Friday, March 29, 2013

Yadix Benefits EA Trading

Yadix offers a unique forex trading environment and supporting services for traders using Expert Advisors and EA developers.

We fully understand that operating profitable EAs can be problematic with some brokers and can lead to many challenges such as exclusion, re-quotes and manipulated order execution. Yadix has worked hard to provide a solution to all of these issues by building an EA friendly environment.

Why can Yadix offers the perfect environment for EA Traders?

The ability to accept all EAs and automated trading systems, without exceptions, stems from the initial set-up of Yadix Forex Broker. From its inception, the management team were determined to be able to offer retail and institutional forex traders a friendly and rewarding trading environment that offers real value. The same management team boost years of experience of the forex markets from the inside, allowing them to identify the major issues and source solutions to overcome problems effectively.

Leading Forex Technology

By joining forces with strategic partners, Yadix was able to slowly build the environment needed to accept traders using automatic trading tools, expert advisors and profitable forex systems. One of the major aspects was to secure technology that guarantees the fastest order execution. This was a achieved through the Equinex Financial Exchange, a facility that is located in the heart of New York’s financial centre and a stones-throw from Wall Street. The Yadix trading servers are located under the same room as leading forex banks who provide liquidity for our ECN/STP forex model.

By using Equines technology, allows Yadix to execute all forex trades using fast order execution and consistent order execution times.

The speed of forex order execution is not the only positive aspect of using Equinex, but also to fill all stops accurately and quickly  even on the tightest stop loss and take profit levels.
As a real STP broker, Yadix offers its clients a distinct advantage of no stop limits or levels on all order types, be it, new orders, pending orders, stop loss or take profit. In fact, all forex orders can be traded without any pip or time limits or restrictions.

Even by implementing the best technology in a forex broker setup, there is still an issue (a major hurdle) of accepting and honouring profitable forex trading strategies and forex scalping strategies, the two most problematic forex trading strategies that traditionally have caused issues for market makers or dealing desk forex brokers.

Anonymous trading combats these issues as trading history, stops, take profits on all forex orders are not submitted to the market place. Why is that important? Well, if none of these aspects can be viewed by the leading forex banks (market makers), therefore, making it impossible for your trade to be manipulated in anyway, and by protecting traders by not offering any signals to the banks that can lead to changes in executions, spreads or any other conditions.

The Yadix VPS is also available to allow forex traders, trading with an EA the ability to operate the system using the fastest possible connections to restrict any forex latency (a common cause of poor order execution). Also, and possibly more importantly, the ability to run the EA 24 hours a day, means that any human element is removed and the EA can make forex trading profit without the need to sit at a machine submitting, editing and closing forex trades.

Clients, or EA developers can benefit from the free forex VPS to maximise their trading potential and forex profits.

As an EA developer, the usual channels in generating profit from all of your hard work are exhausted and are very competitive to make your EA development pay.

Expert Advisor Sales
Selling an EA in the open market is a difficult approach as many outsiders are sceptical about buying something that “sounds too good to be true”. Asking for a few hundred dollars for the blood, sweat and tears that you put into this special forex trading tools is not viable.
Forex Partners and IBs

If your EA is good, and generates forex profits becoming an IB is also an option to generate long term profits for your business. However, the issue is reaching the right demographic and attracting them to trade with your expert advisor under your IB account.

Yadix offers EA developers three earning models to performing EA developers. As we have no issues with accepting profitable EAs and manual traders, we have generates a unique network where, you , as an EA developer can grow your business by offering instant access to qualified leads, investors and traders.

Yadix Provides the following solutions:

Expert Advisor Sales

By becoming a partner of Yadix, you have the ability to offer your EA for sale to the Yadix client and forex investors. All partners are expected to meet certain criteria to be accepted including trading statements and EA performance reports.

Forex Expert Advisor IBs

 As an EA developer that aims to be an IB, join the Yadix partners programme and move your clients to trade in our EA friendly environment and also arrange a consultancy with our partners department to increase the base of clients using your EA to trade and generate forex profits. As an EA developer, you will benefit from a commission for every lot traded.

Yadix provides leading trading technology for forex account managers through its leading PAMM facility. As an EA developer, you too can operate as a PAMM manager and trade for investors in the Yadix PAMM network. Receive financial rewards with your performance fee for forex profits generated on a monthly basis. It’s up to you to set the minimum investment and incentive fees.

The Yadix PAMM system automatically settles all orders, profits and losses on trades as well as paying your commission on the first working day of each month, leaving you to run your EA on the master MT4 account.

Once you've operated a Yadix account for 4 – 8 weeks, we will be happy to generate your managers’ profile and offer your services to an unlimited number of new and qualified forex investors and clients.

For more information on using your EA at Yadix, the technical aspects or reassurances on receiving your profits without restrictions please feel free to contact our highly trained and specialist team. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten Ways to Benefit from Trading Forex with Yadix

At Yadix Forex Broker, our aim has always been to provide our clients with the best trading conditions, the platform to achieve profitable trading and also to reward forex trading volumes.

This article has been put together to highlight the Yadix account types and the financial rewards and rebates all clients can redeem when trading with Yadix.

Classic Forex Trading Account

If you choose to operate the Yadix Classic Account, you will benefit from a tight spread (1.5 pips EURUSD), trading conditions beneficial for all trading styles, Expert Advisor support (Free VPS) and a range of rewards that have been designed to repay all levels of clients with achievable benefits.

40% Cash ForexWelcome Bonus – Based on your first deposit, you can trade to receive the cash equivalent of 40% of your first deposit up to $10,000. There are no withdrawal or time restrictions to reach the trading requirements.

Trade for Tablets – Trade for Tablets allows new clients to trade for a choice of the following tablet devices: New iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Google Nexus, or all three with a discounted lots requirement. Each tablet has achievable trading requirements suitable for all level of traders.

Forex Rebates – Based on your monthly forex trading volumes, you are eligible to claim your cash forex rebates each month. The Classic account rebates start from $1 per lot through to $5 per lot.

Free Forex VPS – In order to allow the fastest order execution and the freedom to operate profitable EAs without restrictions, Yadix offers a free VPS for accounts that qualify with their Yadix activity.

Rebate Forex Trading Account

The Yadix Rebate Account offers the highest value rewards and is also suitable for all forex traders, including $10 per lot cash rebate and the chance to trade for a brand new iPhone 5.

$10 per lot RebateThis is the highest forex rebate in the market. There are no restrictions, your rebates are generated from the first lot that you trade and are unlimited, the more you trade the more cash you earn.

iPhone 5 Giveaway – Traders using the Yadix rebate account can decide to trade for the new iPhone 5 as a welcome offer. Met the lots requirements and receive your brand new device.

40% Cash Forex Welcome Bonus – Based on your first deposit, you can trade to receive the cash equivalent of 40% of your first deposit up to $10,000. There are no withdrawal or time restrictions to reach the trading requirements.

Scalping Forex with Yadix Account

The Yadix Scalper Account is the ideal environment for forex scalpers and scalping systems. The set up of this account was carefully designed to deliver ultimate trading for forex scalpers and to deliver cash benefits for all scalpers.

$3 per lot fixed rebate – The Scalper account allows scalpers to earn a fixed rebate of $3 per lot traded, each month. For examples of what you can earn, please see below:

Trade 100 lots, get $300 rebate
Trade 200 lots, get a $600 rebate
Trade 500 lots and get a $1,500 rebate

The Scalper account is connected to specialist liquidity providers to allow all scalpers the best possible order execution without restrictions.

Professional Forex Account with Yadix 

The Yadix Professional Forex Account delivers the most cost effective trading for professional traders by offering raw spreads on the ECN forex model with low commissions with the fastest order execution using the Yadix VPS.

Free Forex VPS – All professional accounts receive a free VPS facility for EA hosting and trading 24 hours a day. Also, the VPS delivers the fastest order execution with no latency.

Forex PAMM Community – At Yadix, we operate a network designed for forex investors and professionalforex account managers. As an investor, you might choose to invest with multiple forex professional as part of your risk and reward forex strategy and still operate a personal trading account to implement your own strategy.

There is a range of vetted forex professional account managers to choose from, each one implements a different strategy to deliver optimal returns and proper risk controls. Many use proprietary trading robots with reports and statements to support the expected results and potential drawdown.

For more information regarding any aspect of trading and benefiting from the Yadix rewards structure and trading conditions, please feel free to contact our professional support team to arrange a consultancy with a relationship manager.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cyprus Bailout – How will it affect Forex Traders?

There are strong rumors this morning that all clients of Cyprus based forex brokers will face a “haircut” from the forex trading accounts.

Original reports suggested the following:
  • For accounts up to 25,000 will be charged a 6.5% levy 
Latest suggestions imply that:
  • For accounts that hold less than 100,000 will be charged a 3% levy
For accounts that are above 100,000, original reports suggested:
  • For accounts over 100,000 will be charged a 9.9% levy 
Today, reports are suggesting the following:
  • Accounts over 100,000 will be charged a 12.5% levy
Whilst the reports are currently speculative and until the cabinet meets and a formal announcement at 14:00 GMT (estimated), many forex traders are scrambling to withdraw funds from their trading accounts held at CySec regulated forex brokers.

Yadix is regulated outside of the Cyprus and the EU and implements with extra-ordinary fund protection in place to fully protect clients funds at all times.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Profitable Trading with Yadix

Why are Profitable Trading Strategies Problematic for Brokers?

Many forex traders who operate profitable forex trading strategies can often find themselves struggling to find a suitable broker that can accept the trading systems, honour the relationship and efficiently return profits without issue. In fact, whenever a trader is too profitable for a particular forex broker model, the broker can often freeze accounts, ban trading, manipulate feeds and refuse to payout profits.

Yadix tackles these issues from the most fundamental through to the most complex aspects to ensure that all clients can trade with confidence using any strategy, forex robot or scalping systems.

How can Yadix Accept Profitable Trading Strategies?

The entire Yadix set-up has been specifically designed with these profitable trading strategies in mind. From the technical set-up, order execution flow and the choice of Liquidity Providers all are crucial aspects to helping deliver to you the environment where you can trade without restrictions.

All orders are executed automatically through our main data centre that utilises the Equinix Financial eXchange located at the heart of New Yorks financial centre and under the same room as leading forex banks ensuring ultra-fast order execution with little or no latency trading. Naturally, this allows clients to trade without delays and ensures that expert advisors can open and close orders with no latency allowing them to submit profitable forex trading orders without delay or any kind of manipulation.

Protecting profitable trading strategies is also a key factor. Orders executed through Yadix are sent anonymously, with no indication of trading style, stop loss or take order history. This means that the Liquidity Providers (leading FX Banks) have no idea how this order is traded and are therefore not able to manipulate orders as a dealing desk or market making broker would.

One other critical aspect that affects traders using an STP broker is the Liquidity Providers that are the responsible party for filling orders and accepting all profitable forex orders. In the same way Yadix is transparent with its clients, Yadix is also transparent with its Liquidity Providers. By having an open relationship with these providers, allows us to select providers that are willing to work with “toxic” forex volumes.

What Profitable Trading Strategies are Accepted at Yadix?

Such is our setup we are able to comfortably accept any trading strategy without limitations. This includes the most aggressive scalping robots, profitable expert advisors and other traders that make consistent forex trading profits. Furthermore, all withdrawals are processed within 24 hours of receiving the request. All of our clients, no matter the account type benefit from no stop levels or limits and micro lot trading across all accounts.

For a professional consultation with an account specialist about the benefits of trading with Yadix using your profitable trading strategy, or to answer any questions you might have please feel free to get in touch.