Monday, December 22, 2014

The Medium-Term Future of EUR/USD Trading

Today we look at the short to medium-term future of the most traded pair of EUR/USD and the Forex Trend is expected to take shape. 

Headline: EUR/USD is set to stay trading in the medium-term range around 1.2230.

The medium-term range of the EUR/USD pair is expected to trade at 1.2230 and a break below could lead to the pair reaching a low of around 1.2042 levels. 

Generally, we would expect to see some buying action around the price levels  of 1.2230, however a break below this could lead to further weakening and a drop to 1.2042 which is the low of 2012. 

Moreover, if EUR/USD breaks below 1.2042, predictions are set to a level of 1.1876 which is the June 2010 low.

Technical Analysis of the EUR/USD currency pair suggests that resistance is set to 1.2353 initially and then 1.2362. 

On the upside, a breakthrough of 1.2470 is required for the price action to return to levels of 1.2517 and potentially 1.2533 

Economic Data releases have high impacts on the Forex markets and can create volatile market conditions for traders to take advantage of.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

EUR/AUD trades at 1.531 levels, up 0.70% on the day

Today's Daily Forex Trend Report Focuses on the 9-month high of EUR/AUD 

What's Trending: EUR/AUD trades at 1.531 levels, up 0.70% on the day.

+ Headline: The single currency (Euro) advanced strongly against the Australian dollar after better data was released from the Euro zone yesterday that supported the Euro. 

Currently, the EUR/AUD trades at 1.531 levels, up 0.70% on the day. Since the start of December, the pair has risen from 1.46130 to today's high. EUR/AUD pair has gained largely due to sharp losses in the AUD/USD pair, which took the pair down to lowest levels since May 2010. The Euro is expected to remain supported against the Australian dollar due to no major economic releases during the European session.

Projection after Analysis: The pair has immediate resistance at 1.54 levels, above which gains could be extended to 1.5491 (Feb 2014) levels. Support is seen at 1.5243 (10-day SMA), below which it could extend losses to 1.5223.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

EUR/USD might experience big sell-off below 1.2370

What's Trending: EUR/USD might test 1.2370

EUR/USD might test 1.2370 levels today and a break below could see a big sell-off in the pair to around 1.23.

An effort to break above 1.24 levels was rejected today after hitting a high of 1.2414 levels, EUR/USD is now trading at around 1.2395.

Charts show that EUR/USD has fallen below the 38.2% retracement level of the uptrend on the hourly chart. The hourly RSI as well as the daily RSI are bearish and therefore, the pair could reach the levels of 1.2370, that is also the neckline support of the head and shoulder formation and the 50% retracement level of the uptrend on hourly charts. The sell-off could be magnified if EUR/USD breaks below 1.2370, and could lead to targets of 1.2340 and 1.23 levels.

In the event of a crossover in the range of 1.2382 and 1.2374 could lead to demand for the Euro and lead to an upside in the pair that will be capped at 1.2430-1.2440 levels.

What to Expect: EUR/USD might test 1.2370

Projection after Analysis: Breaks below 1.2370 could lead to targets of 1.2340 and 1.23 levels

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Daily Forex Market Trends - US Retail Sales Report

Stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and economic data releases that have a high impact on the markets. Understanding the latest trends and news can have a positive impact on your trading results.

Yadix has joined forces with leading Forex technical analysts to be able to deliver to clients a daily report focusing on trending major currency pairs and economic market data releases.

High-quality and accurate assessments of the latest Forex market trends are delivered by email and shared on our social media outlets to give traders a professional insight into the markets and helps reach more educated trading decisions.

As trends in the Forex markets are influenced by high impact economic data releases, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest news. The Yadix Daily Trend Report allows all traders to prepare for the intraday market predictions and can have a positive impact on trading results.

Today's Forex Trend Report: Covers the highly awaited US retail sales report

To see past reports or the latest Forex trend analysis, please visit: 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Yadix Daily Forex Market Trend Reports

We are pleased to introduce to our clients our new daily trend reports to highlight the latest Forex trends and the impact that Economic Data Releases have on the Forex markets.

Economic data releases have a high impact on the markets so staying up-to-date on the latest news can have a positive impact on your trading results. By understanding the latest trends in the market place, traders can help maximise their profits or limit their trading risks.

Each day, our independent specialists will choose the most important and relevant market trends and create an overview of the Daily Market Trends email. Yadix will deliver to your inbox the latest trends and news updates to ensure you are better prepared for the market.

To subscribe to the Yadix Daily Trend Report, please visit and register a live trading account. You will automatically be added to the mailing list.

For any questions, please feel free to contact our professional support staff who are happy to help.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Updated MT4 Forex Platform – Coming Soon

MetaQuotes has recently started the beta-tests of the new update for Meta Trader 4 platform. The updated Yadix MT4 platform will include several beneficial features for traders at Yadix Forex Broker. Below we have listed some of the features that can be expected upon release.

Order Execution Time Notification
Most experienced Forex traders understand that order execution does take some time to be filled at the liquidity providers. Traditional brokers can take 200-500ms, but during that time, the price level could change, and your orders would be facing the slippage. It is clear that the lower the execution time is, the lower the slippage and more accurate order filling will be.

Due to the technical infrastructure that hosts all servers and data-centres used by Yadix on the Equinix Exchange, latency is lower and execution speeds can be as low as 20ms. Using the Yadix Free VPS, execution speeds have been recorded as low as 1 ms giving expert advisors a real market advantage.

Previously, for measuring the execution time, forex traders would have to install special plug-ins and record the execution times. Following the new MT4 update, all execution times will be recorded in the journal of each Metatrader 4.

Execution times are very important, but for some scalping strategies and EAs, it is crucial as slippage can eat the profitability of any forex order. The execution time notification will allow traders to make sure that we reduce the chance of slippage by keeping the execution time at the lowest possible level and judge your brokers execution time even when using a VPS.

Search Bar
Another new feature that will be useful is the search bar. It is located in the top right corner and allows you to search the required information through the entire platform and even through the specific categories.

It can be used as a shortcut to find specific items installed on your MT4 such as an indicator, account or expert advisor. New traders can use it to find additional Forex information, as the search also crawls all information on the mql4 forum and blogs.

Other features
There a several more features that have been added to the Meta Trader 4 platform for beta testing that include the application market section. There you will be able to see the indicators and expert advisors available to trade with on Meta Trader 4. Previously, this community potion was only available on the MT5 platform. It seems that the popularity of the MT4 has encouraged Metaquotes to transfer the positive and popular features of MT5 to the MT4 platform, whilst still keeping all the infamous features that makes MT4 the world’s best trading platform.

Currently, the new Meta Trader 4 update is in the stage of beta-test, and the last build that I've tested still had a few serious bugs. Although, the MetaQuotes promises us to release a new build every day, so there is a good chance that those bugs will be fixed in the short time.

The new Meta Trader 4 update has many new features to help clients improve their trading experience with Yadix. Whilst the new build is still in the testing phase at Metaquotes, as soon as the updated Yadix MT4 is released, we will gladly update our clients with the final updated functionalities and our support team will be on hand to help you whilst you get used to trading and implementing the new features.

Download the Yadix MT4: 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Record Forex Volumes in August 2014

Record Volumes and Record Rebates Paid Out

During August, Yadix recorded record growth in trade volumes with clients turning to the Yadix rebate account as their preferred account.

The Yadix Forex Rebate Account, that offers the highest FX Rebate in the industry, experienced growth of 248.56% from July to August 2014. The clients that traded on the Yadix Rebate Account also generated record real cash rebates (cash backs) credited directly back to clients accounts.

Benefits of Trading for Forex Rebates:

The Yadix Rebate account offers some highly beneficial advantages that deliver clients real value for their trading volumes. Each lot traded is rewarded with a 1 Pip rebate that is credited to the clients account as real cash. Once credited, the client can choose to trade or withdraw the cash backs. 

From research, Yadix can see that the clients choose to use their guaranteed cash boost to generate more cash backs during their next month trading.

Rebates is the only way to guarantee a real cash reward in your Forex trading volumes. Regardless of whether your trading generates a profit or loss, your rebates are always guaranteed. Let’s show you a couple of examples of how clients can benefit for trading for rebates:

Client 1:
Deposits $200, generates a trading profit of $100 with 15 lots of Forex volumes. At the end of the month, his account balance is: 200 +100+150 (rebates) = $450.

You can see that 60% of the client’s profit is generated by his rebates.

Client 2:
Deposits $200, generates a trading profit of - $100 with 15 lots of Forex volumes. At the end of the month, his account balance is: 200 – 100 +150 (rebates) = $250.

You can see that although the client made a loss through trading, his rebates mean that he ends the month in profit!

Many of Yadix clients operate a Rebate Account as a secondary account to make money with rebates and subsidise other trading accounts. Yadix encourages all trades to enjoy the full range of benefits available by operating multiple FX accounts. Each client can login to the client area and create multiple accounts without any limitation. Each account benefits from:

  • Scalping, News and Expert Advisors welcome
  • No minimum levels or limits on orders
  • Micro lot trading
  • High leverage: 1:500
  • Low first deposit 

Register a Rebate Account at Yadix today and start to benefit from 1 pip per lot traded and generate your unlimited monthly Cash Backs: 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Trade Forex?

Beating Slippage

Many clients believe that Slippage is a controllable factor when trading Forex. However, slippage is not a Forex scam, it is a factor of trading the real Forex markets and cannot be avoided. In fact, Slippage is often positive for clients and can add extra profit to your trades or close an order at a more favorable loss.

Slippage occurs during volatile market conditions when quoted prices are fluctuating very fast. When trading with an STP broker, you are always trading real market conditions with leading Forex banks as execution venues. Therefore prices cannot be and are never manipulated for the benefit of the broker.

When exiting an order or your stop loss/take profit is attempting to be filled, the rapid market movement could mean that the price you want to fill at is not available to trade in the market (it has already past or it never existed) and the order is filled at the next available price. Order filling at the next available price is more likely when clients trade during major economic news releases (News Trading).

Beating Slippage:

Whilst Slippage is unavoidable, it can be limited by using technology solutions. By limiting Slippage you can also limit the affect on your MT4 trading account.

The Yadix trade servers are hosted at the Equinix financial exchange at the NY4 data center. Under the same roof and network are the servers of leading banks, execution venues and liquidity providers. This set up means that your orders are executed within the same network and not only does it reduce latency it increases your order execution speeds and the stability of execution.

The average order execution time at Yadix is under 5ms, however, faster order execution is available. You can also benefit from order execution of as low as 1 ms.

Free VPS:

Yadix offers a FREE Forex VPS for all clients that trade regularly.

The Yadix Forex VPS is a computer where clients can operate their MT4 platform and EAs for faster trading. The VPS, is strategically located close to the Equinix NY4 data center and means that the connection to the trade server is the fastest it can be, using the very latest optical fiber technology to ensure the fastest transfer of data.

When trading with Yadix, clients should experience very fast order execution, but, when using the Yadix Forex VPS, clients can experience order execution in less than 1 MS.

This allows our clients the advantage of filling their orders at the accurate target price, more accurate fills, fast order execution and most importantly, reducing the chances of being slipped. Remember, slippage exists, it’s not a scam and brokers cannot control slippage, it’s a part of trading.

Switch your trading activity to Yadix and benefit from less slippage, faster execution and better EA performance:

Monday, August 18, 2014

VIP Forex Trading

At Yadix, we offer a VIP level service for professional and high volume Forex traders. The service available is includes the leading care of VIP Traders, the lowest cost trading conditions and extraordinary service levels that our VIPs deserve.

Our VIPs benefit from institutional quality liquidity, low spreads across all instruments, ultra-fast execution, dedicated personal assistance and added-value rewards and benefits.

Trade Forex With Pro Trading Conditions!

  • Lower Trading Costs

    Trade with core inter-bank spreads starting from 0 pips, low commissions of 0.35 pip per side and the most competitive final trading costs.
  • Institutional Level Liquidity

    VIP accounts are connected directly to the bank liquidity to ensure high quality of order filling, fast order execution and market depth.
  • Unrestricted Trading

    Trade directly with inter-bank liquidity feeds. Minimum trade size 0.01 up to unrestricted. 1:500 regardless of account balance.
  • Strategy Friendly Trading Environment

    We comfortably welcome the most aggressive or profitable trading strategies and EAs allowing you to trade with confidence with Yadix.
  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Access to an in-house representative responsible for your account and who is on-hand to help you with everything at anytime.
  • Free Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    A Forex VPS for EA hosting, reduced latency and more accurate order fills. Our VIPs are able to claim their free VPS from their first deposit.

To review our VIP Forex Trading conditions, please Click here 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

100% Forex Bonus

Yadix has launched its 100% Summer Bonus up to $7,500 for all clients that trade on the Classic Account.

The bonus is available on all new deposits of $100 or more on Classic Accounts from August 1st until the September 30th 2014 and is available for new and existing clients. Clients that trade on the Yadix Pro, Scalper or Rebate accounts can open a new Classic Forex account directly from the FX client area and choose the account settings like Leverage, swap free and base currency. 

Yadix encourages trading on multiple accounts so that our clients can benefit from the wide range of low cost trading conditions, low spreads from 0.1 pips, ECN Forex trading and true STP accounts. There are no trading restrictions on any of our accounts which mean scalpers, expert advisors and profitable Forex strategies can trade. Withdrawals are completed on the same day and there are no broker fees on deposits or withdrawals giving our clients real cost-effective trading advantages.

Yadix Forex Broker offers a great range of rewarding and high value Forex promotions that really do provide additional cash returns on your trading activity. The Rebate Account is a specialist Forex account that offers a 1 pip cash back on every trade you make. For example, a client that trades EURUSD can benefit from low spreads and the below rebates:

  • Trade 10 lots and receive $100 in Forex Rebates
  • Trade 50 lots and receive $500 in Forex Rebates
  • Trade 250 lots and receive $2,500 in Forex Rebates
  • Trade more and get more, UNLIMITED FOREX REBATES.

Register here to participate in the 100% Forex Bonus or the 1 PIP Rebate.


To read more about the 100% Forex Bonus offer, and to see the terms and conditions, please click here.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Forex Scalping Benefits - No Limits/Levels on SL, TP and Pending Orders

Developing a successful Forex Scalping trading strategy is dependent on many aspects, each one as important as the next such as low spreads, fast order execution and the ability to trade the Forex markets without restrictions, conflicts and limitations from your Broker.

A critical condition that every trader should consider is the minimum distance from the market that the broker sets on your orders. There are many dealing desk brokers that have a minimum pip distance that the order must pass before the order can be closed, and some even force a minimum time that must elapse before the order can be closed.

Many Forex traders do not understand the reason or logic behind these limitations, bearing in mind that the real Forex market do not demand such limitations. They are specific to your broker. The reason is to restrict Forex Scalpers and Expert Advisor traders from opening and closing orders quickly and locking in fast Forex profits. By forcing your trade to remain open for a specific number of minutes or the markets to change price by a set number of pips allows the broker more of a chance that your order will generate losses due to market volatility. Brokers that force such restrictions on its clients are market makers who make profits when a clients order losses.

As Yadix Forex Broker is a true STP Broker, and executes every single order to the Interbank Forex Market, we do not restrict any limitations on minimum distances whatsoever. We want our customers to benefit from fair and transparent trading rules. Therefore, when trading Forex at Yadix, you have ZERO restrictions (time or pips) on your Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Orders. By having no minimum distances on your orders allows you the ultimate risk management and profit making potential controls.

Yadix is proud to have developed a very good relationship as the best broker for scalping and EA trading by offering unbeatable trading conditions and trading rules. We are committed to continue providing these beneficial trading advantages for our Scalpers and manual traders to ensure that we can service our profitable traders long-term.

When you join Yadix, you will benefit from some of the best trading conditions and account benefits:

  • Low Spreads from 0.1 pips
  • ECN & STP trading
  • Fast Order Execution
  • Free VPS
  • Unrestricted Forex
  • High Leverage
  • Swap Free Trading
  • No fees/charges on deposits
  • Anonymous Trading

When combining the zero stop loss and take profit levels with the best trading conditions and the fast Forex execution offered by Yadix, forex scalpers benefit from the best Forex trading environment the ideal for executing their forex trading strategies.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Profitable Forex Trading - Where to Trade Forex?

Most successful traders, Expert Advisors and Scalping Robots would have faced exclusion from Forex brokers or changes in trading conditions during trading the FX markets.

This is because dealing desk brokers and market makers make money on spreads or commissions and also profit when their clients lose. In fact, a dealing desk broker will generate most of its profits based on clients’ losses.

Profitable traders soon realise that the dealing desk model has a conflict in what the trader wants to achieve trading Forex, profits. As the broker is in control of elements of trading that the client cannot control, the broker will always have the advantage of the trader and will always ensure they make profits.

On the other hand, a true STP, DMA or ECN broker can provide the profitable trader with the best Forex environment to allow the client to generate the best performance without the hurdles the dealing desk has. Again, much of a Forex trader’s success is based on the trading conditions, execution rules and the small account advantages that can lead to bigger profits.

Yadix Forex Broker is focused on providing the best Forex trading conditions possible, giving its clients a massive advantage in the markets when comparing to its competitors. Some of those advantages are listed below: 

  • Low Forex Spreads: From 0.1 pips
  • No minimum distances on SL, TP and all pending orders
  • Fast Order & Reliable Execution
  • Interbank Forex Execution
  • Swap Free Accounts (without marked up spreads)
  • Same day withdrawals – Access profits faster
  • No Charges on Card Deposits and all withdrawals
  • All FX Strategies welcome- News, Scalping & Arbitrage
  • No Conflict of Interests
  • Forex Managed Accounts – PAMM

We’d be happy to discuss your FX trading strategies, past experiences and expectations to ensure that Yadix is the best Forex Broker choice for you.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Forex Investment Options through PAMM/MAM

There is a new trend in the Forex Markets that is giving traders and investors an advantage in achieving their goals, this trend is Forex Managed Accounts.

Just like any other investment opportunity, choosing a Forex Account Manager in a PAMM or MAM management program is the most important step. There are several key elements that each investor should look for when deciding to invest, they are: Low draw-down, stability and reliability and expected returns on investment.

The Yadix PAMM Community introduces vetted Forex Account Managers that offer low to medium risk management exposure over an extended period of time. Yadix doesn't host high risk managers as the higher the risk, the more likely of suffering losses. Instead we try to source lower risk and more conservative growth to help our clients benefit from longer term investments.

Two managers that have received a lot of interest recently both offer very low draw-down and consistent growth over long periods, more details of the Forex trading strategies as provided from each manager are listed below:

MANAGER #16730

Ando Magnolija Strategy (AMS) has been tested half year in 2013 and from January 2014 working on a real money account with Yadix. AMS trades on six to eight currency pairs based on an advanced and intelligent net order strategy. In some market conditions AMS uses the strategy of increasing the size of lots being traded; however it should not be considered a Martingale strategy and is not aggressive.

The expected monthly returns is +/- 7% to 15%, and during most months the system is delivering consistently a very low draw-down of under 5% only. Last quarter growth 13%.

Forex Risk Management
Twin level risk management system to protect invested funds. The first risk management function is built-in to the system as an equity protection facility that will mean that should the account reach the level of -20%, the system will not open any new orders and try to close all orders at break-even. The next level of protection is performed by the manager manually who monitors all real time trading and will manually close all orders reach a level of 25% draw-down to ensure that any negative trading sessions do not reach a level greater than 25% draw-down.

The trade cycle will use a maximum of 2% of equity of the account value per currency pair and will not exceed the 2% level.

Yadix PAMM Profile:

FxStat Verified performance:

MyFXBook Verified Performance:

MANAGER #18353

This advanced Forex strategy had two main tasks: firstly, getting the draw-down (DD) as low as possible and only then higher profits. This is because, there are many strategies that earn money, but 90% of them cause trouble if unforeseen fluctuations (changes) happen in the Forex market.

Forex Risk Management
This strategy has 8 defense levels. Even though the MA sell up to 9 currency pairs at the same time, its defense mechanisms control , both, the opened currency pair orders, and all the opened orders in total. In the MA strategy everything has been done to protect your investments.

The maximal DD of Yadix PAMM has been set to no more than 25%. Please take in consideration that, the bigger the risk, the larger amount of money earned and opposite! If you invest in this strategy, you have to be patient and do not get stressed if the floating DD reaches 20 %.

Yadix PAMM Profile: 

FxStat Verified performance 

MyFXBook Verified Performance:

To read more about investing with Forex Account Managers in the Yadix PAMM Community, please visit:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Best Forex Broker Benefits

When trading the Foreign Exchange Markets (Forex or FX) traders are spoiled with many brokers available to choose from.  Making the decision to join the best Forex Broker for you is tricky and there are many elements to take into consideration to make sure you choose the safest and most reliable Forex Broker.

At Yadix, we know that the no Dealing Desk Forex Broker model is the most transparent and fair way to execute orders for our clients. This no conflict of interest Forex trading allows clients to trade in confidence knowing that they will never be trading against their broker and that the broker doesn’t make money on your losses.

We also understanding that the no Dealing Desk brokerage (STP) is the best for traders that are experienced, profitable or that those that use a strategy that cause problems for market makers or dealing desks. Such strategies and profitable Forex traders can include Expert Advisors, Forex Scalpers, News Traders and Arbitrage traders.

The next step is to understand why and STP (Straight Through Processor) or ECN (Electronic Communication Network) is more beneficial for profitable Forex strategies. We’ve tried to answer these questions below:

Forex Trading Strategies:

There are many Forex Trading Strategies that require very specific trading conditions and execution rules to allow them to fulfil the profit potential the strategy can deliver. 

Trading Conditions at Yadix Forex Broker:
  • No Scalping Restrictions
  • Low Spreads from 0.1 pips
  • Leverage up to 1:500 – not restricted by balance
  • Hedging & Scalping friendly
  • Negative balance protection
  • Multi-bank Liquidity & Pricing
  • Minimum Funding $100
  • Swap Free Accounts (no additional spreads or charges)
  • Unrestricted Order Opening & Closing 

Execution Rules & Account Benefits at Yadix Forex Broker:

  • No Re-quotes or Re-pricing
  • No Dealing Desk (NDD)
  • No conflict of Interest
  • STP Broker Model
  • Micro lots Trading
  • No Restrictions on SL & TP
  • Micro Lot Trading (0.01) on all Accounts
  • Same Day Withdrawals
  • No Fees or Charges on Credit Card Deposits

These execution rules and trading conditions allow any Forex trading strategy the flexibility to perform to their maximum profitability at Yadix Forex broker.

A Dealing Desk Forex Broker or Market Maker makes money from clients losses and as such can implement different trading conditions to make trading less profitable which will generate more profits for them. Such changes include forcing a minimum distance between the opening and closing of Forex trades. Most big brokers are market makers and when investigating traders can easily see that each currency pair have stop distance restrictions usually a pip level or in some instances time restrictions. This means that your order must move at least 3 to 15 pips (dependent on the broker) or five minutes before the order can be closed.

How does this affect your trading strategy, well, imagine that after 1 minute of opening your order, the order has reached your profit target, you must wait another four minutes before the order can be closed. Or, if you’re a Forex Scalper, your target is to open 100 per day and make 1 pip per order in profit, but you must wait for the price to increase or decrease by five pips before closing your order. These conditions are in place to increase your chances of the market going against you and making your losses greater.

Because of the flexibility that Yadix Forex Broker offers clients in trading conditions and execution rules, our reputation for being the best broker for scalping and ideal for expert advisor traders is growing each day.

Our professional trader support team would be happy to discuss your strategy and the benefits that Yadix can offer you. Just get in touch.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Looking for a Forex Broker for Scalping?

Experienced Forex Scalpers know how difficult it is to find a broker that will accept their Forex Strategy, especially Scalping Robots that make mega profits.

Below is an example of one of our most successful networks of traders that use a very aggressive EA that scalps the market and makes serious profits. The EA made a profit of 7982.53 USD in just one day, a 199% growth.

Yadix is a broker that provides you with the platform to trade directly to the Forex markets, without any dealing desk intervention and without any limitations.

As shown in the examples above, these profitable orders were closed within 30 seconds and the profit was locked in without any manipulation or restrictions. This client’s profits were paid within a few hours of requesting the withdrawal.

Check out why Yadix might be the ideal broker for your profit making EA or Scalping Robot.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Yadix Forex Broker Review

Yadix Forex Broker provides STP Forex trading on the MT4 platform to traders around the world. The no dealing desk Forex model offers the most transparent and fair order execution directly to the banks who execute all orders.

This is most beneficial for profitable Forex clients, Expert Advisor users and Forex Scalpers. These clients are usually problematic for dealing desks and market makers. This often leads to exclusion or manipulation of Forex orders.

Low Spreads - 0.2 pips average EURUSD
Low ECN commissions
Faster & more accurate order fills
Free VPS
Micro Trading – from 0.01 on all accounts
Leverage 1:500 – Not restricted by balance
No limits or levels on stop loss, take profit or pending orders
Pro Swap rates (no mark ups)
No charges on Credit Card deposits & withdrawals
Free access to Account managers & EAs
Cash Back for every trade – 1 pip
No Margin Changes during weekends, news or rollover

Because we are an STP Forex broker it doesn’t mean we can’t be generous with our Forex bonus. In fact, Yadix Forex Broker offers a 40% Forex Bonus in cash as a reward that is based on your first deposit made as a new client.

Why is this Forex bonus right for you?

This Forex Bonus has easy to understand, clear and fair rules that allows you to trade with any strategy or trading system. You can withdraw at any time and not affect your bonus claim. Also, there are no time restrictions.

Yadix offers the most valuable Forex Rebate available. You will get 1 PIP cash back for every lot you trade!

Example, 1 lot of EURUSD you get $10 in cash. 1 lot of EURGBP traded you will get $16.

Again, with the Forex Rebate, you can withdraw at any time without losing your cash back. Also, the more you trade the more cash you will earn.

Guaranteed Returns Trading Forex 

Forex Rebates are the only way to guarantee a cash return as you trade. You can bank on Yadix Forex Rebates.

If you prefer the latest gadgets and devices, then you should trade and get the iPhone 5s for free!
Again, the rules are very simple and transparent. You just need to trade and earn your iPhone 5s!

No need to panic if you want to take your profit, you are free to do so at any time and carry on trading for your brand new Apple iPhone for free.

To learn more about how you can get more from your Forex Broker, feel free to contact our support professionals at any time. We are here to help.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Why Yadix Forex Broker?

Yadix is a global leader in providing Forex trading targeted for Scalpers, Expert Advisors and profitable Forex strategies.

The trading conditions at Yadix is are perfect for traders that make profit. Low spreads (from 0.1 pips on majors), fast execution, low latency and deep liquidity provides the ideal platform for aggressive and money making trading.
The STP/ECN Forex model is a no conflict of interest brokerage and gives traders the freedom to implement any trading strategy including Forex Scalping, Arbitrage and News trading. These strategies are usually problematic for Market Makers as they are too aggressive and too profitable. A market making broker makes money on the spread charged and mostly on the clients losses.  

Using leading financial technologies, such as the Equinix Financial Exchange and high-spec VPs, Yadix delivers the fastest order execution that is beneficial for all traders. All orders received are executed immediately and automatically. No orders are executed through a dealing desk, making Yadix a no dealing desk broker.

You too can benefit from trading the way you want, without restriction or limitation at the trader friendly Forex Broker that is Yadix. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Save Money Trading Forex at Yadix Broker

As part of our commitment to deliver a trader friendly Forex Brokerage, we would like to share some simple ways to save money Trading Forex with Yadix Broker.

Most traders look at fundamental elements such as spreads and bonus, however, there are other things that you should consider that can save you lots of money or improve your trading profitability.

No fees/charges on Card or e-wallet deposits & Withdrawals
At Yadix (unlike other brokers) we do not charge you when you fund or withdraw from your Forex trading account. Credit and Debit cards and E-Wallets carry no costs.

Trade Micro lots on all Forex accounts
Yadix does not force you to trade larger amounts. Instead we allow all clients to trade micro lots (0.01) across all of our accounts.

Unrestricted 1:500 Leverage
Most Forex brokers will limit your use of leverage, force you to change leverage during weekends or volatile market conditions. At Yadix, you can choose up to 1:500 leverage regardless of your account type of its balance. Your leverage will not be changed.
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Swap Free Trading
Yadix offers Swap Free (Islamic Forex) accounts. The conditions of our sap free accounts are no different from our normal STP Forex accounts. No increase in spreads and no charges.

Earn interest on Swap accounts (use bank Swap Rates)
Smart Forex traders trade on swap accounts and make money in the difference in the interest rates of two currency pairs (swaps).

Zero distance levels on pending orders and stops
Yadix delivers unrestricted trading for all clients on all accounts. We do not force a minimum stop level or limits on your stop loss, take profit or pending orders.

Negative balance protection
If your account goes into negative, we will create a new account for you with a zero balance. Just ask the support team and we will be happy to help.

Low Spreads from 0.1 pips EURUSD
Our spreads start from 0.1 pips on major currency pairs. All clients can take advantage of these spreads from a very low minimum deposit.

Free access to Forex Account managers & EAs
Yadix invites investors, managers and EA developers to join their trading community where you can choose from a selection of professional managers or a Free Expert Advisor.

Cash Back for every trade – 1 pip
The easiest way to guarantee a return on your Forex Trading is by trading on the Yadix Rebate Account. The Rebate account offers clients 1 pip cash back for every trade.  Example, if you trade 10 lots of EURGBP, you will get $168.30 cash back to your accounts balance.