Thursday, February 25, 2016

Technical Developments - Fast Forex Order Execution

When trading using modern Forex trading systems, such as Scalping, Arbitrage and News Forex Robots, traders rely on fast order execution and highly accurate trade filling. Latency between the clients trading terminal, the MT4 server and the liquidity bank servers is the biggest issue in achieving fast direct to markets trading.  

Yadix is happy to announce new technical developments in order to provide you faster connection to our Equinix MT4 server.

You are now able to connect to through your local data-center and improve your latency through dedicated fiber-optic lines directly to our trade servers.

The new localized data-centers are located at the below cities:

  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Delhi
  • New York
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Washington

The developments will be most favorable for traders relying on low latency and fast order execution for their Scalping, News and High Frequency Trading systems.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Direct to Market Brokers vs. Dealing Desk Brokers

There are two models of online Forex brokers that Forex traders can choose from. Both models have benefits that are attractive for different trading styles or client level.

Experience tells us that profitable traders and more experienced Forex traders prefer to trade using the direct to markets Forex broker model that ensures no conflicts and trading on true market prices (not market making).   

Market Makers (Dealing Desk) Brokers operate differently to an STP broker as the dealing desk will not send clients orders to the bank liquidity providers but instead will take the opposite side to their clients orders, in other words they take the risk on your trades.

The Market Maker will make profit on your losses and will make a loss if you win, therefore there is a serious conflict of interest between client and broker. To help market making brokers protect themselves from profitable Forex traders, they implement restrictions and limits on their clients such as minimum market distance levels, minimum time you must be before committed to a trade before closing it. This stacks the odds of the Market Maker winning dramatically in their favour. The logic is simple and restricts scalping and hedging traders the ability to make quick profits from fast order opening and closing and increase the chances of generating losses for the broker.

An STP broker (Direct to Markets execution) is the opposite. It provides traders with unrestricted trading rules and conditions, in fact they pass on to their clients the same institutional conditions that they receive from the Liquidity Banks. This ensures no conflicts of interests and also, allows profitable traders to trade the markets and make money in full confidence.

The Direct to Markets Forex Broker makes money based only on volumes traded through either a commission or a mark up of the core spreads. Again, the logic is simple, the more successful a trader is the more Forex volumes the client will trade and this leads to higher broker profits.

At Yadix, as our volume levels are high, we also offer a share of our STP profits back to our clients to ensure that each trader can benefit from a guaranteed return on investment on their trading activity. The Forex rebates any client can earn is 1 pip per lot ($10).

To learn how you can make money for your trading volumes, please contact your account manager or the support team.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Refer your Friends to Earn Cash Unlimited Commissions

Yadix offers the opportunity for clients to earn unlimited and lifetime commissions from every friend you refer to Yadix!

You don't have to be an Forex IB, affiliate or business to earn commissions. Any client can refer friends, family and colleagues to Yadix and start earning commissions immediately.

How to become a Forex Referrer?

To become a referrer, simply login to your Yadix member's area, and request to become a partner. Your referral link is available immediately under your trading accounts section.

How Will I Earn Commissions?

You will earn real cash commissions for every trade your referred client makes. The money is credited automatically to your commission account and you can withdraw the commission you have earned at any time.

How Much Money can I Earn?

The amount of commission paid is unlimited, you can earn up to $10 per lot traded. As Yadix STP Broker offers direct to market trading, you will earn a share of the broker's profits based on volumes traded and means you can earn unlimited commissions each month.

So if you have friends that trade become a referrer today and earn real cash each month.

Contact the support team live chat for more details:

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Invest with Professional Managers using Low to Medium Risk Investment Programs

Trading Forex can be challenging, daunting and confusing at times. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned trader, beginner, manual trading or using automated robots, we are all looking for ways to expand our money portfolio and grow our wealth using the Forex markets.
Yadix is a true STP Forex broker that offers he trading environment, conditions and more importantly the support for profitable traders through the no conflict of interests STP Forex brokerage model. As such, we offer trading tools, services and facilities such as managed Forex accounts to give you alternative trading and investment options.

All managers in the Yadix PAMM Program follow a set process in order to identify suitability before being offered to our respected clients and investors. Firstly, the manager's trading strategy is verified for suitability through our Auto-trading team. The manager must then trade for 3 months, using his/her own funds (that matches the minimum investment requirements) and based on the trading performance, they are then considered for public inclusion. Finally, the strategy and results are studied to ensure that the manager fits the Low to Medium risk management levels that the Yadix management insists upon before offering any program to its clients.

These processes are followed to ensure that your investments are not subjected to any high risk or unrealistic investment programs. Any investment option that seems too good to be true usually is and you are risking your funds entirely. Through experience, we have found that managers that consider a return of 5%-15%, with drawdown less than 30% are the most stable and most successful.

Today, we would like to invite you review the most successful PAMM program during 2015 as a good investment option, and a road-map to diversify your investments.

PAMM Manager 20115 employs a low/medium risk strategy trading up to eight pairs. With an intelligent defence mechanism, risk management is automated to help deliver higher monthly returns and controlled drawdown. The combination of automated trading and manual management means that Manager 20115 has delivered exceptional performance:

  • Growth: 57.63%
  • Total Winning Trades: 60.58%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 18.24%.

Manager 20115 is a viable and affordable investment option for all potential investors looking for a responsible, experienced and professional trader in which they can place their trust.

Please feel free to contact our PAMM and Auto-trading team of specialists for more information and the full trading report.