Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Better Forex Scalping with Better Forex Broker

When choosing Yadix as your preferred forex broker for scalping, you are not only choosing a trading environment that delivers you the best trading conditions to generate more profits, but also a partner who is driven to deliver to you the best trading rules, benefits and tools for you to become a better forex scalper.

Yadix provides low and tight spreads that will benefit any trading strategy, however scalpers really can benefit from 0 pips spreads and tight pricing during news releases, breakouts and normal trading.

Each account is targeted for a specific type f trader however the forex execution quality and favourable rules are available across all accounts and benefit you as a trader.

Benefits such as no minimum trading distances on pending orders, micro lot trading on all accounts and 1:500 leverage irrespective of account balances are very popular incentives for the majority of our clients.

Most experienced clients will ask, what about my profits? Well at www.Yadix.com all clients can take advantage of same day withdrawals without any limits or restrictions and our partners can benefit of daily settlements of their trading commissions.

To learn more about these and other unbeatablebenefits, contact our support team on live chat, email or telephone. We’re here to help