Monday, February 24, 2014

Metatrader 4 build 600 changes

How to install EAs and Custom Indicators:

As most clients already know, metaquotes has released the updated Metatrader 4 build 600. Build 600 includes large changes from the previous version. The MT4 version is able to record the time it takes for orders to be executed. Execution time in general is expected to be reduced as the MT4 terminal no longer has to establish a second connection with the broker’s MT4 server in order to send your forex orders to their execution locations.

As with any technology advances, these changes mean that there has been a change within the MT4 platform related to where your EAs and indicators are stored. Your indicators will no longer install the way they were installed previously, but instead there is a new process to follow.  This article will show you exactly how to install your custom indicators and EAs into the new MT4 build 600 (or more recent versions).

3 easy steps to install your custom indicators

Step 1 – Go to file –> Open Data Folder (note you must follow this step, this is not the same as going to C:\program files\MT4 terminal. You will see in step 2 that the directory is stored in C:\users\your name\appdata\roaming\Metaquotes\Terminal)

Step 2 – Double click on MQL4 –> double click on Indicators

And then

Step 3 – Paste the .ex4 file into the indicators folder (don’t paste other file types such as .mq4 – MT4 build 600 cannot read the old MQL4 language. If you only have .mql file, then you can download the .mq4 to .ex4 compiler.

Restart your MT4 terminal and you will see your custom indicator appear.

Our support team are available to guide you in case you need any assistance.

Monday, February 17, 2014

DMA/STP Model or Market Maker Forex Broker?

When trading Forex, there are two main broker models, DMA (which stands for Direct Market Access) and the Market Maker.

DMA Brokers use a direct to market execution strategy, where all trades are passed on instantly, automatically and quickly to forex banks that provide market liquidity. The Forex Brokers using this model are known as DMA, STO or ECN brokers. All of these broker types ensure a no conflict of interest execution policy and protect your profitable forex strategy or Robot as best as possible.

The other model is the Market Making Brokers. These brokers run dealing desks and in essence fill orders internally and do not send orders to the forex banks or liquidity providers, but instead acting as the counterparty taking the opposite side to your Forex orders. This is widely considered to cause an immediate conflict between client and broker as the broker makes profits when you lose.

Also, Market Makers generally do not offer the ideal trading conditions for profitable traders, Forex Robots and Quants to trade with as naturally, these are the categories that cost a dealing desk broker money.

How Broker Models actually work?

DMA/STP only Agencies – acting as the middle man between the end client (the trader) and the market (stock exchanges, banks, ECNs and other institutions involved in orders filling)
Market Making Brokers – operating a ‘Risk Book’ and executing clients’ orders on a virtual market by taking the opposite position.  The fully control the market conditions, pricing and execution quality/delays at their own discretion.

Why Trade Forex with Inter-Bank Markets?

The 100% DMA/STP broker receives actual real market pricing that is not manipulated in any way. This allows clients to trade on the real market conditions at core inter-banking spreads. For buying/selling currencies, clients use a currency network trading is available at the best possible price.

DMA/STP/ECN Broker Licences & Regulations

A true 100% DMA/STP broker is licensed in the reception and transmission of financial instruments and is not licenced to deal as a principal. By checking the licence of the Broker, you will clearly see what type of Forex broker model they are running.

Market Making Model- How does it work?

A 100% Market Maker is holding the so called risk book and is taking risk on its clients orders. By executing orders internally, the broker is taking full responsibility for pricing instruments and filling the orders, but also taking the risk of losing significant amounts of money if the investor generates profits through trading. Of course, investors that trade with more risky strategies tend to lose more and are ideal for market making brokers. Of course a market maker wants to keep these secrets as private and as hidden as possible from potential investors. Usually, these brokerage companies do not charge commissions, offer virtual “fixed spreads” and virtual bonus schemes to incentivise new and existing traders to trade.

Learn more about true Direct to market order execution and benefits:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Benefits of Trading Forex

Trading Forex at Yadix Forex Broker provides clients with a selection of account, trading condition benefits and Forex bonuses.

We understand that each client has different needs and looks for different advantages for their Forex strategy when choosing a broker. We also understand that we can’t satisfy every single client in the world. This however doesn’t mean we don’t try.

Below, we have listed the three categories that most clients look for:

Spreads from 0.2 pips on EUR/USD
Low ECN account commissions
Low STP spreads
Fast order execution – as low as 1 millisecond
High Leverage – 1:500
Micro lot trading
No min trade distances– SL, TP, and pending orders ZERO levels
Accurate order fills

ECN/STP direct to market execution- No DD
Low latency – Lower slippage
No strategy restrictions – Ideal for Scalping, Robots, News & Arbitrage
No Conflict of Interest – Anonymous trading
Instant funding
Same day withdrawals
Advanced account management area
Four Account Types to choose from

40% Welcome Cash Bonus
Classic Rebates – 0.2 -0.5 pips per lot
High Rebates – 1 pip fixes rebates
Welcome Gifts- iPhone 5s, iPad, Samsung Galaxy & Google Nexus

For a full and honest consultation about how you might benefit from trading at Yadix, please contact the support team