expert Advisors, News Trading Robots and High Frequency Systems.

As Yadix operates as a true STP Broker, with no conflicts of interest with its traders, and by using leading connectivity technology provided by the Equinix Financial Exchange, we are happy to welcome and support all profitable trading strategies and systems. Yadix is focused on offering a fair and transparent Forex broker model.  

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Difference between Market Maker, ECN and STP broker

Choosing the right Forex Broker is not easy, there are several Forex Broker models to choose from and each broker offers benefits and tools to make your trading easier and to give you more value.
However, there is no Forex Broker that is ideal for every trader. Choosing your broker should be based on your specific needs, expectations and most importantly, your trading strategy. The three broker models should be understood fully to help you choose the best Broker for your trades.
Market Making Forex Brokers, as the name suggests, this broker model actually makes the market where you trade. With a Market Maker, the broker can feed prices that have no correlation with the real Forex markets (Interbank market) and more importantly,  each time you buy or sell an order, your broker is the counter-party to your trades. This means when you win the broker losses, and when you lose, the broker wins.

Naturally, there are many traders that have serious concerns with market makers due to the conflict of interest between client and broker. Traditionally,  Market making brokers have issue accepting profitable trading strategies, Forex Robots and systems and to protect their own interests, they use techniques such as trading restrictions, minimum market limits and levels, re-quotes and dealer plug-ins to protect their profitability. 

ECN Brokers use an execution flow that is completely opposite to a market maker. Through technology, the ECN broker allows trader direct access to the real Forex markets through institutional broker accounts with Banks, Forex Exchanges and Liquidity Providers. Generally, an ECN broker will feed core/raw spreads to the MT4 platform and charge an ECN commission on the traders volumes to generate a profit.

As the ECN model requires larger volumes for the Broker to make adequate profits, there will be specific deposit, minimum trade size or volumes requirements and as such, normal retail traders are often priced out of trading with an ECN broker.

ECN trading is highly beneficial for professional or high volume traders looking to avoid the conflict of interest that a Market Making broker presents.  ECN offers the most transparent and fair true market conditions and execution flows. 

The STP Broker Forex model offers more affordable direct-to-market trading to retail clients using real market price feeds, automatic order execution to the real Forex markets and the benefits of using banks, FX exchanges and other liquidity sources for order filling.  

STP trading gives Forex traders the same execution advantages as ECN brokers such as no -conflict order filling, real market pricing , order filling at real market pricing using best bid and best ask and best execution policies, but instead of offering core/raw spreads, the spread is marked-up and no commissions are charged to traders.

The mark-up allows the broker to generate profits without having to act as the counterparty for its client's orders, but does however rely on higher volumes to make money. Many tools and benefits an STP (or even ECN) brokers offer will be based on traded volumes or minimum deposits to ensure that the broker can reward its clients and still generate business profitability.

Both STP and ECN brokers are specifically suitable for Expert Advisors, Forex Robots, Auto-Clickers, News trading, High Frequency Trading and other profitable trading strategies due to the conflict free order execution flow and the "no risk" policies used by these brokers.

Yadix operates as a true direct-to-market execution with both ECN and STP trading accounts available to professional and retail traders, with no dealing desk intervention and no market making. 

Based on this philosophy, Yadix has built a strong reputation for Scalpers, EAs, HFTs and profitable traders. Our services are within reach for any trader, professional or beginner and our mission is to support all profitable traders with fair and transparent order execution,  tools  and rewards so high frequency traders can truly benefit and get additional value from their broker. 

You are invited to learn more about Yadix benefits by visiting the website or visit our live chat for a professional consultation.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Best Performing Forex PAMM Managers 2015

The Yadix PAMM Community is a investors community where clients, traders and investors can choose to diversify their investment portfolio with a proven Forex account manager.  

The difference between the Yadix PAMM community and other brokers PAMM/MAM/Money Managers is that Yadix will always choose Forex managers who have traded with Yadix privately and generated good performance before the Forex management service is made public.

All Forex Managers are fully vetted and are backed up with statistics of their trading strategy, and only Low to Medium risk trading strategies or managers are offered publically for investors to choose from.

The Auto-Trading team also verify the trading strategy, Manual or Automated to ensure that our clients and investors have varies investment options based on their investment and risk appetite.

Please review the impressive performance statistics of the best performing Forex Account Manager in the second quarter of 2015.

The manager has displayed a growth of 19.93% on his investors portfolio and is very focused on risk management with low draw-down stats (6.69%) using a disciplined auto-trading algorithm and manual monitoring to achieve the extraordinary performance figures below displayed in the statistics below (taken from an investors account).

How to invest?

  1. Login to the secure client area:
  2. Open a new Yadix Trading account from your client area
  3. Fund your account
  4. Request to be connected to Manager # 20115

For more information, please contact our live chat support.