Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays from Yadix

As the New Year approaches and as we head into 2013, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for being part of the Yadix success story during 2012 and to wish each one of them a happy and prosperous New Year for 2013.

Yadix plans to lead the way and pioneer the world of forex in the New Year and have many beneficial developments planned during Q1 of 2013. We are sure that our trading community will find the developments of value and we hope that you choose to be part of Yadix forex in 2013.

The focus in Q1 will be on community elements of Yadix and to deliver more value to our clients, EA developers, PAMM investors and forexaccount managers, with more emphasis on interaction, education and more beneficial options for all forex traders and investors.

New Year Operating Hours
During the New Year Yadix and the markets will operate as below:

December 31st - market will close at 18:00 GMT and reopen January 1st at 22:00 GMT

Once again, the management would like to send their sincere appreciation to all of our clients at this special time of year and to wish each and every client successful forex trading in 2013.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yadix - Continual Reviews & Spread Reduction

As part of its commitment to providing favourable trading conditions for its forex traders, Yadix performs a month evaluation of its liquidity providers and the spreads across of the forex trading accounts to ensure the very best trading conditions are available.

In recent months, Yadix has introduced several new liquidity providers that has led to a reduction in the spreads offered to us as a broker, and as such, we have been able to pass on lower spreads to our clients. For example the spread on the Yadix Classic Account was reduced from 1.8 pips to 1.5 pips, although the spread is consistently lower than the published spreads.

Furthermore, the Yadix Pro Account spread is now published as a live rate on each page of .  The Pro Account has been made accessible to all forex traders, whether intuitional or private.  To access the interbank ECN trading on the Yadix Pro Account and spreads from 0.3 pips on majors, clients are require to fund their accounts with only $5,000.

Yadix offers a range of three account types to ensure that all levels of forex traders can choose from flexible rewards and trading conditions to suit their trading style. Each account operates on the STP/ECN forex model and orders are executed directly to leading forex banks without manipulation or intervention. As a true STP/ECN broker, Yadix provides unrestricted forex trading that is advantageous for scalpers, hedgers and users of automated trading tools.

Trading using no stop loss or take profit restrictions allows clients to make the most of profitable trades and to manage risk in a more efficient way. There are  no time or pip restrictions when trading currency at Yadix, this coupled with the lowest spreads available on STP forex trading, makes Yadix a popular choice for forex traders using strategies such as scalping the markets, hedging or clients using expert advisors.

To review the Yadix spreads and trading conditions, or if you want to discuss specifications regarding your expert advisor, please visit our website or arrange a personal conference with our trading specialists.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advantages of Managed Forex Accounts with Yadix

Potential forex investors or traders may find themselves asking, what are the advantages of investing through a PAMM system, how do I choose a suitable manager, are there any guarantees of return on my investment and how safe are my funds?

As the world of forex continues its amazing growth and more and more people are showing interest in trading forex or investing in forex, and in keeping with the Yadix philosophy of transparency and honesty, we have developed a leading environment for both investors and managers to benefit from and remain 100% secure at all times.

To answer the most common questions asked by investors, we have listed some important points below:

How to choose a suitable manager?

This step is crucial to your investment strategy. You will be presented with a choice of managers based on your capital investment availability and to a certain extent performance expectations.

Once a shortlist of forex managers is available, you will be able to review the performance, statistics and other key factors such as performance fees and watermarks.
Based on the entire picture, you will be able to make an educated decision as to which manager is right to trade forex for you.

Are returns guaranteed?

The short answer to this is no. As with any capital investment, forex trading carries certain elements of risk of capital lose. We highly recommend that all investors only invest a sum that they can afford to risk in order to gain profit.

Having said this, your choice will be based on a thorough review of forex account managers with accurate and up-to-date statistics readily available. It’s important to remember that any fees payable to the forex manager is based only on profits generated on invested capital. Moreover, the fund managers have a history of successful trading as full time professional forex traders with years of forex market experience to fall back on.

How safe are my funds?

Your funds remain 100% safe and secure at all times. Yadix guarantees that all funds are stored in a fully regulated and supervised environment. In fact, the fund manager is never responsible for the handling of funds with due diligence as the only access to the funds is via the PAMM system purely to trade.  All funds are held in segregated accounts to ensure that the funds are never in jeopardy.

Furthermore, Yadix allows its clients to withdraw from any manager at any specific moment in time, giving clients the reassurance that they remain in total control of their funds at all times.  All profits are automatically added to all managed forex accounts as soon as the trade is closed, meaning that there are no human elements to the splitting of profits allowing investors instant access to their funds.

The Yadix approach to PAMM for investors is one focused on finding the best match for success. We choose not to list all Fund Managers that can cause confusion, but to pinpoint a suitable manager based on the forexinvestment and requirements of our client, the investor.
To learn more about the benefits of PAMM, please visit the Yadix PAMM section of the website . Also, our investor consultants are on hand for any in depth questions for investors and managers, simply contact us through the Yadix Forex website.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yadix Liquidity & Services Improvements

Further to our recent updates regarding the introduction of new Liquidity Providers, Yadix is happy to share with its forex traders the inclusion of more Liquidity Providers and the upgrades in the trading conditions.

Clients will notice several important improvements in the forex trading platforms that include:

  • New Liquidity Providers – The new Liquidity Providers ensure better forex order execution for all trading strategies including scalpers, hedgers and EA traders. By adding new liquidity sources, ensures stable and superior order execution long term as well as upgrades in trading conditions.

  • Lower Spreads – The introduction of new liquidity providers has enabled us to provide lower forex spreads across all account types that are significantly less than our published spread. As a transparent broker, we have ensured that the lower spreads are passed on to benefit our clients rather than keeping the spread consistent to the website.

  • Bridge Improvements – Technical improvements to our liquidity bridge has ensured less latency and execution times. Furthermore, clients that trade using SL & TP will benefit with more accurate SL & TP execution during volatile currency market conditions. As a true STP broker, clients’ trade true market conditions and sometimes can experience execution at “the next best price”. The upgrades to the bridge allow your stop orders will be filled more consistently at your desired stop.

  • Live Spread Feed – As we are committed to providing complete transparency, Yadix has included the live spread feed to each page of the website to display the exact spread in real time. The real time spread displays the ultra low forex spread for the Yadix Pro Account which is accessible for all clients to benefit from.

Yadix is a true ECN – STP forex broker with a focus on delivering excellence in our execution and trading conditions. By providing a range of three account types and cash rewards and gifts for all three, our forex trading clients are rewarded from their first forex lot traded.

To find out more about these and other upgrades associated with this update, please contact our support team at any time who are qualified to answer all of your trading enquiries.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Additional Liquidity Providers Added

In keeping with the Yadix commitment of providing a trading environment suitable for all forex strategies, we are happy to share with you that two new liquidity providers have been implemented to offer additional market depth and consistently superior order execution.

The new liquidity providers will support the range of existing liquid sources and will ensure that your forex trades will be executed in the fastest and most reliable way, without restrictions and regardless of trading via EA systems or manually.

As a true STP forex broker, Yadix welcomes all trading strategies. Our brokerage is unique as it offers full hedging and scalping capabilities without restrictions on stop loss, take profit, pip limits or time limits. This gives you, our client the ideal environment to trade the way you want.

Coming soon, Yadix plans to introduce more liquidity sources targeted especially for scalpers and arbitrage traders. The new scalping feed will deliver the robust capabilities required to provide a aggressive strategies a suitable trading environment which is often overlooked by other forex brokers.

Should you have any questions about how the Yadix order execution can improve your trading experience and profitability, please feel free to contact our professional support team.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Forex Environment to Support Scalpers

Yadix offers inter-bank trading conditions to all clients regardless of account type through its no dealing desk, true STP forex brokerage.

When choosing forex execution services, liquidity is often overlooked or even disguised by brokers. The importance of deep liquidity is crucial for STP/ECN trading as the order execution logic is reliant on dept and multiple providers. Choosing a broker that utilises single, dual bank liquidity or prime brokerages can be a costly oversight for many forex traders.

Yadix delivers robust solutions for all levels of traders with deep liquidity pools being provided by leading forex banks and not prime brokers that have dealing desk and marker making capabilities. More than 15 FX banks provide best bid best ask pricing feeds to ensure that clients are executed at the lowest price available.

When comparing to single, dual bank or prime broker liquidity, the Yadix execution is un-paralleled in its execution speed, consistency and the ability to execute institutional level orders. This model guarantees no-requotes, order manipulation and no restrictions on trading strategies.

Having the ability to provide trading without restrictions allows our clients to trade with confidence with any strategy. Yadix is a popular trading location for scalpers, EA users and Fund Managers as the conditions allows clients to trade forex as it should be.

Factors that should be considered are:

  • Multiple liquidity & pricing feeds provided by leading FX Banks
  • No Prime Broker liquidity that operate a Dealing Desk
  • Mature execution relationships with multiple liquidity providers
  • Bank level market depth
  • Anonymous trading protecting your strategy
  • No Scalping or Hedging restrictions – No time or pip level restrictions
  • Stop Loss & Take Profit protection – all levels remain anonymous
  • Superior order execution – Minimal latency (typical executed under 3.5ms)
  • Best Bid Best Ask pricing structure
  • No re-quotes and no manipulation 
If you have any questions about how these common issues can affect your trading, or to discuss how Yadix can improve your forex trading, please feel free to contact our professional support team.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yadix Pro Account- Improved Trading Conditions

In order to make Interbank ECN forex trading more accessible to a wider range of client, Yadix is happy to announce that the Yadix Pro Account that the minimum trade size had been reduced from 0.1 lots (mini) to 0.01 lots (micro).

The move was made by the management team in consideration to several factors, but mainly to allow Pro Account access for EA developers, users and scalpers to test our famous order execution with minimal risk. Unlike other forex brokers that set a minimum trade size starting from 1 lot, Yadix is happy to be the leader in the market place and make such pioneering decisions for the benefit of its clients.

Trading on the Yadix Pro Account offers several benefits associated with institutional level trading such as trading forex with interbank pricing  (spreads starting from 0.3 pips), Anonymous trading, Full market depth, superior order execution and no third party or human manipulation on orders.

The Pro Account is ideal forex environment for institutions, professional and private traders as it provides real interbank trading conditions and stability. When opening a Pro Account with Yadix, clients also receive tools and benefits such as low ECN commissions and pricing, free VPS for EA hosting and reduced latency (typical execution time is under 3.5 MS) and a range of advantageous EAs, trading scripts and indicators available for free.

To learn more about the Yadix Pro Account advantages and to compare our other account types and trading conditions, please visit our account comparison page. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mobile Trading at Yadix

Mobile forex trading terminals allow clients to operate daily trading activities and valuable account management facilities when access to a desktop computer is not possible.  With modern day technology and internet access capabilities, trading from your mobile phone or tablet is an excellent way to control open positions, entering or exiting the forex markets.

Yadix offers its clients a range of forex trading platforms that provide MT4 mobile trading platform and many flexible controls that the award winning MetaTrader 4 platform provides. There are many benefifical and convenient features when trading forex using the mobile terminals in daily forex activities including technical analysis tools (over 30 indicators).

Developed by MetaQuotes, the mobile trading platforms are as reliable and stable as the desktop based MT4 platform. With traders in mind, these applications provide a great variety of analytical tools, graphical display and additionally a complete account management panel.

The MetaTrader 4 apps are available to download on a range of different operating software and mobile device manufacturers.  The application for Apples iPhone, iPad and iPod is available to download for free from Apples iStore. Trade from anywhere using your Android device; simply download the application from Google Play. Clients using PDAs or other windows mobile systems can download the software for Windows Mobile from the Yadix website.

Yadix is committed to providing its clients with a forex trading environment without restriction, where the focus is purely on your trading activity rather than restricting clients trading activity. We believe that the additional forex trading platforms will greatly benefit many of our clients.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why Yadix PAMM for Fund Managers

Choosing a broker to run your investment portfolio or clients accounts is an important step in ensuring your business can perform and grow.

Yadix offers second-to-none trading conditions and excellentorder execution to ensure you have the full flexibility to trade your strategy without restriction or manipulation. As a true STP broker, Yadix delivers a growing reputation as a broker that provides superior execution of orders, a range of flexible management options and attractive remuneration for performance and forex trading volumes.

Yadix believes in offering the platform for clients and investors to generate profits and forex volumes. As such, Yadix is one of only a few brokers that do not implement minimum levels for scalping and hedging, meaning that there are no time or pip restrictions for any trading strategy. Furthermore, there are no set minimum pip levels on any stop loss or take profits orders to ensure that all traders can lock in any profits.

Fund Managers can choose to manage accounts on three different account types with spreads starting from 0.3 pips. This allows the fund manager the multiple choice options for remuneration for existing clients.

Yadix also offers the platform to present performing Fund Managers services to Yadix clients/investors, helping business grow using already qualified investment leads and traders, as well as utilising the Yadix marketing infrastructure. As not to suffocate clients with too many options, Yadix will exclusively offer forex Fund Managers services privately to its interested clients and facilitate the relationship between forex investor and Fund Manager based on minimum investment criteria, success fees, watermarks and draw-down statistics.

PAMM for Fund Managers - Benefits Overview

  • Access to qualified investment leads
  • Marketing of your Fund Management
  • Access to pool of potential investors and funds
  • Legal process made easy
  • No unregulated fund handling
  • Flexible settings, deposit minimum & Watermark 
  • Guaranteed payment of Success Fees
  • Remuneration on delivery of your clients
  • No Risk environment - True STP
  • No trading restrictions - EA trading & Scalping 
  • No minimum SL & TP, scalping or hedging levels
  • True STP/ECN trading environments
  • No conflict of interest policy
  • Generate fixed return on each lot that is traded

To register your Forex Fund Management service with Yadix, please submit your registration through our dedicated PAMM registration.

Why Choose PAMM as an Investment Strategy

PAMM offers potential investors the opportunity to enter the profitable forex markets with the advantage of utilising the skills and experience of a professional forex fund manager.

The Yadix PAMM system gives both forex investors and fund managers to control their specific aspect of the relationship fully. For investors, control over funds, profits and account monitoring is accessible directly from the investor account. There is no set redemption period and investors can withdraw from any relationship at any time.

Choosing the right forex fund manager can be a daunting challenging, however, Yadix will provide a selection of private fund managers and details will include performance history reports, minimum investment requirements and forex trading strategy. Other aspects that should be given due attention are the fund managers success fees (usually based on percentage), watermark and drawdown statistics.

The entire relationship remains monitored and hosted by Yadix, a fully regulated forex broker. This means that no third parties will handle investment funds nor profit payments, giving investors the peace-of-mind that funds are always handled with due care and attention. For the fund manager, receiving payments is automated and guaranteed, leaving full resources available to focus on forex trading and generating profits.

There are many trading strategies employed by fund managers that can include Expert Advisor (Auto-trading) based on in depth technical analysis, manual trading, scalping and hedging. Each of these forex strategies carry their own risk and reward returns and should be considered before entering into the relationship.

PAMM for Investors - Benefits Overview

·         Professional Forex managed account
·         No monthly management fees
·         Your money, your profits each month
·         Transparent performance fees 
·         Clear Fund Manager performance history
·         Easy selection process
·         Regulated investment environment
·         High watermarks
·         Automatic returns on payments
·         Range of Fund Managers profiles to select from
·         Select investment style - Risk & Return ratios
·         Clear Gain & Drawdown statistics
·         Diversify your investment portfolio
·         Easy 3 step investment process

To sign up for a Yadix PAMM account please click here. Alternatively, please contact our support team for more information.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yadix PAMM - Managed Forex Accounts

The Yadix PAMM Community is a feature that benefits facilities the ability for forex investors to source the services of professional forex fund managers.

Traditionally, trading forex successfully requires experience, understanding and technical analysis skills sourced through years of trading forex in many market conditions. The Yadix PAMM facility allows investors with little or no knowledge of the forex markets to invest funds through professional fund managers with a proven track record of success.

Investors are able to view specific information regarding each PAMM forex fund manager and choose to invest with one or more of the available forex managers. Details displayed include trading strategy, risk and return, performance fees, trading history, minimum investment and geographic location.

Returns for forex account managers are based purely on the incentive of successful trading. Success Fees for the fund manager are based purely on the success and profits generated from trading forex via the PAMM system. By offering high watermarks, investors can be confident that the only time any fees are distributed to the forex fund managers is when a predefined watermark of profit is reached.

Funds deposited by investors are handled by Yadix with due diligence in a fully regulated forex environment. This means that your funds are never handled by the fund manager directly or via any unregulated process. Yadix understands that investors are not in a position to hand over hard-earned funds to strangers or unknown entities.  Moreover, all funds, profits and performance fees are distributed automatically each month, based on the agreed terms between the investor and forex fund manager.

Below we have listed several reasons why investor chooses managed forex accounts through the Yadix PAMM system:
  • No monthly management fees
  • Your money, your profits each month
  • Transparent performance fees 
  • Clear performance history
  • Easy selection process
  • Regulated investment environment - fund directly to forex broker
  • High watermarks
  • Automatic returns on payments
  • Range of Fund Managers, trading styles and risk & return ratios
  • Clear Absolute Gain, Daily Gain and Drawdown statistics
  • Diversify your investment portfolio

The Yadix PAMM facility will soon be launched to the all clients and potential investors through the dedicated forex PAMM community mini-site.

To participate in the Yadix PAMM community and enter the forex markets, please contact our support team available via email, live chat or telephone.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Trading Benefits - No Stop Loss or Take Profit Restrictions

When trading forex, risk controls are crucial to developing a successful trading strategy, not only to maximise the profit of a successful market trade but to limit any potential losses should the forex markets turn against the open position.

The most efficient way of controlling risk and setting profit targets is by utilising the built in MT4 feature of stop loss and takeprofit. As their name suggests, these feature allow clients to put a stop limit on their forex orders to protect the remaining account equity, and take profit feature allows clients to set the price level to lock in profits according to the market prediction or pivot points.

Unlike the majority of forex brokers, Yadix does not have a minimum stop loss or take profit level in order to use these critical forex strategy features. By having no minimum stop loss or take profit orders allows clients the ultimate risk management and profit making potential controls.

Why do brokers insist on having minimum stop loss and take profit levels? Well, the answer is simple. By demanding minimum stop loss and take profit levels ensures that market making or dealing desk forex brokers make profit on your orders. When comparing to a true STP broker like Yadix, the STP broker has no reason to set minimum order levels as the target is to provide the most user friends trading environment for forex trader to execute their forex volumes.

By offering no minimum sl or tp orders makes Yadix attractive for forex traders that execute orders to the market place using specific strategies. The strategies that benefit the most are forex scalpers, this strategy relies on entering and exiting the forex markets rapidly to maximise quick profit opportunities.

When combining the zero stop loss and take profit levels with the superior forex execution offered by Yadix, forex scalpers find the Yadix trading environment the ideal for executing their forex trading strategies.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Free EAs, Trading Scripts & Indicators

Yadix has further expanded the forex trading tools offerings to its clients by launching the Yadix EA, Trading Scripts and Indicators Library totally free of charge.

The Yadix management believes in investment of additional account benefits to help clients develop a better and more successful forex  trading strategy. The EA, trading scripts and indicators include the below valuable tools:

  •          Yadix Mass Close Tool – Close all trades instantly with one click of your mouse
  •          Yadix Pivot Points – An indicator designed to alert you of upcoming fx support and resistance lines
  •          Stop Loss and Take Profit EA – Easily edit your SL & TP by dragging the levels on the MT4 chart
  •          Instant Scripts – More than 11 scripts for easy trading including a hedge partial close scripts
  •          CPR Indicator – An indicator that identifies Candlestick Patterns and alerts the trader

Each EA, forex indicator and trading scripts can be used on multiple currency pairs and charts on the Yadix MT4.

Comprehensive installation and activation instructions are available for each forex tool that can be downloaded from our EA Library & Scripts page of

For assistance please contact our fully trained support team at anytime, they will be happy to assist you. Or register a live forex trading account with Yadix to start leveraging your forex trading.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yadix Pro Forex Account Launched

Yadix is happy to announce the launch of its Professional ECN Account for forex traders.

The Yadix Pro Account provides clients with the finest forex trading conditions within the marketplace by offering raw spreads, superior order execution and free VPS & EA hosting facilities to all clients looking for true no dealing desk trading facilities. This allows Yadix to welcome all trading strategies and Expert Advisors and provides even the most aggressive scalpers with stable and reliable order execution.

Key benefits of the Pro Account are listed below:

  • Spreads: From 0.3 pips on Majors
  • Order Execution: Experience the superior Yadix order execution
  • Minimal Slippage: Yadix traders experience minimal slippage during news
  • Free VPS: Yadix VPS users experience order execution in 3.5 milliseconds or less
  • Trading Strategies: All strategies welcome – No Scalping or EA restrictions
  • No Dealing Desk: Anonymous trading with 15 liquidity providers - No conflict of interest
  • Client Protection: Funds segregated at AA rated banks - Accounts independently supervised by Deloitte
The Yadix Pro Account tackles usually problematic trading issues associated with dealing desk order execution or shallow liquidity head-on and eliminates all strategy restrictions by supporting its trading community to perform to their full potential.

To review the range of accounts offered by Yadix, please visit the Yadix Account comparison page.

Monday, October 1, 2012

EA Traders at Yadix Forex Broker

At Yadix, the users of EAs in our trading community are growing rapidly and we’d like to share with you some on the success stories and feedback so far.

One of the most popular EAs being used is the Million Dollar Pips. Recently there was talk of changes to the EA in the trading robot itself, other people were claiming that changes in MetaTrader 4caused the activity to slow down which lead to a decrease in forex lots being generated and a reduction in trading profits.

However, more recently, the MDP Expert Advisor has stepped up performance and is nearly back to it’s profitable best, generating trades and profits for clients.

We contacted the Expert Advisor developers to ask whether changes had been made to the trading strategy, or whether they knew why the performance had slowed down. A representative of Million Dollar Pips responded quickly and informed us that the EA was performing better more recently. He said “The market was slow, and was not good for most trading as a result, Million Dollar Pips was trading slow and carefully, so growth was slower, however has picked up now and you can see the results”.

Whilst on the subject of EAs and clients, we would like to share with you some feedback from our clients regarding order execution and order execution with Yadix. We have not used our clients names as we believe in totally anonymous trading and respect our clients privacy:

User 1 : “The execution speed and minimal slippage with Yadix so far is excellent. This combined with the rebates makes your broker very attractive to scalpers and longer term traders. Long may it continue!”

User 2: “I am amazed at the performance so far, in a matter of days, my EA has performed amazingly and made 56% profit. The order execution and VPS is fantastic, thank you”

User 3: “I pinged the trading server and the latency was under 1 ms from Australia. The EA is operating well and there is no issue at all with order execution. Thank you Yadix”

Yadix is open for all tests from EA developers and users and is confident that the forex model and execution technology is the perfect match for aggressive scalpers, gap traders and day traders in the forex market. We invite all examinations and are confident that you’ll be satisfied just like the selection of clients above.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yadix Pro Account – Coming Soon

Introducing the Yadix Pro ECN Account – Vey soon, clients will be able to trade on the Yadix Pro Accounts and take advantage of trading on the lowest forex spreads available.

Yadix believes that the STP and ECN (Electronic Communication Network) forex models are the future of forex trading. Both models link smaller market participants with 15 tier-1 liquidity providers through the ECN/STP model.

Benefits for the forex trader include anonymous trading, the ability to trade any forex strategy without restrictions, no Expert Advisor limitations and above all, trading forex using the lowest interbank pricing.

The Yadix Pro Account is specifically designed for high volume traders, users of automated trading tools and aggressive market scalpers. Using anonymous order execution, clients can trade the markets with confidence that their orders will be executed fairly, without intervention or manipulation.

Benefits of ECN Trading:

Interbank Pricing – Live price feeds from 15 leading banks

Yadix Pro Account trading is supported by 15 leading liquidity providers resulting in the most stable forex trading environment in the market today.

Interbank Trading Conditions – Lowest Forex Spreads

Leading liquidity providers compete for the large forex volumes executed through the Yadix Pro Account clients. This competition results in the lowest forex spread available for you to trade.

Superior Order Execution

Order execution is the highest priority at Yadix, allowing clients to trade any strategy without restrictions, intervention or manipulation on the Pro Account comes before anything else.


All Yadix Pro Account clients’ trade anonymously at all times allowing you to maximise the ECN Pro Account possibilities. No restrictions for aggressive scalpers, clients that hedge and operate your EA with full confidence.

Market Depth

A key feature trading the Yadix Pro Account is the Level of market depth. Large forex orders are executed without issue, re-quotes or off-quotes, simply filled at the price you want to trade at.

No Dealing Desk

By trading on a no Dealing Desk model, clients have the peace of mind that their forex trading strategy will not be discriminated against, resulting in the confidence to trade freely, the way forex trading should be.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yadix Forex – Superior Order Execution

Straight Through Processing of forex orders is a method of executing forex trades directly to liquidity providers. Yadix provides a deep pool of liquidity by working with some of the largest and respected liquidity providers around the globe, such as Deutsch Bank, JP Morgan and Citibank to name but a few. By working directly with a pool of liquidity and executing orders directly to the providers, means that Yadix clients trade on trade forex on true market conditions and forex trades are not affected by dealer intervention. This defines a true STP forex model.

The benefits of trading forex with a 100% STP (no dealing desk) broker are many however, some of the key benefits are clients trade forex with ultimate transparency, anonymously and with superior order execution.

The fact that the forex markets are competitive forces the liquidity providers to compete for all forex trading volumes by offering extremely competitive bid andask prices which are passed on to Yadix clients through the MT4 trading platform. STP forex also allows orders to be executed automatically and instantly through the platform to the liquidity provider offering the most suitable quote.

As clients are not trading through a dealing desk but directly through to the liquidity providers, who are all leading and respected banks gives clients access to full market depth. This allows even the most demanding or larger forex orders to be executed without re-quotes or off-quotes that larger traders may find with a market making broker. A dealing desk broker may recognize the risk of accepting an order larger than 10 standard lots and force the order to be re-quoted or rejected due to the potential risk to the broker.

Yadix Forex is proud to provide clients with a true STP trading environment with no re-quotes and no conflict of interest as well as welcoming any forex trading strategy including aggressive scalping , hedging and automated trading systems (Expert Advisors) 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yadix Forex - Account Comparison

At Yadix, the management team is committed to providing superior forex trading execution and account benefits for all levels of traders and for forex traders looking to get additional financial rewards for their forex volumes.

Yadix provides two account types for all clients to choose from (Classic and Rebate)  depending on the most important factors  when choosing a preferred forex broker. Both accounts boost superior forex order execution without trading restrictions regardless of the systems or strategies that clients use to trade and make profits in the forex market place. Both accounts, offer truly low forex spreads to ensure that trading is affordable and the forex spread is more than competitive in the market place.

When considering changing brokers, the information that is received and has to be processed in order to make an educated decision can often be confusing and overwhelming. That's why here at Yadix, we have created an easy reference forex comparison table for our existing and potential clients to choose the best account for them and to really understand the rewards for trading with Yadix.

In fact, Yadix allows all clients to run and manage multiple forex accounts from the Personal Area which means that clients can trade on both forex account types according to their priority in real time. Also, our traders can easily transfer funds to and from each account instantly without delay or costs.

Check out the comparison table and learn why Yadix is the right broker for your forex trades.

Monday, September 10, 2012

EA & Trading Scripts Library from Yadix Forex

As a true STP forex broker, Yadix is dedicated to providing beneficial trading tools to assist clients in developing profitable forex trading strategies and styles.

Soon all clients of Yadix will be able to access a range of valuable EAs and Trading Scripts to not only assist in maximising trade opportunities and risk control, but also to help educate clients in trading forex.

The Scripts and Forex Expert Advisors will include help in important elements of forex trading such The automated trading scripts include candlestick recognition, instant buy and sell, mass order close, pivot points and stop loss/take profit controls. All Expert Advisors and forex trading scripts will be made available free of charge for traders to easily install and use on the Yadix MetaTrader 4 platform.

Each tool has its own unique and important operation, and when used as part of the forex trading strategy can help clients’ maximise profitability and limit risk whilst trading with Yadix Forex.

Yadix encourages the use of automated tradingtools to help clients generate greater profits and forex traded lots. We are hopeful that clients find the tools not only useful but also profitable when trading with Yadix.

Our support team and regional account managers are on hand to assist all clients with questions and highlight other valuable trading conditions and account benefits available for all Yadix clients.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Yadix Forex - New Instant Deposits & Withdrawals Methods

As part of our continual growth, Yadix forex broker is pleased to announce the addition of the payment method WebMoney, that will be shortly added to the Yadix Personal Client Area.

The new system ensures that all account management operations are performed securely online, without the need to download, manually complete, sign, scan and return forms for any or all financial transactions in your Yadix forex trading account.

Instant deposits and withdrawals are proving to be a valuable addition to the services that Yadix provides as it now allows clients to save time on manual and needless operations and focus their energy on what's most important, trading forex.

Automated withdrawals means that clients can really lock in their profits from trading forex and manage their accounts freely and more efficiently. The process is as simple as completing the online form, authorising the withdrawal with the E-Signature system (Electronic Signature) and submitting the withdrawal. The funds will be deducted from the MT4 forex trading account automatically and instantly processed back to the clients account.

The system also allows clients to create and manage multiple accounts and different forex trading account types. Yadix offers two types of accounts, both provide low forex spreads, superior order execution and excellent client rewards. The Yadix rebate account offers the highest client rebate available, up to $10 per lot traded. There is no need to submit the KYC documents more than once as your FX trading profile is already approved to trade forex with Yadix.

Traders can also control their account leverage, passwords, personal data and many more critical forex account functions easily and efficiently with Yadix Forex Broker.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yadix - Additional Forex Account Funding Options

As part of the Yadix commitment to continual improvement to the services offer to clients, we are happy to announce the launch of UnionPay as an additional forex account funding method.

The UnionPay funding alternative is the latest addition to the wide range of deposit options already accessible for clients of Yadix Forex Broker that enables Yadix to service its forex traders in all regions of the forex trading world.

UnionPay is a safe payment method that uses a bankcard. Established in 2002, UnionPay has continued to grow and today UnionPay cards can be used in 104 countries and regions around the world. Some UnionPay Credit Cards are also affiliated with either American Express, MasterCard or Visa.

To learn more about funding your Yadix forex trading account, and to see the many deposit and withdrawal options, please click here.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Important Service Upgrades from Yadix

Yadix would like to share with its clients’ news about added liquidity to the pool already supporting our forex trading clients.

The inclusion of additional forex liquidity providers will benefit demanding trading strategies and Expert Advisors that require a robust trading environment to perform to maximum efficiency.  The true STP model that Yadix operates ensures that all trading strategies are welcomed without restrictions.

Anonymous trading is a crucial aspect to benefit forex traders using money making EAs and trading strategies. By submitting all trades anonymously directly through to the range of tier one liquidity providers means that no history of trades or identification of the trading strategy being used is available to the liquidity providers, allowing our clients to perform issue-free and profitable forex trades .

Aggressive scalping methods and EA users can trade with confidence knowing that the trading strategy used to lock in forex trading profits are fully protected from being excluded and eliminates forex order manipulation as you might expect when trading with a dealing desk operation.

To support all of our traders in their mission to develop a profitable forex trading strategy, Yadix will shortly launch a EA and trading scripts library with a range of beneficial tools to assist. All EAs and scripts will be made available to use on the MT4 platform, free to all Yadix live account holders.

To learn more about these and more Yadix service upgrades, please feel free to contact our professional customer support team.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yadix Forex – Planned Service Upgrades

Yadix is happy to share exciting news about upgrades to our brokerage and the range of services offered to our clients.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improvement of service and client satisfaction, and based on valuable feedback from our clients, the Yadix management team have been working hard to deliver a better overall trading experience for its clients. Over the coming weeks, Yadix Forex traders can expect to see positive and beneficial changes not only to our trading conditions, but also to account management and usability improvements.

Below we have given a short introduction into some of the changes our clients can expect to benefit from:

New Personal Area
Upgrades to the Yadix Personal Client Area will include features to ensure that the management of clients account is easier, faster and much more efficient. The focus of these improvements is to eliminate all manual processes such as funding, withdrawing, internal transfer and the management of personal information:

  • ·    E-Signature system – The E-Signature system allows all forex clients to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds internally to multiple accounts without completing manual forms for every operation associated to a forex trading account. All actions will simply require the completion of an online form and the authorisation by adding an E-Signature and on submission, the request will be processed immediately.
  • ·    Multiple Account Management – The new Personal Area will allow clients to manage multiple forex trading accounts with Yadix. Transferring funds between accounts and creating new accounts is simple. Again, account management features are authorised by submitting an electronic signature.
  • ·    Personal Data & Security – The personal area will allow clients to manage passwords, leverage, free VPS for their forex trading accounts.

Trading Conditions
Yadix is committed to providing the best forex trading conditions possible to its clients and the continual improvement of financial services. The upgrade of services will also see beneficial changes to the Yadix Forex trading conditions:
  • ·    Faster Forex Execution – The upgrade will mean that all orders executed through the Yadix forex platforms will benefit from ultra high-speed and ultra low-latency execution
  • ·    New liquidity providers – Chosen liquidity providers have been selected for their ability to accept all forex trading strategies without human or automated intervention. Clients benefit from complete transparency, superior forex execution and order anonymity to ensure that forex trading strategies are not discriminated against.
  • ·    More Currency Pairs & Indices – By adding new liquidity providers, Yadix is now able to offer more tradable instruments at very low spreads

Account Benefits
Along with the trading conditions and Personal Area upgrades, Yadix is delighted to inform clients that many account new and improved account benefits will be available to improve their forex trading experience at Yadix:
  • ·    Free VPS – Improved VPS facility to host EAs and allow 24 hour trading with no latency directly to the trading servers
  • ·    Free EAs – Yadix will introduce a large selection of free forex expert advisors, trading scripts and indicators to help clients execute forex trading opportunities quickly and efficiently
  • ·    Economic Calendar – The Yadix Economic Calendar allows clients to keep track of all economic events, forex news and indications that affect the forex markets and support the Yadix policy of welcoming all trading strategies.
  • ·    Latest Forex News – The Yadix news is a real time forex feed that allows clients to keep up-to-date with all of the latest forex news affecting the markets.
  • ·    Yadix Mobile – The Yadix mobile facilities allows all clients to trade from any mobile device or computer directly to the MT4 platform.

The above upgrades will be made available to all clients of Yadix to ensure the most beneficial forex trading experience is made available without exception.

For questions, further information regarding the services provided by Yadix, or to open a Standard or Rebate account, please feel free to visit or request help from our professional forex support team.