Monday, July 29, 2013

Best Broker for EA Trading

Why is Yadix considered to be the best broker for Expert Advisors Forex traders using ?  The answer is in the Brokers model.

Yadix operates a Direct Market Access brokerage (also known as STP or ECN), this allows Yadix to provide a leading service, trading conditions and Forex environment that guarantees NO trading restrictions for EA users, Forex Scalpers and profitable forex traders.

Forex traders may ask themselves, what’s the difference between Yadix Forex Broker and other brokers available on the market? There are several key elements that deliver Yadix clients a distinct trading advantage. However, there are all implemented with one goal – to provide the best Forex platform for these traders:

DMA/STP/ECN Order Execution

Direct Market Access order execution means that every order is executed directly to the REAL FOREX MARKET, and unlike a market making or dealing desk broker, you are not trading on a virtual market and there are definitely No Conflicts of Interests.

The DMA is highly beneficial as there are no opportunities for the broker to manipulate your order, price feeds or speeds of execution. All orders are executed to leading FX banks that act as liquidity providers in the real forex market place.

Leading Technology – Faster Forex Order Execution

Yadix utilises the Equinix Financial Exchange to ensure the fastest possible order execution and the lowest latency.  This leading technology is very beneficial, especially for Expert Advisors and Scalping traders.
The Equinix NY4 server facility is located at the heart of New York’s financial centre and through this technology, all clients trades will now be executed through the large network of trading hubs and bank servers, located in the Equinix data centres. This eliminates the time it takes to execute your Forex trades once they have been received by us.

Typically, the average execution speed for clients on the Equinix Financial Exchange is around One Millisecond. For clients using the Yadix VPS, the execution speeds are reduced to less than One Millisecond.

Anonymous Trading

As Yadix delivers a true no conflict of interest trading environment to its clients, it is in our interest that our clients make profits and trade greater forex volumes. To assist in this aspect, Yadix executes all Forex Orders directly to the Liquidity Providers totally anonymously to ensure that your SL, TP and pending order information is not visible by the Liquidity Providers to ensure the most accurate order filling, and just as important, to ensure that the final liquidity providers cannot hunt stop losses.

Best Forex Trading Conditions

Yadix offers a range of forex accounts that have been made available with our traders in mind. Whilst each account rewards traders’ styles differently, one thing is consistent. That is that each account boasts some amazing trading conditions included in the list below:

  • All accounts supported by deepest Multibank liquidity
  • No Forex Strategy Restrictions
  • ZERO levels & limits on Pending Orders – Stop Loss, Take Profit, Buy and Sell Limits & more
  • Anonymous trading
  • Scalpers & profitable EAs gladly accepted
  • No withdrawal restrictions
  • Trade Inter-bank markets
  • Low Spreads – As little as 0 pips
  • No Risk Model - Yadix never takes risk on clients’ Forex positions
  • Range of Leverages to suit you
  • Loyalty rewards – move all your volumes to Yadix to benefit from unbeatable rewards

In this article, we have covered off the most “frequently asked questions”. If there is anything specific that you’d like to ask, please feel free to contact our professional and highly qualified support team.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yadix Forex Broker – Direct Market Access Forex Order Execution

Yadix Forex Broker operates a true no conflict of interest and the most transparent Forex business model that is available in the market today.

We understand that most Forex traders are accustomed to the market maker or dealing desk Forex brokers, however, we believe that the transparent model of STP/DMA/ECN is the future of the retail and institutional Forex trading.

From experience, we understand that many retail Forex traders do not fully understand the differences between the two Forex order flows, however, all of our professional support staff and account managers are fully trained to help in education and to assist whenever needed.

DMA/STP/ECN Forex model and order execution flow is a process that cuts out the element of a middle-man and in essence, it means that the client is trading directly with the selection of liquidity providers (leading FX banks) that compete for your orders. The leading FX Banks that provide the liquidity act as the market makers in this model. All of orders are executed to the real market place, unlike a market maker, where clients trade on a virtual market.

