Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yadix Execution Speed

One of the major benefits of trading forex with Yadix is the execution speed that our forex trading community enjoys using the Yadix MT4 and mobile trading platforms.

Using cutting-edge technology, trading servers located around the world and a leading forex bridge ensures that Yadix delivers lightening fast order execution, with minimal latency and stable order filling to all of its forex trading clients.

Speed of forex execution is a crucial part of ant forex trading strategy to ensure that traders can open orders at desired price levels and close efficiently and quickly at the required profit or loss. The same logic is a necessity for stop loss, take profit and pending orders also.  

All of these forex trading factors are essential in risk and reward management. Without fast and efficient order execution, there is a likelihood of lost pips due to delayed order execution through latency, poor technology and human delays.

On average, forex orders at Yadix are executed in under 3.5 milliseconds, and when using the Yadix VPS, this is further reduced to under 1 millisecond on average.  The Yadix VPS is a facility that is free to Yadix clients that fund their forex trading accounts with $5,000 or more and is proved to enhance not only the execution speed but also to host EAs and allow them to trade 24 hours per day.

Further to the fast and superior order execution offered, Yadix forex broker also offers no trading restrictions or stop levels on all currency pairs. This includes no stop loss, take profit, pending orders or trailing stop levels, giving our clients the freedom to trade and maximise the profit levels.

To find out more about how Yadix can help you generate maximum pips and improve your trading strategy, please feel free to visit the website or feel free to chat with one of our professional and qualified support staff.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scalping with Yadix

Yadix provides a stable, reliable and beneficial forex trading environment for all forex traders, however, forex market scalpers truly understand the benefits and value that trading with Yadix delivers. This is the reason that Yadix has seen a dramatic growth in scalping forex traders recently.

Whilst many brokers promote the fact that scalping is allowed, the truth is that a real scalping forex traders will understand that the majority of forex brokers have certain limitations in place that means true scalping cannot be performed at these forex brokers and more importantly, effecting profitability or encouraging losses.

Some of these restrictions include minimum time limits that any specific order must remain open. Many forex brokers implement rules that ensure that orders must remain open for anything from two, three, five or even as much as 10 minutes. Many traders do not understand the reasoning behind these restrictions, which are basically, the longer that a trade remains open in a volatile forex market, the higher the likelihood that the client will generate losses. This is beneficial for market making brokers.

The same logic is applied to pip restrictions. Most brokers in the competitive for market place implement a minimum pip restriction (usually 5 pips, but dependent on the pair) between the open price and the price that they allow the position to be closed at. This is also applicable to pending orders, for example, a pending order can be placed a minimum 5 pips away from the current trading price of the forex currency pair.

Stop loss and take profit are a critical part of any forex trading risk and reward strategy, however, with pips level restrictions, closing a profit on your forex orders, or controlling loss on your forex position is limited as a scalper.

The logic behind scalping is to enter and exit the market to make the most of short term forex price movements and to avoid long term trades in a volatile forex market place. With pip and time levels restrict trading and lessen potential profits as part of a strategy by the market making broker.

Brokers that benefit from these limitations are those operating dealing desks and market making activities. Limits are in place to increase profitability for the broker or to limit the profitability of this forex scalping strategy, especially for clients trading with automated trading tools (forex robots or EAs).

Yadix is proud to offer its clients trading withoutrestriction, including zero pips levels on stop loss, take profit, pending orders and on all other trading. There are also no time limits in place at Yadix, meaning that clients trading forex scalping strategies have the freedom to maximise the profits and trade without any limitations whatsoever.

Yadix is totally unique in this sense as a true STP/ECNbroker. We are proud to be able to offer our clients the forex trading environment without restrictions and the ability to trade the way they want.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yadix Forex PAMM Update

The launch of the Yadix PAMM forex investors and managers community in December 2012 has proven to have delivered popularity with clients, investors and managers at Yadix.

By offering an unrestricted trading environment for forex traders, Yadix is able to attract a vast range of Forex Account Managers who are able to trade forex using their profitable strategies, whether aggressive scalping, manual trading or trading using automated forex systems, each manager has the peace of mind that Yadix can deliver superior order execution.

Investors can choose from a variety of trading strategies, including Auto Forex Trading robots as part of their investment strategy. Distributing capital to different managers is extremely easy and allows the investor to remain in full control of the funds and their accounts 24 hours per day.

The system facilitates a virtual forex relationship between investor and manager to ensure anonymity and peace-of-mind. This gives total confidence for the investor and guarantees investors are protected throughout the relationship. Funds are always held within the fully regulated trading environment and never are the manager responsible for handling actual funds.

Investors remain in control and can revoke Fund Manager permissions at any time. This ensures clients can invest in total confidence.

To participate in our ever growing forex managed accounts programme, click her to Join now.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Diversify your Forex Risk & Reward Management with PAMM Investment

When investing capital into the forex markets, appreciation through trading the forex markets is the ultimate target. To achieve trading targets, traders require a solid forex trading strategy, 100% attention and proper risk management.

Many successful forex traders are now turning to attentions to PAMM Managers, or Forex Account Managers as part of a strategy to give them instant access to multiple trading styles. There is an age old saying that says “you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket”; the same can be said for the capital invested in the forex market. Imagine that you can instantly access five forex brains and five different forex strategies rather than just the one!

The Yadix PAMM community programme gives instant access to multiple professional forex managers, forex strategies and different Risk and Reward settings. By dividing forex trading capital between several proven forex strategies can greatly increases the chances of generating better results and at the same time, reducing the risk by protecting each portion of trading capital that is split across a range of managers, each with a different strategy.

The Yadix PAMM Programme offers multiple professional manager choices, each offering different forex trading strategies, risk and reward levels, as well as offering trading across a wide range of forex symbols and trade-able assets. By implementing an investment strategy to your forex trading, can allow you to protect your capital in a more effective way and at the same time increase your returns on investment.

Investment Overview
  • Investment starts from $500
  • Monthly returns from 10% - 80% (dependent on strategy choice)
  • Automated and manual Managers available
  • Proven forex strategies and trading history
  • Secure & Regulated Environment
  • 24/7 PAMM Monitoring
  • No minimum redemption periods

Exclusive Promotion: All new investors that join the programme during January with a minimum of $1,000 and that complete three months in the programme, under any manager will qualify for a $100 cash gift.

For more information about Yadix PAMM, please visit the dedicated PAMM section.