Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yadix - Extra Trading Value

When choosing a broker, primarily, clients look for tradingconditions, account size restrictions and lastly look for additional valuable tools and benefits. However, rarely do they pay attention to the rewards that their trading volumes can achieve.

At Yadix, we have ticked off the key elements that traders look for and have by far exceeded the standard in the market place. We also believe in educating our clients in how to maximise the promotions, rewards and loyaltyprogrammes that forex trading volumes can return to account balances.

Welcome Packages
When a new client signs up for a live account, they have a choice of two rewards that they can trade for:

20% Welcome Bonus – Get a 20% cash rebate on your first deposit. This is the only REAL CASH bonus available in forex and is proving extremely popular with forex traders.

iPad Welcome Gift – Fund your Yadix trading account with $1,000 or more to start trading for the iPad welcome gift. As soon as you reach your forex lots requirement, we’ll post your gift off to your address.

Each month, our clients can claim unlimited forex cash backs to their trading accounts, up to $5 for every forex lot that is traded. The Yadix forex rebates trading programme is a truly valuable reward for clients that generate high forex trading volumes.

Moreover, the forex rebates are available regardless of forex trading profits or losses and are not restricted for any trading strategies or automated trading tools (expert advisors).

VIP Forex Challenges
Yadix has a unique rewards programme for VIP clients. As a VIP you can choose your reward, we will generate a challenging yet achievable trading target and all you have to do is meet that trading requirement to benefit from the reward that you choose.

VIP Challenges are for serious forex traders only.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yadix – Rebate Trading

When trading forex, clients can make profit or lose, but one unique advantage of trading with Yadix is no matter the outcome of your monthly trades, you will be entitled to claim your forex rebate of up to $5 per lot traded.

The forex cash back is based on the volume that you trade during each calendar month and is total amount of rebate that you can get is unlimited. The more you trade, the more your rebate will be.

As an STP forex broker, Yadix earns a commission for each forex lot that is traded and never on the losses of clients; this is the earning model of dealing desk brokers or market makers. As the forex trading community at Yadix generate massive forex lots per month, Yadix is in a unique position to share with its clients up to 50% of the profits.

As an example, trader 123456, uses his Expert Advisor to trade, and on average, he generates 2500 lots per month, regardless of the profit that his EA has earned him during the month, he will still be entitled to claim an amazing $10,000 rebate purely for the trading volumes.

To start earning the rebate that you deserve on your forex trading volumes, please create a live trading account with Yadix start trading.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why trade with an STP Forex Broker

When trading with an STP broker, in order to ensure stable and reliable order execution tier one liquidity providers are required to support the STP Broker.

By having multiple, repeatable and reliable liquidity providers, Yadix can provide its clients with low forex spreads, fast and efficient order execution and no re-quotes on orders. In fact, at Yadix, we have more than 15 top liquidity providers competing for every trade that each client makes. The competition between the liquidity providers drives down the prices available to trade in the MT4 platform.

Our liquidity providers include the largest financial organisations that provide the best liquidity in the forex markets and excellent order execution. A good STP broker will provide trading in real market conditions, no re-quotes and anonymous trading.

The difference between a good STP broker and a dealing desk operation is that there is no order manipulation or human intervention with an STP broker. With an STP broker, your order goes directly through to the tier one liquidity providers and does not pass through a dealing desk where delays can occur.

Profits from dealing desk brokers are made through clients’ losses, which causes conflicts of interest between the broker and the trader. STP brokers only make profit from a commission based on the forex volume traded by its clients.  At Yadix, we have developed a loyalty programme where clients’ forex traded lots volumes are rewarded with real cash rebates (cash backs) up to $5 for every lot traded.

Feel free to visit the Yadix rewards page to learn more about how yadix rewards clients.

Friday, June 8, 2012

One-Click Forex Trading

Yadix provides a range of trading tools and forex calculators for clients using forex trading strategies, including the One-Click Trading functionality.

Yadix one-click trading allows forex traders  to execute market orders on the MetaTrader 4 platform with only one click. The functionality is an Expert Advisor that is located on the MT4 currency pair chart and allows clients greater control and important indicators to help control their forex trading activity.

Ultimately, the one-click trading feature lets clients enter and exit the market in the fastest way possible to maximise the profit potential during periods of forex volatility and ever-changing market movements. By using the facility, clients can maximise their profit in pips or reduce their risk exposure.

Scalpers and Hedgers utilise One-Click trading to save time in scalping profits or hedging their orders as a risk strategy. Unlike conventional trading in MetaTrader 4, the One-Click EA eliminates the time to set the order size, submit the order and confirm that the order is correct. 
The EA allows each client to pre-set the levels that they are comfortable with in preparation to enter the forex markets.

Other benefits that the One-Click Trading EA provides to clients include the below:
  • Trade with just one click
  • Pre-set preferences for easy market entry
  • Risk and reward management tools
  • Real time market depth – control your execution volume
  • Profit and loss indicator
  • Easy to install and edit
  • Close All orders functionality
  • One-click buy
  • One-click sell
The One-Click Trading Expert Advisor is offered by Yadix Forex Broker totally free of charge to all clients and is pre-programmed into the Yadix MT4 forex trading terminal. Simply follow the instructions that can be found on our FOREX TOOLS section of the Yadix website. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yadix Forex Trading Tools

The forex trading tools available to use for clients of Yadix are essential to improve your forex trading strategy and increase profitability when trading foreign exchange currency pairs.

Clients of Yadix can benefit from latency free trading and EA hosting facilities, One-Click Trading and Daily Technical Analaysis to maximise forex trading performance and profit.

The Yadix VPS facility is multi-functional depending on how different clients trade the forex markets. Primarily the Virtual Private Server is used to host Expert Advisors to allow 24 hour access to the markets, automated trading and the fastest connection to the MT4 forex trading servers. 

Clients that have internet connection issues can also use the VPS to improve their trading experience and eliminate latency when trading forex.

One Click Trading is an Expert Advisor pre-installed in the Yadix MetaTrader4 and Yadix WebTrader forex trading terminals. This function has many benefits for traders that need to perform forex market operations quickly and efficiently, such as, open forex orders and close all open orders.

The one-click trading EA displays many key market indications such as current forex spread, market depth (liquidity), current exposure and also allows forex traders to judge total risk and reward on the forex pair traded.

Forex Technical Analysis is the most used and proven methods of identifying forex market movements when trading forex. Technical Analysis differs to fundamental or economic analysis as more crucial market elements and data are taken into consideration. 

There are many styles of technical analysis that have been developed over many years of trading in the financial markets such as Bill Williams, Ichimoku and Fibonacci. Fibonacci remains the most popular Technical Analysis to identify critical market data and plan entry and exit points and maximising the forex trend.

The selection of forex trading tools available at Yadix are offered free of charge depending on your account requirements. Please contact us for more information on how to benefit from the forex tools.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yadix Forex Calculators

Yadix provides its clients a range of valuable forex calculators to help generate a more profitable forex trading strategy by using crucial Technical Analysis. Regardless of strategy or trading via an Expert Advisor, the selection calculators are valuable and effective when trading forex. 

When implementing the forex calculators and trading tools into a trading strategy, clients are better prepared to manage their account risk and reward, setting stop loss and take profit and understanding profitability.

Profitability can be maximised by using the calculators to understand retracement, key pivot points and to identify profitable trends to trade.  Implementing these key forex trading elements will ensure more control for your forex trading.

Below is a list of calculators available to be used for all clients of Yadix:

Fibonacci Calculator
Fibonacci identifies retracements and market projections for all currency pairs. By entering either low high points (or opposite) based on trading an uptrend or downtrend. The calculator will return four retracement values - 23.8%, 38.2%, 50% and 61.8%

Pivot Points Calculator
Understand where the market will pivot to better enter and exit the currency pair market to maximise your profitability and reduce your forex risk

Pip Value Calculator
By calculating the value of the PIP on the currency pair you are trading, you can convert the PIP profit and loss to monetary values, essential to manage your forex trading account or portfolio

Position Size Calculator
Calculate the size of traded forex position in units and lots to help efficiently manage your forex risks and exposure

Risk and Reward Calculator
Based on Fibonacci retracements, the Risk and Reward calculator will return to you an accurate calculation on profit/loss of your forex trade.

All of the forex calculators are provided free of charge at Yadix Forex Broker to support all of our clients in developing profitable trading strategies on the STP forex model, please visit our Forex Tools section to learn more.