Thursday, July 31, 2014

Forex Scalping Benefits - No Limits/Levels on SL, TP and Pending Orders

Developing a successful Forex Scalping trading strategy is dependent on many aspects, each one as important as the next such as low spreads, fast order execution and the ability to trade the Forex markets without restrictions, conflicts and limitations from your Broker.

A critical condition that every trader should consider is the minimum distance from the market that the broker sets on your orders. There are many dealing desk brokers that have a minimum pip distance that the order must pass before the order can be closed, and some even force a minimum time that must elapse before the order can be closed.

Many Forex traders do not understand the reason or logic behind these limitations, bearing in mind that the real Forex market do not demand such limitations. They are specific to your broker. The reason is to restrict Forex Scalpers and Expert Advisor traders from opening and closing orders quickly and locking in fast Forex profits. By forcing your trade to remain open for a specific number of minutes or the markets to change price by a set number of pips allows the broker more of a chance that your order will generate losses due to market volatility. Brokers that force such restrictions on its clients are market makers who make profits when a clients order losses.

As Yadix Forex Broker is a true STP Broker, and executes every single order to the Interbank Forex Market, we do not restrict any limitations on minimum distances whatsoever. We want our customers to benefit from fair and transparent trading rules. Therefore, when trading Forex at Yadix, you have ZERO restrictions (time or pips) on your Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Orders. By having no minimum distances on your orders allows you the ultimate risk management and profit making potential controls.

Yadix is proud to have developed a very good relationship as the best broker for scalping and EA trading by offering unbeatable trading conditions and trading rules. We are committed to continue providing these beneficial trading advantages for our Scalpers and manual traders to ensure that we can service our profitable traders long-term.

When you join Yadix, you will benefit from some of the best trading conditions and account benefits:

  • Low Spreads from 0.1 pips
  • ECN & STP trading
  • Fast Order Execution
  • Free VPS
  • Unrestricted Forex
  • High Leverage
  • Swap Free Trading
  • No fees/charges on deposits
  • Anonymous Trading

When combining the zero stop loss and take profit levels with the best trading conditions and the fast Forex execution offered by Yadix, forex scalpers benefit from the best Forex trading environment the ideal for executing their forex trading strategies.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Profitable Forex Trading - Where to Trade Forex?

Most successful traders, Expert Advisors and Scalping Robots would have faced exclusion from Forex brokers or changes in trading conditions during trading the FX markets.

This is because dealing desk brokers and market makers make money on spreads or commissions and also profit when their clients lose. In fact, a dealing desk broker will generate most of its profits based on clients’ losses.

Profitable traders soon realise that the dealing desk model has a conflict in what the trader wants to achieve trading Forex, profits. As the broker is in control of elements of trading that the client cannot control, the broker will always have the advantage of the trader and will always ensure they make profits.

On the other hand, a true STP, DMA or ECN broker can provide the profitable trader with the best Forex environment to allow the client to generate the best performance without the hurdles the dealing desk has. Again, much of a Forex trader’s success is based on the trading conditions, execution rules and the small account advantages that can lead to bigger profits.

Yadix Forex Broker is focused on providing the best Forex trading conditions possible, giving its clients a massive advantage in the markets when comparing to its competitors. Some of those advantages are listed below: 

  • Low Forex Spreads: From 0.1 pips
  • No minimum distances on SL, TP and all pending orders
  • Fast Order & Reliable Execution
  • Interbank Forex Execution
  • Swap Free Accounts (without marked up spreads)
  • Same day withdrawals – Access profits faster
  • No Charges on Card Deposits and all withdrawals
  • All FX Strategies welcome- News, Scalping & Arbitrage
  • No Conflict of Interests
  • Forex Managed Accounts – PAMM

We’d be happy to discuss your FX trading strategies, past experiences and expectations to ensure that Yadix is the best Forex Broker choice for you.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Forex Investment Options through PAMM/MAM

There is a new trend in the Forex Markets that is giving traders and investors an advantage in achieving their goals, this trend is Forex Managed Accounts.

Just like any other investment opportunity, choosing a Forex Account Manager in a PAMM or MAM management program is the most important step. There are several key elements that each investor should look for when deciding to invest, they are: Low draw-down, stability and reliability and expected returns on investment.

The Yadix PAMM Community introduces vetted Forex Account Managers that offer low to medium risk management exposure over an extended period of time. Yadix doesn't host high risk managers as the higher the risk, the more likely of suffering losses. Instead we try to source lower risk and more conservative growth to help our clients benefit from longer term investments.

Two managers that have received a lot of interest recently both offer very low draw-down and consistent growth over long periods, more details of the Forex trading strategies as provided from each manager are listed below:

MANAGER #16730

Ando Magnolija Strategy (AMS) has been tested half year in 2013 and from January 2014 working on a real money account with Yadix. AMS trades on six to eight currency pairs based on an advanced and intelligent net order strategy. In some market conditions AMS uses the strategy of increasing the size of lots being traded; however it should not be considered a Martingale strategy and is not aggressive.

The expected monthly returns is +/- 7% to 15%, and during most months the system is delivering consistently a very low draw-down of under 5% only. Last quarter growth 13%.

Forex Risk Management
Twin level risk management system to protect invested funds. The first risk management function is built-in to the system as an equity protection facility that will mean that should the account reach the level of -20%, the system will not open any new orders and try to close all orders at break-even. The next level of protection is performed by the manager manually who monitors all real time trading and will manually close all orders reach a level of 25% draw-down to ensure that any negative trading sessions do not reach a level greater than 25% draw-down.

The trade cycle will use a maximum of 2% of equity of the account value per currency pair and will not exceed the 2% level.

Yadix PAMM Profile:

FxStat Verified performance:

MyFXBook Verified Performance:

MANAGER #18353

This advanced Forex strategy had two main tasks: firstly, getting the draw-down (DD) as low as possible and only then higher profits. This is because, there are many strategies that earn money, but 90% of them cause trouble if unforeseen fluctuations (changes) happen in the Forex market.

Forex Risk Management
This strategy has 8 defense levels. Even though the MA sell up to 9 currency pairs at the same time, its defense mechanisms control , both, the opened currency pair orders, and all the opened orders in total. In the MA strategy everything has been done to protect your investments.

The maximal DD of Yadix PAMM has been set to no more than 25%. Please take in consideration that, the bigger the risk, the larger amount of money earned and opposite! If you invest in this strategy, you have to be patient and do not get stressed if the floating DD reaches 20 %.

Yadix PAMM Profile: 

FxStat Verified performance 

MyFXBook Verified Performance:

To read more about investing with Forex Account Managers in the Yadix PAMM Community, please visit:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Best Forex Broker Benefits

When trading the Foreign Exchange Markets (Forex or FX) traders are spoiled with many brokers available to choose from.  Making the decision to join the best Forex Broker for you is tricky and there are many elements to take into consideration to make sure you choose the safest and most reliable Forex Broker.

At Yadix, we know that the no Dealing Desk Forex Broker model is the most transparent and fair way to execute orders for our clients. This no conflict of interest Forex trading allows clients to trade in confidence knowing that they will never be trading against their broker and that the broker doesn’t make money on your losses.

We also understanding that the no Dealing Desk brokerage (STP) is the best for traders that are experienced, profitable or that those that use a strategy that cause problems for market makers or dealing desks. Such strategies and profitable Forex traders can include Expert Advisors, Forex Scalpers, News Traders and Arbitrage traders.

The next step is to understand why and STP (Straight Through Processor) or ECN (Electronic Communication Network) is more beneficial for profitable Forex strategies. We’ve tried to answer these questions below:

Forex Trading Strategies:

There are many Forex Trading Strategies that require very specific trading conditions and execution rules to allow them to fulfil the profit potential the strategy can deliver. 

Trading Conditions at Yadix Forex Broker:
  • No Scalping Restrictions
  • Low Spreads from 0.1 pips
  • Leverage up to 1:500 – not restricted by balance
  • Hedging & Scalping friendly
  • Negative balance protection
  • Multi-bank Liquidity & Pricing
  • Minimum Funding $100
  • Swap Free Accounts (no additional spreads or charges)
  • Unrestricted Order Opening & Closing 

Execution Rules & Account Benefits at Yadix Forex Broker:

  • No Re-quotes or Re-pricing
  • No Dealing Desk (NDD)
  • No conflict of Interest
  • STP Broker Model
  • Micro lots Trading
  • No Restrictions on SL & TP
  • Micro Lot Trading (0.01) on all Accounts
  • Same Day Withdrawals
  • No Fees or Charges on Credit Card Deposits

These execution rules and trading conditions allow any Forex trading strategy the flexibility to perform to their maximum profitability at Yadix Forex broker.

A Dealing Desk Forex Broker or Market Maker makes money from clients losses and as such can implement different trading conditions to make trading less profitable which will generate more profits for them. Such changes include forcing a minimum distance between the opening and closing of Forex trades. Most big brokers are market makers and when investigating traders can easily see that each currency pair have stop distance restrictions usually a pip level or in some instances time restrictions. This means that your order must move at least 3 to 15 pips (dependent on the broker) or five minutes before the order can be closed.

How does this affect your trading strategy, well, imagine that after 1 minute of opening your order, the order has reached your profit target, you must wait another four minutes before the order can be closed. Or, if you’re a Forex Scalper, your target is to open 100 per day and make 1 pip per order in profit, but you must wait for the price to increase or decrease by five pips before closing your order. These conditions are in place to increase your chances of the market going against you and making your losses greater.

Because of the flexibility that Yadix Forex Broker offers clients in trading conditions and execution rules, our reputation for being the best broker for scalping and ideal for expert advisor traders is growing each day.

Our professional trader support team would be happy to discuss your strategy and the benefits that Yadix can offer you. Just get in touch.