Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yadix Pro Account – Coming Soon

Introducing the Yadix Pro ECN Account – Vey soon, clients will be able to trade on the Yadix Pro Accounts and take advantage of trading on the lowest forex spreads available.

Yadix believes that the STP and ECN (Electronic Communication Network) forex models are the future of forex trading. Both models link smaller market participants with 15 tier-1 liquidity providers through the ECN/STP model.

Benefits for the forex trader include anonymous trading, the ability to trade any forex strategy without restrictions, no Expert Advisor limitations and above all, trading forex using the lowest interbank pricing.

The Yadix Pro Account is specifically designed for high volume traders, users of automated trading tools and aggressive market scalpers. Using anonymous order execution, clients can trade the markets with confidence that their orders will be executed fairly, without intervention or manipulation.

Benefits of ECN Trading:

Interbank Pricing – Live price feeds from 15 leading banks

Yadix Pro Account trading is supported by 15 leading liquidity providers resulting in the most stable forex trading environment in the market today.

Interbank Trading Conditions – Lowest Forex Spreads

Leading liquidity providers compete for the large forex volumes executed through the Yadix Pro Account clients. This competition results in the lowest forex spread available for you to trade.

Superior Order Execution

Order execution is the highest priority at Yadix, allowing clients to trade any strategy without restrictions, intervention or manipulation on the Pro Account comes before anything else.


All Yadix Pro Account clients’ trade anonymously at all times allowing you to maximise the ECN Pro Account possibilities. No restrictions for aggressive scalpers, clients that hedge and operate your EA with full confidence.

Market Depth

A key feature trading the Yadix Pro Account is the Level of market depth. Large forex orders are executed without issue, re-quotes or off-quotes, simply filled at the price you want to trade at.

No Dealing Desk

By trading on a no Dealing Desk model, clients have the peace of mind that their forex trading strategy will not be discriminated against, resulting in the confidence to trade freely, the way forex trading should be.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yadix Forex – Superior Order Execution

Straight Through Processing of forex orders is a method of executing forex trades directly to liquidity providers. Yadix provides a deep pool of liquidity by working with some of the largest and respected liquidity providers around the globe, such as Deutsch Bank, JP Morgan and Citibank to name but a few. By working directly with a pool of liquidity and executing orders directly to the providers, means that Yadix clients trade on trade forex on true market conditions and forex trades are not affected by dealer intervention. This defines a true STP forex model.

The benefits of trading forex with a 100% STP (no dealing desk) broker are many however, some of the key benefits are clients trade forex with ultimate transparency, anonymously and with superior order execution.

The fact that the forex markets are competitive forces the liquidity providers to compete for all forex trading volumes by offering extremely competitive bid andask prices which are passed on to Yadix clients through the MT4 trading platform. STP forex also allows orders to be executed automatically and instantly through the platform to the liquidity provider offering the most suitable quote.

As clients are not trading through a dealing desk but directly through to the liquidity providers, who are all leading and respected banks gives clients access to full market depth. This allows even the most demanding or larger forex orders to be executed without re-quotes or off-quotes that larger traders may find with a market making broker. A dealing desk broker may recognize the risk of accepting an order larger than 10 standard lots and force the order to be re-quoted or rejected due to the potential risk to the broker.

Yadix Forex is proud to provide clients with a true STP trading environment with no re-quotes and no conflict of interest as well as welcoming any forex trading strategy including aggressive scalping , hedging and automated trading systems (Expert Advisors) 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yadix Forex - Account Comparison

At Yadix, the management team is committed to providing superior forex trading execution and account benefits for all levels of traders and for forex traders looking to get additional financial rewards for their forex volumes.

Yadix provides two account types for all clients to choose from (Classic and Rebate)  depending on the most important factors  when choosing a preferred forex broker. Both accounts boost superior forex order execution without trading restrictions regardless of the systems or strategies that clients use to trade and make profits in the forex market place. Both accounts, offer truly low forex spreads to ensure that trading is affordable and the forex spread is more than competitive in the market place.

When considering changing brokers, the information that is received and has to be processed in order to make an educated decision can often be confusing and overwhelming. That's why here at Yadix, we have created an easy reference forex comparison table for our existing and potential clients to choose the best account for them and to really understand the rewards for trading with Yadix.

In fact, Yadix allows all clients to run and manage multiple forex accounts from the Personal Area which means that clients can trade on both forex account types according to their priority in real time. Also, our traders can easily transfer funds to and from each account instantly without delay or costs.

Check out the comparison table and learn why Yadix is the right broker for your forex trades.

Monday, September 10, 2012

EA & Trading Scripts Library from Yadix Forex

As a true STP forex broker, Yadix is dedicated to providing beneficial trading tools to assist clients in developing profitable forex trading strategies and styles.

Soon all clients of Yadix will be able to access a range of valuable EAs and Trading Scripts to not only assist in maximising trade opportunities and risk control, but also to help educate clients in trading forex.

The Scripts and Forex Expert Advisors will include help in important elements of forex trading such The automated trading scripts include candlestick recognition, instant buy and sell, mass order close, pivot points and stop loss/take profit controls. All Expert Advisors and forex trading scripts will be made available free of charge for traders to easily install and use on the Yadix MetaTrader 4 platform.

Each tool has its own unique and important operation, and when used as part of the forex trading strategy can help clients’ maximise profitability and limit risk whilst trading with Yadix Forex.

Yadix encourages the use of automated tradingtools to help clients generate greater profits and forex traded lots. We are hopeful that clients find the tools not only useful but also profitable when trading with Yadix.

Our support team and regional account managers are on hand to assist all clients with questions and highlight other valuable trading conditions and account benefits available for all Yadix clients.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Yadix Forex - New Instant Deposits & Withdrawals Methods

As part of our continual growth, Yadix forex broker is pleased to announce the addition of the payment method WebMoney, that will be shortly added to the Yadix Personal Client Area.

The new system ensures that all account management operations are performed securely online, without the need to download, manually complete, sign, scan and return forms for any or all financial transactions in your Yadix forex trading account.

Instant deposits and withdrawals are proving to be a valuable addition to the services that Yadix provides as it now allows clients to save time on manual and needless operations and focus their energy on what's most important, trading forex.

Automated withdrawals means that clients can really lock in their profits from trading forex and manage their accounts freely and more efficiently. The process is as simple as completing the online form, authorising the withdrawal with the E-Signature system (Electronic Signature) and submitting the withdrawal. The funds will be deducted from the MT4 forex trading account automatically and instantly processed back to the clients account.

The system also allows clients to create and manage multiple accounts and different forex trading account types. Yadix offers two types of accounts, both provide low forex spreads, superior order execution and excellent client rewards. The Yadix rebate account offers the highest client rebate available, up to $10 per lot traded. There is no need to submit the KYC documents more than once as your FX trading profile is already approved to trade forex with Yadix.

Traders can also control their account leverage, passwords, personal data and many more critical forex account functions easily and efficiently with Yadix Forex Broker.