In the DMA/STP/ECN model, the broker does not employ a dealing desk, does not profit from clients losses and does not use plug-ins to manipulate the markets and clients orders. Smaller profits are made by the broker in the difference between the bid and the ask price...the spread, or through a small commission charged on ECN accounts.  

DMA/STP/ECN is more beneficial because traders can rest assured that there is no conflict of interest or manipulation from the broker such as re-quotes or delays in executing opening or closing orders.

ECN and STP/DMA are nearly identical in the way orders are executed, however, many STP brokers offer interbank execution to one or dual liquidity providers that may cause issues in the execution qualities and higher pricing in times of volatility.  ECN brokers tend to have a pool of liquidity that gives more quality order fills that single liquidity STP brokers. When choosing and STP/DMA broker, make sure that the broker has a deep pool of liquidity, with 5 or more FX banks providing the liquidity to execute your orders.

Yadix Forex Broker currently relies on 12 leading banks and hedge funds for the deepest liquidity DMA broker. The depth of liquidity allows Yadix to deliver institutional real market order execution to retail and institutional clients.

By relying on the real Forex Market and with a wide selection of specialist liquidity providers allows us to provide our clients with very important trading advantages such as:

  1. No Trading Strategy Restrictions – We welcome Scalpers, profitable traders and all other strategies
  2. No Stop Level or Limits – All pending orders can be set at zero levels away from your order opening price – this means you are in full control of your profits
  3. Scalper Account – Our account for Forex Scalpers is supported with RAW Spread trading and specialist Liquidity Providers 
  4. No Strategy Discrimination – Your Profitable Forex Trading Strategy will never be restricted, manipulated against or banned
  5. Anonymous order Execution – Your orders are executed as Yadix, never as an individual to help disguise your profitable trading strategy
  6. Forex Profit Withdrawals – Your profits can be withdraw at anytime without restrictions – All withdrawals are completed on the SAME DAY

To help support our business model with the fastest, lowest latency Forex order execution, Yadix partners with the Equinix Financial Exchange and shares its technology with the leading Wall Street FX Banks that provide liquidity.

Equinix reduces latency by using global trading servers, this delivers the fastest order execution to Yadix clients no matter their location. Typical order execution is under 2 milliseconds (tested globally). Clients can reduce their order execution quality and speed to a fraction of one millisecond (order execution under 1 MS) by using the FREE Yadix VPS facility.

To learn more about benefiting from DMA/STP/ECN order execution, the fastest order execution and lowest prices to support your profitable Forex trading strategy, contact our professional Forex support team today. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Choose the Yadix Forex Rebate Account

Why choose the Yadix Rebate Account?

Many traders at our brokerage are choosing to trade on a Yadix Rebate account  to benefit from the cash rebate of $10 per lot!

The cash rebate is available from your first lot traded and the maximum is unrestricted to the amount you earn. 

Imagine, you can make a profit based on your trading volumes, even if you fail to make profits from trading, what's also attractive is that there are no trading restrictions. Yadix comfortably accepts Scalpers and hedging strategies without issue...check out the table below:

Round Lots Traded Calculation     Cash Rebate
         1 lot                    1 x $10                   $10
         10 lots                   10 x $10           $100
         50 lots                   50 x $10           $500
        150 lots                  150 x $10           $1,500
        500 lots                  500 x $10           $5,000

Forex Rebate Account Specifications:
Base currency: EUR, USD
Leverage up to 1:500
Min order: 0.01 
Low Forex Spreads: from 2 pips - No commission 
Minimum deposit: $100
Expert Advisor All Welcome
Ideal for Scalping 
No trading restrictions
No re-quotes
No conflict of interests
STP execution model
Tier one liquidity with full market depth
Margin Call 80% 
Stop Out 50%

Anyone can sign up and trade on the Rebate whether it’s the main account or whether operating as a second account to boost trading capital.

