Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Updated MT4 Forex Platform – Coming Soon

MetaQuotes has recently started the beta-tests of the new update for Meta Trader 4 platform. The updated Yadix MT4 platform will include several beneficial features for traders at Yadix Forex Broker. Below we have listed some of the features that can be expected upon release.

Order Execution Time Notification
Most experienced Forex traders understand that order execution does take some time to be filled at the liquidity providers. Traditional brokers can take 200-500ms, but during that time, the price level could change, and your orders would be facing the slippage. It is clear that the lower the execution time is, the lower the slippage and more accurate order filling will be.

Due to the technical infrastructure that hosts all servers and data-centres used by Yadix on the Equinix Exchange, latency is lower and execution speeds can be as low as 20ms. Using the Yadix Free VPS, execution speeds have been recorded as low as 1 ms giving expert advisors a real market advantage.

Previously, for measuring the execution time, forex traders would have to install special plug-ins and record the execution times. Following the new MT4 update, all execution times will be recorded in the journal of each Metatrader 4.

Execution times are very important, but for some scalping strategies and EAs, it is crucial as slippage can eat the profitability of any forex order. The execution time notification will allow traders to make sure that we reduce the chance of slippage by keeping the execution time at the lowest possible level and judge your brokers execution time even when using a VPS.

Search Bar
Another new feature that will be useful is the search bar. It is located in the top right corner and allows you to search the required information through the entire platform and even through the specific categories.

It can be used as a shortcut to find specific items installed on your MT4 such as an indicator, account or expert advisor. New traders can use it to find additional Forex information, as the search also crawls all information on the mql4 forum and blogs.

Other features
There a several more features that have been added to the Meta Trader 4 platform for beta testing that include the application market section. There you will be able to see the indicators and expert advisors available to trade with on Meta Trader 4. Previously, this community potion was only available on the MT5 platform. It seems that the popularity of the MT4 has encouraged Metaquotes to transfer the positive and popular features of MT5 to the MT4 platform, whilst still keeping all the infamous features that makes MT4 the world’s best trading platform.

Currently, the new Meta Trader 4 update is in the stage of beta-test, and the last build that I've tested still had a few serious bugs. Although, the MetaQuotes promises us to release a new build every day, so there is a good chance that those bugs will be fixed in the short time.

The new Meta Trader 4 update has many new features to help clients improve their trading experience with Yadix. Whilst the new build is still in the testing phase at Metaquotes, as soon as the updated Yadix MT4 is released, we will gladly update our clients with the final updated functionalities and our support team will be on hand to help you whilst you get used to trading and implementing the new features.

Download the Yadix MT4: http://www.yadix.com/trading-platforms/mt4-terminal/ 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Record Forex Volumes in August 2014

Record Volumes and Record Rebates Paid Out

During August, Yadix recorded record growth in trade volumes with clients turning to the Yadix rebate account as their preferred account.

The Yadix Forex Rebate Account, that offers the highest FX Rebate in the industry, experienced growth of 248.56% from July to August 2014. The clients that traded on the Yadix Rebate Account also generated record real cash rebates (cash backs) credited directly back to clients accounts.

Benefits of Trading for Forex Rebates:

The Yadix Rebate account offers some highly beneficial advantages that deliver clients real value for their trading volumes. Each lot traded is rewarded with a 1 Pip rebate that is credited to the clients account as real cash. Once credited, the client can choose to trade or withdraw the cash backs. 

From research, Yadix can see that the clients choose to use their guaranteed cash boost to generate more cash backs during their next month trading.

Rebates is the only way to guarantee a real cash reward in your Forex trading volumes. Regardless of whether your trading generates a profit or loss, your rebates are always guaranteed. Let’s show you a couple of examples of how clients can benefit for trading for rebates:

Client 1:
Deposits $200, generates a trading profit of $100 with 15 lots of Forex volumes. At the end of the month, his account balance is: 200 +100+150 (rebates) = $450.

You can see that 60% of the client’s profit is generated by his rebates.

Client 2:
Deposits $200, generates a trading profit of - $100 with 15 lots of Forex volumes. At the end of the month, his account balance is: 200 – 100 +150 (rebates) = $250.

You can see that although the client made a loss through trading, his rebates mean that he ends the month in profit!

Many of Yadix clients operate a Rebate Account as a secondary account to make money with rebates and subsidise other trading accounts. Yadix encourages all trades to enjoy the full range of benefits available by operating multiple FX accounts. Each client can login to the client area and create multiple accounts without any limitation. Each account benefits from:

  • Scalping, News and Expert Advisors welcome
  • No minimum levels or limits on orders
  • Micro lot trading
  • High leverage: 1:500
  • Low first deposit 

Register a Rebate Account at Yadix today and start to benefit from 1 pip per lot traded and generate your unlimited monthly Cash Backs: