Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ECN Trading on the Yadix MT4 Platform

ECN (Electronics Communication Network) is the Forex model available to trade on the Yadix MT4 forex platform. ECN uses a pool of liquidity to provide the most competitive pricing and execution model for all Yadix Traders.

When comparing ECN to a market making broker there are some obvious advantages when trading using ECN/STP forex models. The ECN model allows all trades to be executed to a pool of liquidity providers, at Yadix there are more than 15 liquidity providers competing for clients’ trades. This allows Yadix to display the lowest prices (without commissions or fees) for traders to benefit from. Furthermore, the execution of orders is stable and reliable during the most volatile market conditions as well as when liquidity in the market place is thin.

The inclusion of multiple liquidity providers is critical when comparing to some STP brokers who are supported by only a few liquidity providers. Just like any business, the more providers you have for your business, the greater the efficiency and better the prices become.

Anonymity is a major part of the ECN forex model that ensures that all clients’ orders are submitted to the major banks and other liquidity providers without any history of trades or identification of the trading strategy being used. This is beneficial for clients using profitable EAs, aggressive scalping strategies as anonymous trading fully protects your trading strategy from ever being excluded or experiencing manipulation as you might expect when trading with a dealing desk operation.

ECN provides the deepest liquidity pools for retail traders that are usually reserved for institutional and professional level clients through the Yadix MT4 forex platform. Yadix uses technology that aggregates all bid and ask prices in the trading system and displays the best prices offered by tier one liquidity providers to clients trading platforms. This means that our clients always benefit from the best possible price and are always able to execute trades without delays or re-quotes.

When trading with a dealing desk, and in any other walk-of-life, whenever there is a winner, there is a loser, and visa-versa. This means that if you are a successful trader, generating profits, then the broker is losing money. Usually, this leads to exclusion from the brokerage, at the same time, if you haven’t perfected your trading strategy and you’re are not yet making forex profits, then you are the ideal client for a dealing desk/market maker.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yadix STP – Anonymous Trading

If you trade with a profitable and successful trading strategy, then it’s important to understand that not all forex brokers can handle, or even welcome your forex trading activity.

At Yadix, our brokerage is prepared to accept and efficiently handle all forex trading strategies and order sizes.  The solutions offered are tried and trusted and have proven to be successful for all high level traders with accounts at Yadix.

By having 15 tier one liquidity providers supporting the trading environment and client’s strategies, all orders are executed without delay, re-quotes or off-quotes. The importance of multiple and professional liduity providers with STP model must not be underestimated. Yadix is supported by banks such as oldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, BAML(Bank of America Merrill Lynch), Citibank, RBS(Royal Bank of Scotland), BNP Paribas, Nomura.

Anonymous trading ensures that all clients’ orders are executed directly through to the liquidity providers fully anonymously; this flow is beneficial to profitable trading clients as the liquidity providers receive an order number and cannot associate the new order to previous trades, accounts or trading patterns. When trading with a market maker, or without anonymous trading, clients’ forex strategies are easy to identify and if profitable, this can lead to manipulation when trading or even exclusion if the strategy is too profitable.

Yadix is able to accept the most aggressive scalpers, profit making EAs, institutional traders and high forex volume orders without issue,  provide a reliable forex trading environment and build long term forex relationships with retail and institutional clients.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Yadix STP – The Importance of a Deep Liquidity Pool

The management team at Yadix understand the importance of providing a stable a reliable forex trading platform for its retail forex clients, partners and professional traders, and as such have worked hard to source more than 15 tier one forex liquidity providers to ensure competitive pricing and excellent execution for its community of forex traders.

When trading with an STP forex broker, it’s important that the broker has multiple liquidity providers that can support the trading environment and provide consistent and dependable order execution. Should the broker be supported by one or two liquidity providers, there is a high likelihood that the pricing feed will not be stable with large range of spreads especially during times of volatility in the forex markets and even at times of thin liquidity. These critical elements of STP can then cause issues when trading.

At Yadix, the pool of liquidity is provided by 15 top liquidity providers who are all widely respected banks and financial organisations, that include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, BAML(Bank of America Merrill Lynch), Citibank, RBS(Royal Bank of Scotland), BNP Paribas, Nomura and more. These providers compete for the forex trading volumes submitted through the Yadix trading platforms. This competition means that clients will always benefit from the lowest pricing available, reliable forex executions and no re-quotes.

Clients, who trade and execute larger forex lots per orderexecution can rest assured that their orders will be executed without issue as the pool of liquidity can easily handle even the largest order sizes. Other brokers without such a range of providers may have difficulties to execute such larger order sizes that negatively affect clients’ forex trading experience.

By having such a strong and dependable liquidity pool, Yadix ensures that each forex order submitted through the Yadix trading platforms are executed anonymously to the liquidity providers. This is beneficial for all users of automated trading tools (Expert Advisors) or any other profitable trading strategies. Anonymous trading is a requirement that is growing in popularity as many clients that use Expert Advisors or other strategies have faced issues with market makers and other brokers claiming to be STP. This is because market makers make money when clients lose and lose money when clients make profits trading forex, and depending on just how profitable the strategy is, the broker may even exclude or manipulate the order execution to ensure profitability.

At Yadix, all strategies and Expert Advisors are welcome to make the most of STP forex trading with a deep liquidity pool and no re-quotes.