For more information please visit our accounts comparison page: 

Or our Forex Rebates page: 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lowest Forex Spreads & Great Account Benefits:

We would like to introduce to our readers, a quick overview of each of the Yadix account types on offer.  We understand that each trader is different, each individual is looking for a specific something, whilst we understand we cannot be the best at all things, we are determined to build a reputation as the best for the things we are good at.

Below, we have attempted to wrap up each accounts benefits based on our internal opinion and the feedback from existing clients.

Pro Account:

As the name suggests, the Pro Account delivers trading conditions for professional level traders. However, as Yadix is a broker for all clients, we have enforced a low deposit minimum to qualify for this account, only $5,000. When comparing to our competitors (some of which, offer similar conditions but with a minimum funding of $25,00 - $100,000) we believe Yadix offers an affordable solution for clients looking for low cost trading.

Professional Forex Trading Benefits Include:

  • Raw Spreads, from 0 pips
  • Free VPS facility
  • Fast and stable order execution
  • Accurate Forex order filling
  • Execution using the Equinix Finance Exchange
  • No Trading Restrictions – All strategies welcome
  • All profitable forex EAs, Scalping Robots and Algorithm trading welcome
  • Anonymous Trading
  • No requites
  • No Limit and Stop Levels

Forex Scalper Account

The Scalper was specifically designed for Forex scalpers, however, recently, we have noticed that many EA traders and EA developers have chosen the Scalper account as their preferred account type.

We realise that a Forex Scalper doesn’t need a massive balance to deliver many trade volumes, and as we are an true STP (no dealing desk) broker, it is in our interest to deliver this account type for a low minimum funding of $500. We are confident that we are the only broker to deliver spreads from 0 pips to clients for only $500 initial funding.

Scalper Forex account benefits include:

  • Raw Spreads, from 0 pips
  • Free VPS facility (minimum lots requirement)
  • Low funding requirement
  • Fast and stable order execution
  • Accurate Forex order filling
  • Execution using the Equinix Finance Exchange
  • No Trading Restrictions – All strategies welcome
  • All profitable forex EAs, Scalping Robots and Algorithm trading welcome
  • Anonymous Trading
  • No requites
  • No Limit and Stop Levels

Classic Account

The Classic Forex account offers excellent STP order execution, no trading restrictions as well as beneficial welcome and client rewards programme.

We know that there are many clients that choose their broker based on not only excellent forex executions, low spreads and good trading conditions, but also additional rewards for their trading.

The Classic account offers some of the best Forex bonuses and trading rewards available.

Classic Forex Bonus, Rebates and Trading Conditions:

STP order execution
Spreads from 1 pip
40% Forex Bonus – To welcome clients
Forex Rebates – Up to $5 per lot
Forex Gifts – Choose the 4th gen iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Google Nexus
Low funding requirement
Fast and stable order execution
Accurate Forex order filling
Execution using the Equinix Finance Exchange
No Trading Restrictions – All strategies welcome
All profitable forex EAs, Scalping Robots and Algorithm trading welcome
Anonymous Trading
No requites
No Limit and Stop Levels

Rebate Account:

Yadix offers the highest forex Rebate in the Forex industry, $10 per lot traded. The rebates are credited as real cash.

Clients are not restricted to how much (or little) cash rebates they earn, each lot traded is rewarded with the fixed level of $10 per lot traded.

To add some variation, the new iPhone 5 is available as a welcome gift on the Yadix Forex Rebate account. If you prefer, you can trade for your brand new iPhone gift first and then move on to the Rebates!

Forex Rebates Accounts

  • STP order execution
  • Spreads from 2 pips
  • Highest Cash Rebate - $10 per lot traded
  • Forex Welcome Gifts – Brand new iPhone 5
  • Low funding requirement
  • Fast and stable order execution
  • Accurate Forex order filling
  • Execution using the Equinix Finance Exchange
  • No Trading Restrictions – All strategies welcome
  • All profitable forex EAs, Scalping Robots and Algorithm trading welcome
  • Anonymous Trading
  • No requites
  • No Limit and Stop Levels

To learn more about the Yadix account types and how they can benefit your trading strategy or style, please visit: