Monday, February 27, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker - STP Execution

At Yadix Forex Broker, we believe that our clients no matter what level of experience they have should enjoy the best trading execution available in the market today, that's why at Yadix, we offer STP (Straight Through Processing).

The more experienced readers will now the difference between STP, ECN, Dealing Desks and Market Makers when trading forex online. However, for those of you that don't, we would like to give you a simple over-view and understanding of what STP is and and understanding of its benefits.

STP forex execution is a process that cuts out the human element of a middle-man and in essence, it means that the client is trading directly with the selection of liquidity providers competing for your orders. In this model, the STP broker does not employ a dealing desk and does not profit from clients losses, but a smaller profit is made by the broker in the difference between the bid and the ask price...the spread. 

STP is beneficial because traders can rest assured that there is no conflict of interest or manipulation from the broker such as re-quotes or delays in executing opening or closing orders.

ECN and STP are extremelly similar in the way orders are executed, however, ECN is not available on the user-friendly MT4 trading platform which allows clients to utilise the many benefits associated to MT4 such as Indicators, charting tools, upload customer indicators and expert advisors (EAs). Even the newer MT5 platform that was made available by Meta Quotes does not allow the use of EAs and forex strategies such as hedging and scalping.

That is why MT4 is the preferred choice as the main trading platform of Yadix Forex Broker, to ensure that our clients are and remain fully satisfied with trading enviorment, tools and excellent forex trading conditions that Yadix provides.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker - MT4 Platform

The Yadix Forex Broker MT4 trading platform is the worlds most popular forex trading platform and gives clients flexibility that no other trading platform can.

Why is MT4 so popular? The fact is that MT4 offers traders all the trading facilities needed to trade any strategy and a wide-range of Technical indicators and charting tools that are perfect no matter your approach.

If you trade using an Expert Advisor (EA), then you'll probably realise that MT4 offers easy access to uploading and hosting your EA, unlike many other forex trading platforms that restrict or don't allow at all EAs. Yadix Forex Broker allows all trading strategies including hedging, scalping and EA trading.

By offering VPS facilities for EA hosting, Yadix really is a EA friendly forex broker and allows clients to host the EA and trade directly with the trading server. The STP model also ensures that profitable EA trading is no conflict with Yadix unlike with market making or dealing desk brokers.

For more information about theYadix Forex Broker MT4 platform and other benefits, please visit the site.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why Yadix Forex Broker?

Yadix is a leading provider of online forex trading services catering for retail forex traders around the world.

Yadix is focused on providing market leading services for its clients based around several key elements that are important to all forex traders, they are, low spreads, excellent execution, cutting-edge technology and first-class support for all traders.

When trading with Yadix, the first thing that you’ll notice is a great range of tradable instruments available at extremely low spreads. All of most popular majors, minors and exotics are listed and are tradable on the MT4 platform, web trader and mobile applications available for all clients regardless of account level.

The next important thing to look out for, and probably the most talked about fact in forex today is the type of execution you can expect when trading forex with  As one of the fundamental business vision is based around transparency, Yadix provides on STP (Straight Through Processing) execution to all clients.  Why STP, it’s simple. Clients get to trade forex via the MT4 platform directly with tier one banks and major forex liquidity providers. By operating the STP model guarantees that clients will never experience re-quotes when opening forex positions. 

You might ask yourself, why is STP different to conventional forex brokers that employee dealing desks? Later on in the blog you’ll find an in-depth explanation why the STP model is more valuable than trading with a Dealing Desk operation, but the basic answer for now is,  that a Dealing Desk makes profit from your losses which of course is a conflict of interest with clients, whereas an STP Broker only makes profit as the middle man regardless of profit or loss.

Finally, we’d like to share some facts about our technology. At Yadix Forex Broker, we like to make sure that the environment that you trade in is the most comfortable and rewarding for you. That’s why, Yadix Forex Broker offers free VPS facilities to ensure that your trading experience is fast (without latency), you can host your EA for trading (all trading strategies are welcome) and ensure that VPS users connection is direct to our servers location.