Monday, June 16, 2014

Looking for a Forex Broker for Scalping?

Experienced Forex Scalpers know how difficult it is to find a broker that will accept their Forex Strategy, especially Scalping Robots that make mega profits.

Below is an example of one of our most successful networks of traders that use a very aggressive EA that scalps the market and makes serious profits. The EA made a profit of 7982.53 USD in just one day, a 199% growth.

Yadix is a broker that provides you with the platform to trade directly to the Forex markets, without any dealing desk intervention and without any limitations.

As shown in the examples above, these profitable orders were closed within 30 seconds and the profit was locked in without any manipulation or restrictions. This client’s profits were paid within a few hours of requesting the withdrawal.

Check out why Yadix might be the ideal broker for your profit making EA or Scalping Robot.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Yadix Forex Broker Review

Yadix Forex Broker provides STP Forex trading on the MT4 platform to traders around the world. The no dealing desk Forex model offers the most transparent and fair order execution directly to the banks who execute all orders.

This is most beneficial for profitable Forex clients, Expert Advisor users and Forex Scalpers. These clients are usually problematic for dealing desks and market makers. This often leads to exclusion or manipulation of Forex orders.

Low Spreads - 0.2 pips average EURUSD
Low ECN commissions
Faster & more accurate order fills
Free VPS
Micro Trading – from 0.01 on all accounts
Leverage 1:500 – Not restricted by balance
No limits or levels on stop loss, take profit or pending orders
Pro Swap rates (no mark ups)
No charges on Credit Card deposits & withdrawals
Free access to Account managers & EAs
Cash Back for every trade – 1 pip
No Margin Changes during weekends, news or rollover

Because we are an STP Forex broker it doesn’t mean we can’t be generous with our Forex bonus. In fact, Yadix Forex Broker offers a 40% Forex Bonus in cash as a reward that is based on your first deposit made as a new client.

Why is this Forex bonus right for you?

This Forex Bonus has easy to understand, clear and fair rules that allows you to trade with any strategy or trading system. You can withdraw at any time and not affect your bonus claim. Also, there are no time restrictions.

Yadix offers the most valuable Forex Rebate available. You will get 1 PIP cash back for every lot you trade!

Example, 1 lot of EURUSD you get $10 in cash. 1 lot of EURGBP traded you will get $16.

Again, with the Forex Rebate, you can withdraw at any time without losing your cash back. Also, the more you trade the more cash you will earn.

Guaranteed Returns Trading Forex 

Forex Rebates are the only way to guarantee a cash return as you trade. You can bank on Yadix Forex Rebates.

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Again, the rules are very simple and transparent. You just need to trade and earn your iPhone 5s!

No need to panic if you want to take your profit, you are free to do so at any time and carry on trading for your brand new Apple iPhone for free.

To learn more about how you can get more from your Forex Broker, feel free to contact our support professionals at any time. We are here to help.