Monday, May 27, 2013

Regulated Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Yadix is proud to offer fully regulated deposit and withdrawal options for the protection of our clients. Fund protection has never been more important with the news that a deposit option that is popular in Asia and Africa mysteriously went offline without any official announcement or warning.

The Costa Rica-based virtual currency exchange Liberty Reserve looks to have been permanently shut down, as its founder was arrested on suspicion of using the site for purposes relating to money laundering. The rumours have caused unrest within the forex trading world as many traders that use this deposit method are left confused and angered by the sites closure.  

At Yadix, we check each deposit option thoroughly prior to adding any new deposit or withdrawal methods to its range of options available for its clients. This ensures that each method of funding forex accounts offers the protection required for secure funding.

We understand the importance of clients having the ability to access funds instantly and we are committed to providing a professional withdrawal service.  Yadix provides full fund security within a fully regulated trading environment and with additional security measures to benefits our clients:

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Credit/Debit Card, Moneybookers (Skrill), Wire Transfer, UnionPay and Webmoney

Fund Security:

  • Segregation of Client Funds
  • Accounts with AA Rated Banks
  • Fund Administration by Deloitte
  • Regulated Liquidity Providers
  • Regulatory Supervision

Withdrawals are completed within 24 hours during normal business days and all clients’ requests and managed and submitted through the secure Yadix Personal Area.

For specific details or questions about funding your Yadix account, please feel free to contact our support team.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Benefits of Operating Multiple Forex Accounts at Yadix

At Yadix, we encourage the use of multiple accounts so our clients can benefit from all rewards and trading conditions across all four Yadix accounts.

By logging into the Yadix Personal Area, clients are able to open trade and benefit from multiple accounts. This in turn allows our traders to enjoy all of the rewards and trading conditions of the four targeted accounts that have been specifically designed and which each have its own unique benefits.

Use the Rebate Account to generate $10 per lot in cash. Trade on the Classic Account and get 40% bonus up to $10,000 and at the same time trade with Spreads from 0 pips on the Pro and Scalper Accounts.

*For Pro and Scalper Accounts creation, please contact support.

The Scalper account is designed specifically for Forex Scalpers, Scalping Robots and Expert Advisor trading and offers the below beneficial trading conditions:

  • Raw spreads from 0 pips
  • Commission: 0.5 pip per side Per lot
  • Minimum trade size 0.01 (micro)
  • No Trading Restrictions & Anonymous Trading
  • Specific Liquidity to Execute Scalping Trades
  • No Trading Restrictions on SL & TP Orders
  • Accepting all EA systems including Scalping Robots

The Pro Account offers the lowest cost trading conditions for high-end clients or institutional level traders:

  • Raw spreads from 0 pips
  • Free VPS (EA Hosting)
  • Commission: 0.35 pip per side Per lot
  • Minimum trade size 0.01 (micro)
  • No Trading Strategy restrictions
  • Leverage: From 1:1 to 1:500
  • No Re-quotes or Re-pricing

The classic account offers low cost spreads, a generous cash welcome bonus, hi-tech welcome gifts and cash rebates:

  • 40% welcome bonus up to $10,000
  • iPhone 5 or Tablet Gifts (iPad, Galaxy & Nexus)
  • Minimum trade size 0.01 (micro)
  • Spreads from 1 pip
  • Leverage: From 1:1 to 1:500
  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • No Trading Restrictions & Anonymous Trading
The Rebate account is a great opportunity for Yadix clients to earn a cash reward at the end of each month (a fixed rebate of $10 per lot), whilst still trading on an account that offers competitive spreads:

  • Fixed cash rebate of $10 per lot
  • e.g: trade 1 lots = $10
  • 100 lots = $1,000. Trade more get more!
  • No limit on monthly cash rebate
  • Minimum trade size 0.01 (micro)
  • Spreads from 2 pips
  • Hedging & Scalping friendly
  • Minimum deposit: $100
By allowing the freedom for our clients to self-trade on these four account types and at the same time have another account managed by a professional forex trader in the Yadix PAMM community, allows clients to trade the forex markets using diversified investment, rewards and trading  strategies to enable maximum returns.

Our professional support team is available to fully answer any questions that clients might have in regards to unrestricted trading with Yadix.  

Monday, May 13, 2013

Best Broker for Forex Scalping

When choosing the best forex broker for your scalping strategy  there are some simple but fundamental rules to follow and a check- list for your scalpingstrategy:

  • Is your broker a market maker or true STP?
  • Does your broker force trading restrictions on you?
  • Is the trading environment suitable to trade using your EA or Scalping Robot?
  • Can you broker pay your forex trading profits?
  • Can your brokers’ liquidity sources support your scalping strategy and execute your orders without issues?
  • Does your brokers’ technology provide you with execution advantages?
Is a Market Maker or STP Best for Scalping?

Yadix provides a true STP trading model with no conflict of interest what-so-ever. We do not operate a dealing desk which means every single order is executed directly to the real forex markets and leading forex banks that act as the liquidity providers. UBS, Citibank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutsch Bank and Barclays Bank are all fully regulated banks that provide liquidity to Yadix. These liquidity providers are the responsible parties for paying trading profits generated by Yadix clients.

Yadix offers No Scalping Restrictions

Unlike dealing desk and market making brokers, Yadix does not restrict any trading strategy. By providing no trading restrictions, Yadix delivers the ideal trading environment for traders to maximise profits, control risk and to trade the way they want.

A market maker will implement stop levels and limits on pending order, stop losses and take profits. These can be by way of minimum pip limits that force forex traders to set their pending orders a certain number of pips away from the order opening price.

The same can be implemented in regards to time restrictions. For example, a client may be forced to wait a minimum period before a forex order can be modified, closed or edited. Usually, at a dealing desk broker, these time limits can be three, five or even more minutes to ensure that your scalping strategy is not effective enough to generate the quick profits you are looking for.

Best broker for EA (Expert Advisors), Forex Robots and Algorithm Trading Systems

There are not many brokers that will welcome nor will they accept your forex expert advisor. The reason for this is that many EAs operate on a proven profitable forex trading strategy or, they are extremely high maintaincence strategies for a dealing desk to deal with.

Yadix on the other hand, submits all trades directly to the real markets and protects its clients trading strategies by using anonymous trading. This guarantees that each order submitted cannot be identified as belonging to a specific EA, forex strategy or with any trading history to protect even the most profitable trading strategy.

Furthermore, Yadix provides an environment that was carefully thought about in regards to delivering the fastest order execution, EA hosting and beneficial trading conditions for Expert Advisor forex traders.

Yadix is Committed to 24 hour Withdrawals – No Exceptions

Being comfortable that your funds are fully protected and are accessible at any time is a commitment that Yadix takes seriously, regardless of your trading strategy or profitability.

As a true STP broker, we do not make money from clients’ losses, but do make profit from forex trading volumes. This means that our ultimate responsibility is to provide the trading environment to support our clients to make money and generate higher traded volumes.

We fully understand that concerns and issues that profitable traders have previously faced with market makers. That is why Yadix wants each and every client to be 100% comfortable that we operate a risk-free broker model and our clients can rely on our back office system even for the most profitable forex traders.

The Yadix business model is built on the below fundamentals:

  • No trading restrictions
  • Beneficial conditions for EA traders, Scalpers and Forex Robots
  • Client back office for money management
  • Instantly accessible funds
  • Withdrawal guarantee – 24 hours – usually within 8 hours all withdrawals are processed
  • Deep liquidity from the biggest FX banks
  • Fund Security – Segregated accounts and fund administration 

Yadix Delivers Liquidity Depth for Forex Scalpers

By working with leading FX Banks and specialist providers for liquidity, Yadix is confident that your orders will be filled quickly, anonymously and more importantly accurate, and is especially focused on delivering favourable conditions and order execution for forex scalpers.

STP brokers that employ single, dual or “prime brokers” are also restricted to the delivering quality of order execution and can cause issues for certain trading strategies. By using more than 10 providers, deep liquidity is always available for orders of 0.01 through to 100 lots ($20 MIO) per order.

Accurate stop orders are an important part of any profitable trading strategy and Yadix is delighted to provide accurate and fast order fills even for the biggest forex trades.

Yadix Provides Low-Latency & Ultra-fast order Execution

Yadix delivers superior order execution on its STP/DMA forexmodel to all traders. Through technology provided by Equinix, the financial markets leading technology providers. This enables Yadix to deliver the fastest order execution speeds, with the lowest latency and the most accurate order fills through the Equinix Financial eXchange.

When trading time equals money! Latency is an issue that can affect many trading strategies and negatively impact trading profits. Even with the most up-to-date trading equipment, accurate, fast and reliable order execution is dependent on the brokers’ technology and Yadix clients no longer need to think of latency as a problem. Using Equinix trading technology results in more accurate fills, faster order execution more control on trading profits for our clients.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Choice of the Best Trading Conditions with Yadix Accounts

Yadix provides a forex trading environment for all retail and institutional traders that delivers multiple benefits for all trading strategies across four purposely designed forex trading accounts.

Available features of the Yadix range of accounts include the below trading conditions and benefits:

  • Specially selected liquidity providers to handle all trading strategies
  • No trading restrictions
  • No stop levels or limits
  • Low deposit requirements
  • Rewards for trading volumes
  • True STP/DMA forex execution
  • Low Spreads

 What is the best Forex Trading account for you?

When choosing the best forex trading account for you, it’s important that you the choice is right based on your trading style, investment amount and the trading conditions you need to trade the forex markets successfully. You’ll notice that we have an account for you no matter how profitable, aggressive or problematic your trading strategy is.

Below is a quick-view comparison that highlights the each of our trading accounts and the benefits of each account:

For a one to one consultation regarding your trading strategy, expected conditions and rewards available, please contact our fully trained support team who will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Develop Your Forex Trading Strategy

As traders, we are always looking for ways to make our to make forex trading profitable and to develop or tweak our trading strategies to give us money making advantages.

Yadix gives all clients an added advantage of the free of charge use of a range of trading tools that clients can include to develop their forex trading strategies.

At Yadix, we not only encourage the use of profitable forex trading, we also want clients to develop their trading approach to deliver forex volumes and to generate as much profit as possible. As such, Yadix provides a valuable range of forex trading tools for your use.

Free Virtual Private Server (VPS) – Expert Advisor Hosting

Faster, smoother and more reliable forex trading environment! Clients can host their EA without latency and benefit from the fastest order execution. Allow your EA to trade forex markets 24 hours a day and never miss a trading opportunity again with a stable and stand-alone connection to the trading servers.  

EA library and Trading scripts

The Yadix Forex Trading Tools were created in an effort to provide Forex traders additional resources to maximize their trading experience and trading profits. The tools range from EAs, trading scripts and forex indicators to give clients of Yadix a forex trading advantage.

Economic Calendar

The Yadix real-time Economic Calendar allows Forex traders to keep track of all Economic events, news and Indicators that affect the forex markets and your profit making opportunities. As we know, news events are the biggest cause of market movements and by using the economic calendar you can be prepared for upcoming news events and study the effects on the forex markets from previous news events.  

MT4 History Data Center

The Yadix MT4 History Center offers chart history for 23 symbols that provides both M1 (1 Minute Bar) Data and Tick data. This allows clients to upload this data to their MT4, monitor price movements and even back test their trading strategy or back test the performance of their Expert Advisors trading profits.

All clients are welcome to use the trading tools for free. If you have any questions please do contact us.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Best Forex Bonuses

Yadix offers a range of valuable and rewarding forex bonuses and rebates for all of its clients. Each one has been designed to give added real money rewards for all levels of client and forex volumes.

Biggest Forex Bonus

The Yadix 40% Forex Bonus is a unique reward that offers a massive 40% in cash based on the value of the first deposit made as a new client.

Why is this forex bonus right for you?

As we know, many brokers have specific restrictions on what you can and can’t do once you’ve accepted the bonus, such as withdrawal restrictions, time limitations, bonuses that can never been withdrawn and volumes targets to be reached within a limited time-frame. All of these restrictions are in place by market making brokers to force clients to trade more, in a shorter space of time and lose money.

The Yadix 40% welcome bonus is completely different! It allows clients full freedom to trade and earn real cash at their own pace. Clients are able to withdraw at any time and not forfeit the bonus cash they are trading for. Also, the Yadix forex welcome bonus does not have any time restrictions, basically, clients can claim it within a day or a year, and it’s entirely up to the client the time it takes to reach the volumes target.

Once you’ve met the target, we will add the real cash to your MT4 balance as real cash, the client will then have the option to use that cash to trade or even to withdraw the funds.

Biggest Forex Rebates

The Yadix Rebate Account offers the biggest forex rebates anywhere. Clients have full flexibility to earn unlimited cash each month based on trading volumes. From the first lot traded, clients get $10 in cash for every single lot traded.

Again, there are no restrictions or limitations, clients can withdraw at any time and still claim the monthly rebates. Best forex rebates examples below:

Trade 1 lot – Get $10 cash rebates
Trade 10 lots – Get $100 cash rebates
Trade 50 lots – Get $500 cash rebates
Trade 100 lots – Get $1,000 cash rebates
Trade more and get more cash!

Forex Welcome Gifts

If you prefer, you can claim and receive a physical gift from Yadix. Free Forex Gifts available are “Trade for Tablets” and get a brand new iPad, Samsung Galaxy or a Google Nexus. Yadix also offers a iPhone 5 welcome gift that is available to trade for on the Rebate Account.

Free Forex VPS

If you trade using an Expert Advisor, Yadix can offer you a free forex VPS that allows 24 hour forex trading and the lowest latency anywhere.

Maximise the markets and don’t miss a trading chance by hosting your 24 hours a day on the Yadix VPS. The Yadix Scalper and Pro accounts are ideal for trading using profitable expert advisors as clients can benefit from raw spread trading, robust and deep liquidity and the fastest forex order execution.

If there is a bonus that you are looking for that is not listed, please contact our team to help arrange the perfect and unique trading reward for you.