Monday, March 31, 2014

Leading Forex Trading Conditions from Yadix

At Yadix, we are focused on providing beneficial and market leading Forex trading conditions to all clients across all of our account types.

Trade Metals with 1:500 Leverage

If you trade precious metals,  you don’t only benefit from low Gold and Silver spreads, micro trading (0.01), but also benefit from high leverage trading metals, from 1:1 up to 1:500.

Many clients do not realise that Yadix offers high leverage on Gold and Silver trading. As we understand that leverage is critical to many Forex trading strategies, you are welcome to trade with us on all accounts and regardless of your account balance with 1:500 leverage, including ECN accounts.     

Choose the account most suitable for you to start to benefit from excellent trading conditions: 

Micro Lots trading (0.01)

On all four of the Yadix accounts (including ECN accounts), our clients benefit from trading micro lots. This makes testing and trading much cheaper for our clients.

Micro lots trading is ideal for clients that have lower invested capital and are using scalping strategies and robots, generally, the use of 1:500 leverage is also used when trading micro lots.

For high volume clients, the maximum trade size on all accounts is 100 lots per order (10 mio). We also understand that many institutional clients may need higher limits that can easily be arranged through our multiple banks that provide liquidity. 

Forex Trading Strategies

Many traders face issues when using a profitable trading strategy or Forex Robots with forex brokers that are market makers.

Yadix welcomes all profitable trading strategies, Expert Advisors and Scalping Robots. The reason is that we are a true direct to markets broker. This means all of your orders are executed and filled at leading prime of prime liquidity providers, anonymously.

No conflict of interest Forex trading protects traders that make money trading the Forex markets from manipulation that is possible from market making brokers as well as executing orders in the fastest possible way to ensure orders are filled instantly and quickly.

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Zero Charges on Credit Card Deposits & Withdrawals

As a true DMA forex broker that offers spreads from 0 pips, fast order execution and trading with no restrictions or minimum stop distances, we also offer zero charges on all credit card deposits and withdrawals.

After your account activation, all credit cards are deposited instantly to help you manage your margin and equity better. As soon as the deposit is approved the funds are added automatically to your MT4 trading account.

All withdrawals are completed within 24 hours (usually within several hours only). As a client of Yadix, you are not restricted to the sum or number of withdrawals that you submit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

IBs, affiliates and partners are not restricted to account settlement on a monthly basis, but can request commission settlement on a daily basis making their earnings accessible at anytime.

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If you want to discuss trading conditions at Yadix Forex, then you’re welcome to contact us through our support team who are on hand to assist you. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beneficial Forex Trading Conditions at Yadix

Each Day this week we will be focusing on trading conditions and benefits to Forex traders, starting off with Leverage.

Unrestricted Leverage:

Yadix offers leverage of up to1:500 on all accounts (including ECN accounts). Our leverage is not restricted to your balance, trading style and is not changed during weekends or rollovers.

Is Unrestricted Leverage Beneficial?

We understand that many clients require a 1:500 leverage to suit their strategy. Many brokers will allow you to hold a 1:500 based on a low balance, but at Yadix, you can use 1:500 leverage with any balance giving your strategy the freedom to perform.

Dangers of Leverage

The use of high leverage should be used by clients with a carefully thought our risk strategy. Many new clients don’t realise that trading forex with high leverage is very risky and can cause stop out during drawdown periods.

As Yadix is a true direct to market broker, we don’t benefit from your losses and therefore, strongly recommend that the use of a low leverage (very maximum of 1:200) to trade more safely and to keep your chances in the market to the maximum.

If you have more questions about leverage, or any other trading conditions, get in touch:

As a direct to markets forex broker, we highly recommend that the leverage choice should be set to a maximum of 1:200, this level still allows significant increase of  margin but also protects you against losing positions. Trading with higher leverage, many positions end up being stopped out due to lack of account equity to ride a negative position.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Professional Forex Managed Accounts for Forex Investors

Entering the Forex Market as a new comer can be daunting and costly if you are not properly prepared. However, at Yadix Forex Broker, we have made available multiple professional Forex account managers to allow you to now invest in Forex via the longstanding and often low risk strategies.

Of course, investing in the Yadix PAMM community is not restricted to market new comers but can also be used by experienced Forex traders as part of investment diversification and risk management.

In this article, we would like to highlight the strategy of our most recent professional manager offering their services through the Yadix Forex Account Management network:

Account Management Highlights

• Maximum Drawdown: 4.37% • 2014 Growth: 63.70% • Minimum Investment: $500 • Performance Fee: 30% • Automated Trading System with human monitoring for extra security

To review other managers profiles, please visit: