Thursday, November 21, 2013

Forex Education -How to beat Slippage

Slippage is often thought of as a negative factor of trading forex, many traders think that it shouldn't happen and they do get frustrated.

However, slippage is not a forex scam, it is part and parcel of trading forex, just like any other aspect of trading is. Forex slippage can be positive and negative, but we hardly ever here about positive slippage.

Beat Slippage:
If you want to avoid slippage and restrict your losses because of slippage, there is now a solution and it’s a simple one.

Yadix uses the Equinix financial exchange, who hosts the Yadix trade servers and the servers of leading forex banks who provide liquidity under the same roof at the NY4 data center. This reduces latency between the broker and LP to the very minimum it can.

It means that Yadix clients get fast, low latency and accurate order execution, without delay, manipulation using the very best forex technology.

Now we will tackle the issue of client terminal to trade server latency. Whether we like it or not, the biggest cause of slippage is the fault of the trader and his/her connection to the internet. As forex can be traded from anywhere, clients in countries where internet technology isn't the best are usually the most affected victims of slippage, that doesn't mean however that if your internet connection is good you won’t suffer from slippage too.

Don’t panic just yet, there is a solution available for everyone, and it’s free!

The Yadix forex VPS is a real computer that clients access virtually, where their MT4 platform, EAs and indicators are hosted. The beauty of the VPS, is the fact that it’s virtually next door to the Equinix NY4 data center. What does that mean to you? Well, it means that your connection to the trade server is the fastest it possibly can be, using the very best technology available anywhere.

Ultimately, trading with Yadix, clients should experience lightening fast order execution, but, when using the Yadix forex VPS, clients can experience order execution in less than 1 MS (average 5MS).

This means fill at the price you want, more accurate fills and execution and most importantly, reducing your chances of being slipped massively. Remember, slippage exists, it’s not a scam, or not forex cheats, it’s a part of trading.

So take our advice and stop risking your trading profitability - benefit from less slippage, faster execution, better EA performance and hopefully, great trading profits. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fundamentals of Forex Trading

When clients choose the best forex broker, there are several fundamental rules that all clients follow (or should follow).

There is not one forex broker that is ideal for every single client, and as such choosing a forex broker can be time consuming, and dependent on the strategy very difficult.

The first thing that any client looks for is pricing (LOWEST FOREX SPREADS). Like when choosing any product in our lives, pricing is the most consistent factor no matter what kind of trader you are.

At Yadix, we have worked hard to deliver the lowest forex pricing we can on the ECN and STP forex broker models.

Below is an overview of our EURUSD spread based on the week starting 11/11/2013 – 15/11/2013:

Monday 11/11/2013 - Average EURUSD spread: 0.20 pips                                                                
Tuesday 12/11/2013 - Average EURUSD spread: 0.19 pips
Wednesday 13/11/2013 - Average EURUSD spread: 0.18 pips
Thursday 14/11/2013 - Average EURUSD spread: 0.22 pips
Friday 15/11/2013 - Average EURUSD spread: 0.21 pips

USDJPY spread based on the week starting 11/11/2013 – 15/11/2013:

Monday 11/11/2013 - Average USDJPY spread: 0.33 pips                                                                 
Tuesday 12/11/2013 - Average USDJPY spread: 0.30 pips
Wednesday 13/11/2013 - Average USDJPY spread: 0.37 pips
Thursday 14/11/2013 - Average USDJPY spread: 0.32 pips
Friday 15/11/2013 - Average USDJPY spread: 0.31 pips

Now that we’ve satisfied the pricing, the next most important factor for you as a forex trader is execution that is fast, stable and robust.

Yadix is partnered with the Equinix Financial Exchange, a leading financial technology leader that bridges many technical issues by connecting brokers directly to leading liquidity providers, hedge funds and banks. What makes Equinix unique is the fact that the servers of brokers and the real markets are hosted under the same location, making latency an issue of the past.

This of course ensures more accurate, faster and superiorforex order execution to clients.

Try Yadix low cost and super fast trading to help make your trading experience better, and more importantly, profitable.