Friday, April 18, 2014

Forex Swap-Free Accounts

Swap-Free Forex trading is important for clients of the Islamic faith (Islamic forex Account) as interest is not charged on Forex positions left open over night.

Swap is the interest charged based on the interest rates of the currencies of the pair being traded. The contracts for difference (spot) markets charge swaps at the end of each trading day as there is no delivery of currency.

At Yadix, we offer clients swap-free trading accounts with excellent trading conditions. Swap-Free accounts are exactly the same as our usual account types without any additional charges, increases in spreads or differences in leverages.

Swap-Free Benefits:

  • Interest on overnight positions
  • No Leverage reductions
  • Spreads are NOT increased
  • No additional commission charges
  • No trading limitations
  • No order intervention

With Islamic forex trading accounts, no roll-over interest will be charged or incurred to positions held overnight, as in compliance with the Islamic Shariah Law.

Check out benefits of trading Swap-Free with Yadix: