Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is Important for Forex Scalpers?

At Yadix, we fully understand what is important for Forex Scalpers and traders using Scalping Robots.

Our trading platform has been carefully designed to support your trading strategy and to welcome you as a profitable forex scalper.

Best Forex Trading Conditions

Yadix delivers excellent trading conditions ideal for a forex scalper to operate a profitable trading strategy on the forex markets. The below conditions are critical to making money by scalping:

  • Spreads from 0 pips
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • Micro trading (0.01)
  • Low deposit requirements
  • Forex Robot compatible
  • No Re-quotes
  • No Dealing Desk 

Fast Forex Execution

By using the Equinix Financial Exchange, our platform delivers super-fast order execution and the lowest latency available, resulting in fast and accurate order execution.

No Trading Restrictions

We are one of a few brokers that can welcome any trading strategy and all forex Expert Advisors and Robots.  Your strategy is supported by no limits or levels on any pending orders, stop loss and take profits

Profitable Trading Rewarded

We welcome profitable traders and do not restrict your withdrawals of forex profits.  In fact, our clients are not restricted to withdrawing funds at all. We aim to get your withdrawals processed within a matter of hours. 

To learn more about forex scalping with Yadix, our professional support team and Forex Account Managers will be happy to help. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

STP, ECN Vs Dealing Desk

When choosing your preferred broker, one of the most important things to ask yourself is, what kind of broker do I need to look for?

Below is a simple comparison to help readers understand the main differences between a dealing desk and a STP, ECN or DMA brokerage.

Conflict or Interest

An STP broker executes all orders with a no conflict of interest policy. Orders are received and immediately sent through to the FX banks that provide liquidity. 

The Dealing Desk on the other hand will keep orders in house and not execute to the real markets. You are trading on a virtual market and one that is not obliged to follow any real market patterns.

Brokers Profits

A direct market access broker makes profits based on the spread clients trade on, or a commission (if ECN),  at no point does the broker make any money based on clients losses.
A dealing desk benefits from both sides, from the spread/commission and from losses generated on your account.

The Dealing Desk model is a serious conflict of interest that can cause your trading strategies many problems.

Profitable Traders

A true STP, ECN and DMA broker can accept any profitable trading strategy like scalping and EA users. As the broker takes no risks, there interests are helping clients generate profits and more volumes. As such, the inter-bank brokers will provide more favorable conditions and tools for traders to use.

If you are trading with a Forex robot or scalping strategy, you must consider that the conflicts of interest may restrict you from maximising your potential profits using a dealing desk broker.

Trading Conditions

Trading conditions are not only in the shape of spreads or commissions, but also restrictions on your trading account.

A inter-bank broker will offer you more favourable and less restricted trading conditions on important trading elements such as stop loss, take profit and pending orders.

The dealing desk on the other hand will restrict your trading strategy by enforcing minimum levels and limits on your orders.

To read more about the benefits of trading on an STP forex broker, please visit:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Best Broker for Forex Scalping

When choosing a Forex Broker to run your Scalping Strategy or Scalping Robot, there are important questions that all traders must ask themselves and the broker before getting started.

Below are the most asked questions our support team receive from new Scalpers and EA traders at Yadix, all of which are crucial for a successful or profitable Forex Scalper.

Yadix delivers lightening fast and low latency order execution by using the Equinix Financial Exchange, a leading Financial Services technology provider.
The Equinix NY4 server facility is located at the heart of New York’s financial centre and through this technology, all clients trades will now be executed through the large network of trading hubs and bank servers, located in the Equinix data centres.

A deep pool of liquidity is provided through top FX Banks that compete for your forex trades and deliver the lowest spreads to Yadix clients. Multiple providers of liquidity ensure that there are no strategy restrictions giving you the freedom to scalp as aggressively as you want.
 Some of the leading Liquidity Providers competing for your trades: UBS, Citibank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutsch Bank, Barclays Bank

The combination of Equinix technology and the a large pool of liquidity ensure that your orders are being filled as fast as possible to the biggest liquidity providers, as such orders are executed extremely accurately including tight stop loss and take profit filling.

As a true Inter-bank broker (DMA, ECN, STP), Yadix can deliver no restrictions on any pending orders or order modification. Unlike dealing desk brokers, Yadix gives its clients the ability to trade without a minimum level of pips on stop loss, take profit or any pending order types. There are also no time limits on the time that your orders need to remain open. Ideal for Forex Scalpers.

As we all know, low spreads are not just important, but a major factor in all Forex trading strategies. At Yadix, we offer two account types that offer Raw Spreads (the spread that the Broker receives from the liquidity providers). These Raw spreads are passed on to clients (without any mark up) on the Pro and Scalper accounts. This ensures low cost and the most accurate triggering of orders when using an EA or Automated trading strategy.

Slippage is generally reported as a negative aspect of trading on the interbank market, however, you rarely read about positive slippage. Positive slippage is when an order is executed at a more positive price to give the trader additional profits on a pending order.

Both positive and negative slippage is a factor that all traders need to consider and cannot be avoided when trading real Forex markets. Furthermore, there are no brokers that can guarantee slippage, unless they employ market making tactics.

When trading economic market data releases, there are a few steps to help traders being affected by slippage, they are using a VPS, balance trading and take into account slippage and avoid trading during these highly volatile periods. After all, when trading on the true Forex markets, slippage is part of trading and cannot be controlled or compensated.

When trading on the DMA, STP or ECN Forex model, you are guaranteed no re-quotes, stop loss hunting and other strategies that are employed by market makers to ensure that they profit from your losses.

The interbank model is as pure a model of trading forex as is possible. The broker does not benefit from losses and therefore, its interest is in helping its clients generate higher Forex volumes. Yadix provides many beneficial conditions and trading tools to help you grow into a better, more profitable Forex trader.

The Yadix commitment is to execute all deposits and withdrawals as soon as possible. On your first deposit, our back office performs all relevant checks in accordance to procedures set by the Forex regulators. Thereafter, all subsequent deposits are added instantly to your MT4 account.

Withdrawals are all completed within 24 hours as a promise. However, our accounts team endeavour to complete all withdrawals within a few hours.  

Furthermore, Yadix doesn’t delay or restrict any client to withdrawal amounts or numbers of withdrawals during any period of time. In fact, even our IBs have the ability to withdraw their commissions on a daily basis, a unique service deliver by the Yadix commitment of transparency and honesty.

Our client area is a leading facility that allows the self-management of each clients Yadix profile. Whether it’s for depositing, withdrawing, creating multiple accounts or changing your leverage, these, and more actions are completed and executed in seconds.

You are free to transfer funds from one account to another without charge or delay, change your login details or personal details, all are extremely simple.

If you are looking for answers to any questions, our professional and highly trained support staff are on hand to serve you in any way we can. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Beneficial Forex Trading Conditions at Yadix

Yadix provides a range of trading accounts that are focused around our clients and deliver the trading conditions that can contribute to a successful trading strategy.

Each account was developed with our clients in mind, and according to feedback received from clients. Whether a institutional trader, or a Forex beginner, Yadix has the right account for you.

Trading Conditions & Account Benefits:

  • Selected liquidity providers to deliver superb execution for all trading strategies
  • True STP/DMA forex execution
  • Lowest ECN Spreads (RAW)
  • No trading restrictions
  • No stop levels or limits
  • Low deposit requirements
  • Bonus, Rebates and Gift rewards for clients

The Best Forex Trading Account for you?

  • Lowest cost ECN account
  • Delivers true institutional Forex trading conditions
  • Excellent order execution
  • Free VPS for best EA performance
  • Specifically designed for Scalping Forex traders
  • Problematic for other brokers but welcomed at Yadix
  • Low cost ECN
  • Excellent Order Execution
  • Superior order execution
  • Low spreads- starting from 1 pip
  • No trading restrictions
  • Excellent range of bonuses and gifts
  • The highest cash rebates of any broker
  • Fast and accurate order execution
  • Low funding
  • Unlimited rebates

For easy reference to the account that suits you, please visit our account comparison page for transparent and easy to understand facts about each account.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Independent Expert Advisor Reviews

Finding a good Expert Advisor is a difficult task, how do you know which one to choose? How do you know if the Forex Robot will generate Forex profits?

At Yadix, we are busy developing a totally independent EA/Robot review section of our website. The section will review specific Robots performance (Live/Demo) on Yadix Forex Broker so our clients can make more educated decisions on which Expert Advisor can work best for their trading capacity.

Furthermore, developers of EAs, Forex Robots and Algorithmic Trading Systems who are confident of their systems Forex profit making abilities are welcome to present their auto-trading systems on the Yadix EX review sections.

Our Auto-Trading development team will operate all EAs on the Yadix MT4, record the results and publish them on our website and social networks. Clients will also be able to subscribe to EAs of their choice to receive a weekly performance overview and EA updates directly to their email.

For more information, please contact the Yadix Auto-Trading Development team on: