Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yadix PAMM Community – Leading the Way

The Yadix fast growing PAMM community for investors and managers is the Forex markets leading investment programme.

The success of the Forex Managed Account programme is based on a true no conflict of interest policy that fully protects both the investor and provides the managers leading technology Forex tools and the very best order execution.

Forex Managed Accounts for Investors

As an investor, or experienced Forex trader, the Yadix PAMM community is an ideal environment for diversifying your financial investments, maximising your ROIs and to adapt and expand your Forex trading strategy.

The programme introduces to investors a range of qualified, vetted and proven Forex managed account professionals. Each of which, employs a different trading style, strategy, risk and rewards. Since launching, the Yadix PAMM community has proven to be extremely popular with investors and traders that utilise professional services of account managers to grow their Forex investment.

Furthermore, all investors and Forex account managers have the added security and benefits of all their activities being under the regulated supervision of the Yadix environment, as well as being able to operate and manage each account using market leading technology and controls through the Yadix Personal Area.

All of our Forex managers are true professionals with proven statistics that have passed the Yadix interview process to ensure our investors funds are being cared for in the most responsible way. Prior to being offered publically, each manager delivers his own invested funds and has a minimum of 30-90 days trading history with Yadix before we will consider offering their managed account services to clients and investors of Yadix.

Each manager utilises a different strategy, risk to reward ratios and approach to account management. One thing that remains consistent is the fact that the managers available deliver within our risk requirements (low to medium risk) and consistent and achievable returns (5% - 25%) monthly account growth.

At Yadix we realise that managed Forex accounts that promise 75%+ growth each month are highly risky and highly unlikely to achieve and we will avoid offering such managers as a principal to avoid investor disappointment.

Yadix PAMM Community for Forex Account Managers

For Forex account managers, Yadix offers low cost trading conditions, unbeatable Forex order execution that is complemented by leading technology to ensure issue free trading.

Yadix prides itself on accepting profitable, aggressive and scalping EAs and Forex Robots. This has proven to be a true and unique strength for Yadix and has attracted many Forex account managers that have previously faced issues with market making brokers and brokers that cannot deliver quality order execution.

Because the order execution quality we offer is unrivalled and the low cost trading ensures the most profitable trading for our forex PAMM managers, this allows our managers to deliver optimised results and the best returns for self-introduced investors as well as the Yadix clients and investors that choose to invest.

Order execution quality is delivered through the EquinixFinancial Exchange and leading FX banks that provide market depth and liquidity to the Yadix MetaTrader 4 platform. To complete the technical side, Yadix offers a hi-tech ultimate PAMM solution to each Forex account manager to ensure efficient account management and allows managers the stability to generate profits for forex investors.

Yadix does not offer trade copier solutions due to the instability and latency issues that can occur between the master account and followers accounts. Furthermore, recent restrictions set by MetaQuotes that block trade copier solutions is an issue that there does not seem to be easy solution to overcome.

  • Yadix will only include selected Forex Account Managers
  • We avoid high risk and unachievable management styles
  • Our careful selection process is focused on achievable results and responsible managers
  • Each manager has a personal profile with an overview
  • Full trading records are available for investor reviews
  • Trading styles & strategies range from EA, manual and a combination of both
  • All performance fees automatically paid
  • Traded profits/losses are distributed instantly as orders close
  • Trading focus is encouraged through leading technology 
  • 100% no conflict of interest
  • Investor protection – High watermark performance basis
  • 24 hour monitoring tools – Attach/Disconnect at anytime

To learn more about how the Yadix PAMM community can benefit you as an investor or manager, for a free consultation, please contact:

Investors – support@yadix.com
Forex Account Managers – partners@yadix.com

Friday, June 7, 2013

Market Makers Tools to Make Traders Suffer

As a trader, it’s important to realise what type of broker you are trading with. Many clients find this trivial and don’t realise what affect different broker types have on their trading.

By identifying your brokers’ model, you can also understand fully the risk, limitations and underhanded tactics that some of these broker types employ to generate as much profit from your trading activity.

Market Makers

A market making broker has only one target, that is to generate a virtual trading environment that often mirrors the real foreign exchange market, however, the virtual and real market are not connected whatsoever.

What does that mean for a forex trader? Basically, it means that you sign the client agreement to approve that you are trading on that broker’s virtual market and that the market maker has the right to execute your order however it wishes.

Furthermore, specific restrictions will be on place to limit the ability for clients to make profit from trading the forex markets. Such limits can be based on some of the most critical risk controls and profit securing tools that are a must for a successful trader. Stop Loss and Take Profits often carry restrictions such as minimum distance (in pips) where a SL or TP can be set away from the open price. Also, the time the order must remain open for is also a popular strategy used by market makers. These are definitely strategies to ensure that your order stays open for a specific period of time in an attempt for the markets to move against you and for your trades to generate losses for you and profits for the market making broker.

There are many underhanded strategies and tools that remain private and behind the scenes to ensure that traders never find out what’s really happening. The market makers use tools and technologies to delay, manipulate and cheat traders out of their money. Below is an example of one tool targeted at hurting scalpers that trade on a market making broker.

This plugin was developed in order to confront scalpers trading within the MT4 platform. The logic is designed to make Scalpers less profitable by creating delays in opening and closing orders for a certain amount of time, this is usually in milliseconds. This allows the broker to reduce the clients profit by slightly delaying the order open or close. During this time, this tool searches for the worst market price and delivers this to the client.

This technology focuses on all order types including buy and sell limits, stop loss and take profits. At the end of the manipulation the plug-in confirms the order using the worst price for the trader.

STP Brokers

A true STP broker on the other hand has no reason to place such restrictions or use such tools to manipulate clients trades as they gain no profit whether a client generate profitable or losing trades, instead they gain a commission per lot traded. Because of this, it makes sense for the broker to hope and target profitable traders. The logic is based on the more profit a trader makes, the higher the likelihood that the trader will trade higher volumes and generate more commissions for the broker.

Yadix is a broker that not only specialises in providing beneficial conditions for forex scalpers, expert advisor traders and for all forex robots, it also focuses on providing tools and services to help clients develop their trading strategies and potential profitability.  

We are proud to provide a true conflict free forex trading environment and the ability for our clients to trade any strategy or EA without any restrictions whatsoever.

To learn more about trading on the real interbank forex markets and its benefits, our support team will be happy to answer all of your questions.