Monday, September 23, 2013

Free iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c – Only at Yadix Forex Broker

At Yadix, we are committed to offering the highest value, hi-tech and trendy forex gifts for our clients.

Our clients can convert their forex trading volumes to high value gifts – For Free! By opening a new Classic account with Yadix, and by trading less than two lots a day, you too can choose to receive a choice of either of the newest smartphones, the Apple iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c for Free.

Not only do we reward our clients loyalty each one based on volumes traded, but high level traders (and beginners) appreciate the beneficial trading conditions that we, as a true STP broker delivers.

We understand that trading forex is not about flashy prizes and forex bonuses, but the most important factor are the trading and account conditions, limitations and restrictions. Yadix is committed to providing the fastest real market order execution, unrestricted trading, and the lowest forexspreads available anywhere.

We are also proud to professionally welcome all forexscalpers, Expert Advisor traders and profitable traders and promise an unrestricted trading environment.

Saying that, we also believe that by offering these excellent trading conditions, it doesn’t mean that our clients cannot benefit from rewards and free real cash deposits to our clients accounts, to say thanks!

So why not combine all,  the best trading conditions, the fastest forex order execution and the most attractive rewards programme in forex. Thousands of active clients can’t be wrong!

Join us today and get started with the iPhone 5s and get the full value from your forex trading. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

What are the Benefits of Low Latency Forex Trading?

Low latency forex trading is an important factor to trading forex successfully. Latency is a factor that contributes to slippage, inaccurate order fills and lower trading profits.

How does Latency Affect your Trades?

Imagine that you operate a forex scalping strategy – one that opens and closes orders quickly, making small profits often. Quick order execution is critical to ensure that your orders are filled at the prices you want to execute at.

Latency is a delay caused by communication via the internet. If your internet is slow, then there is a high likelihood that the delay can lead to your order being filled at the next available price (slippage).

The same happens with pending orders. Your MT4 platform communicates with the trade server, who in turn communicates to the liquidity providers (leading forex banks). If the technology set up of any of the three parties involved (client, broker and LP) is slow, then clients orders can experience this slippage.

How to Beat Latency?

Yadix provides its clients with the best possible technology to ensure that superior, fast and low latency order execution is available for every Yadix trader.

Equinix Financial Exchange – Equinix is a leading technologyprovider that delivers the very best technical solutions for brokers and liquidity providers.

The Yadix trade server is located in the heart of New York and is under the same facility as the servers of the leading forex banks that provide us with liquidity. As can be imagined, this means that orders are executed in the fastest possible.

Traders that operate a 24 hour EA or do not have access to a fast internet provider can benefit from the very best VPS facility. The freeForex VPS allows our clients to trade using the best internet connection to the trade server and using a stable environment.

The Forex VPS is fee to all traders that met the specific requirements. So why not trade with the best order execution and technology Yadix can offer? Register today to benefit:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Liquidity Depth - Forex Scalpers

Yadix is committed to providing the best Forex Broker services suitable for Forex Scalpers, Scalping Robots and EAs traders.

Which Forex Strategies Make Money?

As a true STP/DMA forex broker, Yadix welcomes all trading strategies, regardless of profitability, aggressive and can even easily accept scalping strategies that open and close forex market orders within seconds.

No Restrictions Broker?

Yadix is unique as it offers full hedging and scalping capabilities without restrictions on stop loss, take profit or pending orders. This allows you to set your crucial SL or TP as close to your opening price as you want to – no more minimum 5 pip or 5 minute order closing restrictions. This gives you the ideal environment to trade the way you want and maximise your profit from each forex position you trade.

Best Conditions for Forex Scalping?

New liquidity providers have been added to deliver the lowest DMA forex spreads, support profitable forex trading, to provide the most accurate order fills and the fastest ECN order execution. Choosing the right Liquidity Providers is critical for our large community of Scalpers. The new feeds will support profitable trading strategies.

10 Great reasons to Trade Forex with Yadix:
  1. Fast STP order execution
  2. No dealing desk/market making
  3. Lowest ECN spreads from 0 pips
  4. No trading restrictions
  5. No SL,TP & pending or levels/limits
  6. Market Depth – Trade up to 100 lots
  7. Micro lots – 0.01
  8. Same day withdrawals
  9. Instant account funding
  10. Full protection for even the most aggressive strategies

We invite you to discuss with one of our professional support team to learn more about operating your money making forex trading with Yadix.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Best Forex Promotions & Cash Rewards

At Yadix, we offer a range of the best Forex bonuses to ensure that our clients get not only benefit from the best forex trading conditions, but are also rewarded for all of their trading activity.

Our promotions team have years of forex trading experience, with this knowledge they really understand what’s important to real forex traders. This insight has allowed them to deliver the most unique and rewarding cash and physical forex promotions available on the market today.

A potential new client might ask ‘why is the Yadix bonus scheme so unique’? The answer is in the promotions themselves. Each bonus, rebate or gift is either real cash or a physical gift, even the 40% welcome bonus is credited as real cash to the traders account balance. More information on the best forex bonuses and promotions are below:

40% Welcome Forex Bonus up to $10,000 in Cash!

This forex welcome bonus is truly unique as it’s the only forex bonus to be credited in real cash to clients MT4 trading account balance.  Furthermore, the trading requirements to receive this forex bonus are one of the most achievable in the forex markets.

  • Cash Forex bonus up to $10,000
  • No time restrictions
  • No withdrawal restrictions

Remember, the 40% welcome forex bonus is a real cash incentive. You can claim 40% of your first deposit up to $10,000 in real cash

Trade for Tablets – Forex Welcome Gifts!

The trade for Tablets promotion gives forex traders the chance to trade and receive a choice of three of the latest tablet devices. Each one has achievable trading requirements. We even give a massive 25 lot discount to these who wish to trade and get all three devices.

  • A choice of three amazing tablets available
  • Trade and get your rewards
  • Easy lots requirements
  • Gift or cash equivalent 

iPhone 5 Forex Giveaway!

At Yadix, we like our clients to get the latest mobile phone technology, and give the chance for new and existing clients the chance to trade for the latest Apple iPhone.

Just by trading with Yadix, you can get the iPhone 6 delivered directly to your door within 30 days of starting to trade forex with Yadix.

  • Get the latest Apple iPhone
  • Get your gift within 30 days
  • Low trading requirements
  • Gift or cash equivalent 

Unlimited Forex Rebates - $10 per lot!

Forex rebates are becoming more and more popular and are being used as part of a money making forex trading strategy.

Yadix offers the highest value forex rebates, $10 for every single lot traded on your rebate account. There are no restrictions, the rebates are unlimited and the more you trade the more you receive.

  • The highest forex rebates available
  • Fixed forex Rebate of $10 per lot traded
  • Cash rebates
  • Unlimited earnings

Remember that the Forex rebates are available no matter your level and there are no trading restrictions. Use rebates as an insurance policy or simply to make more forex trading returns.