Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Rebates Update: 50% More Cash Back !

The Yadix rebates program has been running for more than 10 years and has always been one of the most popular forex promotions available on the market!

When we started out 10 years ago now, the management team at Yadix were keen to make sure our traders were rewarded with high quality and high value promotions. To make sure that this was achieved, and  to make sure our client's got something back for their activity, the Rebates program was launched.

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we've added an extra 50% cash back rebates to our Rebate Account for your benefit, you will now earn a massive $15 per lot traded! 

Don't Know what Rebates are?

When you trade for Yadix Rebates, we are partners. We give you back a share of the cash profits generated for the broker, as much as 60% cash back!

How do Rebates Work?

For every trade you make, Yadix will pay you back a part of the spread or commission of your trade according to the program you choose.

Rebate Examples 

Case A - Client A deposited $5,000 to his Rebate account, made a trading profit of $1,500, and by trading 90 lots received an extra $1,350in Rebates. Bringing his total profit for the month ($1,500 +$1,350) = $2,850 TOTAL PROFIT.

Case B - Client B deposited $5,000 to his Rebate account, made a trading loss of $500, and by trading 90 lots received $1,350 in Rebates. Even though Client B made a trading loss, he ended the month in profit. Total profit for the month (-$500 +$1,350) = $850 TOTAL PROFIT.

Which Trades Qualify for Rebates?

You will earn the Rebate for each trade you make whether it is profitable or not, and with no restrictions at all!

Are There Any Withdrawing Restrictions? 

No. Your Rebates are credited as cash so you can choose to transfer them to your trading account, save them or withdraw the cash.

Are There Any Restricted Trading Strategies? 
No, unlike other brokers , Yadix does not restrict any trading strategies or EAs. You can benefit from unrestricted trading conditions on the account that suits you and earn the most Rebates.

Rebate more about the famous $15 per lot Cash Rebate

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New: Technical Developments to Support Client's Trading

 You asked, we delivered, again!

Our new project launched a few months ago was to ask our clients what they wanted, what was missing and to start developing improvements and features based on what you want!

We are now happy to share with you that the most popular request has been developed, completed and implemented to your personal Yadix Traders Profile, and now you are able to now perform instant transfers between any/all accounts under your profile.

This feature helps you to keep a wallet account and transfer balance to support your trading at any time and instantly. This is a great feature to allow you to take fast decisions and execute them instantly, compared to having to wait for funds to arrive and be credited which maybe detrimental for your account, and is especially useful in case your account is in drawdown.

Also, you are able to transfer from your trading account to any other account (trading or wallet account). This will allow you to lock in profits instantly, without having to wait for the withdrawal process and fund deduction. Another great feature to support your profitable trading!

We are excited by more, new upcoming developments that we will be happy to share with you during the coming days, weeks and months. So make sure you’ve registered at Yadix with one of our market leading accounts (link below) and are subscribed to get the updates, instantly.

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Monday, October 19, 2020

The Solution for HFT Traders!

"Maximize the markets highest performance potential"

 HFT trading is a challenging and complicated strategy and as the markets evolve, so do the expectations of HFT Forex traders.

In order to maintain its status as a leading forex broker for HFT traders, we are delighted to announce upgrades and improved conditions to our flagship Scalper ECN account, which is designed for HFT and Scalping. 

Changes to the account includes a 30% reduction in overall trading costs for greater profitability, technically, the account is cross connection to 14 liquidity providers and the trade servers are hosted at Equinix LD4 for the lowest latency execution.

The Yadix liquidity pool  consists of eight tier-1 banks, three ECNs and three non-bank providers and when combine they deliver the best spreads starting from 0 pips, anonymous execution and fast order filling as low as 6 milliseconds.

Other benefits include no trading or strategy restrictions plus real high value benefits such as the ability to execute trade volumes from 0.01 to 1000 lots per trade, no minimal markets distances to allow the setting of stop loss and take profits with 0 (zero) pips and the ability to hedge with zero margin requirements.

The account that is popular for HFTs and Scalpers, however this low cost ECN account is also popular for any trader or strategy looking for a low cost ECN solution with true direct to market execution and  no conflicts to allow them maximize the markets highest performance potential.

Please feel free to review our world famous Scalper account: https://www.yadix.com/trading-conditions/scalper-account/

Thursday, September 3, 2020

BitWallet Now Available

Dear traders,

Yadix STP Forex Broker is pleased to announce the launch of BitWallet for our client’s convenience.

BitWallet is an easy, fast and effective deposit and withdrawal option that supports all crypto currency transfers to make trading experience with Yadix better. 

To celebrate the launch of BitWallet, we are offering special cash back or bonus options for all BitWallet deposits, so make your first deposit and contact our professional support team to get your rewards!

WhatsApp: WhatsApp
Live Chat: Live Chat

Kind regards,

Liam Cooper
Support Team
Yadix Forex Broker    
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117
Skype: yadix.forex
Telegram: @YadixForex
WhatsApp: +447585424285

Thursday, August 13, 2020

An ECN Account Perfect for Profitable Trading?

The Scalper ECN Forex trading account at Yadix STP Broker is targeted towards Scalpers, HFTs and profitable EA trading strategies. The account offers benefits like inter-bank exchange core pricing, zero market distance levels and specialist liquidity to support profitable trading.

So what makes the Scalper account so famous and why is it so good for profitable trading?

Strategy Benefits:
The Scalper account offers targeted liquidity that handles demanding and toxic forex trading strategies such as Scalping, HFT and other profitable trading systems. Yadix combines 14 liquidity providers to ensure the best execution to support your profitable trading.

Low Spreads and ECN Commissions: 

We offer core inter-bank spreads, which start from 0 pips and commissions are charged at $/€ 3.50 per 100k traded.


To support your risk to reward management, we offer flexible leverage from 1:1 up to 1:500

Trade Sizes:
On the Scalper account, traders can execute volumes from 0.01 (micro lots) up to 1000 lots volumes per ticket, and no maximum simultaneous trades.

Better Trading Conditions:
Unrestricted access to institutional level trading conditions with no limits or levels on stop loss or take profit orders, no requotes and best bid/ask pricing give powerful strategies a real market trading advantage.

Unbeatable Execution Statistics:Order execution speeds from 6 ms support Scalping and HFTs with 99.4% of trades filled in 15ms or less which more that matches any strategy requirements.  As a true STP broker with direct to market execution means that 78% of orders are filled at the requested price or better.

Follow the link to see how the Scalper account can boost your trading profitability: https://www.yadix.com/trading-conditions/scalper-account/

Friday, August 7, 2020

Reduced Spreads and Commissions for ECN accounts

We are happy to announce that as of today, our traders can benefit from a reduction of 30% when trading on the Yadix ECN accounts.

Scalper account traders will now benefit from a 30% reduction in ECN commissions, on the world famous account designed for Scalpers, HFTs and profitable EA trading!

Pro account traders will now benefit from a 30% reduction in ECN commissions, on Pro accounts leading conditions for Day Trading and EA reading with ultra-low true STP trading!

Furthermore, new liquidity providers targeting the majors have been implemented into the pool, we have seen a reduction in the core spreads we offer our clients and spreads are now tighter during news, rollover and weekend closes.

If you’re an existing client, login to your profile and create the new Scalper or Pro account to benefit.

If you’re a new client, check our account specifications and create the account suitable for your trading!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Forget your Limitations with Unrestricted Trading

Most retail traders do not actually realize how much of a negative effect broker’s trading restriction have on their trading success and potential profitability.

For example, on first look, a broker may seem very attractive in terms of the obvious things that each trader will look for, such as spreads, commissions, fees for depositing/withdrawing. However, we highly recommend that each trader, regardless of strategy looks deeper for limitations, restrictions and rules that are in place to help you fail.

Below are common restrictions, and you are likely to find any combination of them at 99% of retail, market making brokers.

Stop Levels: i.e. Stop Loss and Take Profits. Most brokers will have some kind of minimum market distances or minimum order hold time, and these rules or levels are in place to encourage traders to hold trades open for longer periods which statistically, means a greater chance of the order losing.

Traders can identify by crawling through the small print, however, the easier way to try to identify quickly is to check the specifications of any symbol on your broker, as below:

As you can see, Yadix, a true STP Forex broker passes on true market conditions, and 0 (zero) stop levels.

Another great way to easily identify if your broker is a true STP broker or dealing desk is to check the limits or restrictions on maximum trade volumes. For example, a real STP broker will offer no maximum simultaneous orders volumes or actual trades that are open. Also, the maximum volume per trade should be between 100- 1000, and not limited to 5, 10, or even 50. Dealing desk brokers limit the amount of volumes or the number of trades in order to manage their own risk, so not to overexpose themselves whilst trading against you!

Yadix offers traders real STP conditions with maximum volume per each trade being set to 1000 lots! If needed, we can of course connect you to liquidity suitable for even higher trading volumes, see below:

Finally, another good way to quickly identify your broker type is to check the rules on hedging. Yadix as a true direct to markets execution broker passes on favorable rules, such as zero margin requirements when hedging a trade, you can even hedge when your account is in drawdown with negative margin, this gives you the best chances to pause for as long as you need and plan a recovery.
Most Dealing Desks Forex Brokers will charge at lease one leg of the hedge position, which means it eats your margin and increases the chances of stop out!

There are many other high value benefits most traders are not aware of simply by switching to a real STP Broker! Get in touch today to learn more about how STP trading can help you increase your potential profits.

Get in touch on WhatsApp or Live Chat to learn more.

Kind regards,

Tony Edwards
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker