Thursday, January 28, 2016

Direct to Markets Forex Order Execution Speeds

For many traders, especially those using profitable Expert Advisors or Scalping Robots, execution speeds are just as important as your broker being a true STP (No Dealing Desk) that offers low Inter-bank spreads.

There are STP Forex brokers that use just one liquidity provider that means that they are restricted in offering the execution quality required to match any EA or trading strategy. The Liquidity might be suitable for a martingale EA but for news trading or Scalping, the execution speeds can be too slow or you may experience high slippage due to fewer ticks because of fewer price feeds to your MT4 chart.

Yadix is a broker that connects to 15 Banks that provide liquidity to ensure we can accept any profitable or auto-trading Forex system through anonymous FX trading and low latency connective to these co-located liquidity providers hosted at Equinix, just like the Yadix MT4.

Our trading technology is focused on low latency and fast order execution for our clients around the world. Whilst the industry considers execution speeds fewer than 250 milliseconds, Yadix clients experience execution speeds as low as 10 milliseconds.

To ensure our traders experience trading at the best Forex spreads available in the market, we use the best bid/ask execution policy to determine which bank your orders are executed at. Because of this, execution speeds vary as each bank has it's own order execution process or flow. Two orders of the same pair that's executed a few milliseconds later can be executed at different speeds (e.g. one in 15 milliseconds and the other in 150 milliseconds), this is because the orders were executed at different liquidity banks, bank one executes the order quicker than bank two.

All of our client's trades are executed using the best bid and ask pricing through our high capacity Forex Bridge to the world's leading Forex bank liquidity providers to provide you with no conflicts of interest, best execution policies and the ability to trade transparently at the market's best spreads.

You are invited to contact our professional trader support team to learn more about the no dealing desk execution model and its benefits.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Zero Margin Requirements for Hedging

Traders that implement hedging strategies, manually or through their expert advisors can take advantage of zero margin requirements for opening hedged positions.

As hedging is an integral part to many Forex strategiesto helps control risk exposure, Yadix offers many beneficial advantages for clients that wish to hedge their trades such as zero margin requirements for hedge positions, and the ability to hedge with negative free margin.

Unlike many other Forex Brokers that charge margin for at least one leg of the hedged order or don't allow hedging at all, when you open a Buy and Sell position on the same instrument using the same order size (volume), the Yadix MT4 requires zero margin for your trades.

Furthermore, traders can hedge orders when the account has a negative free margin. This allows traders to control their drawdown and wait to see the market direction before closing the negative leg of their hedged position and profiting from the positive leg.

For more information about these hedging advantages, please contact our knowledgeable trader support team or your account manager.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What's the Difference Between Demo and Real Trading?

Many traders wonder why they get better results trading with Forex Expert Advisors on Demo trading accounts when comparing to Real trading accounts, and this leads to the question "why is demo trading successful and real trading not?"

The answer is very simple, demo trading accounts are offered on a virtual platform. It offers a trading environment where orders are not submitted to markets, it means traders do not get order slippage and all order entries and stops will be filled exactly!

When trading on an STP or DMA broker, your orders are filled directly by liquidity banks.  The communication between your MT4 platform, the MT4 server and the banks takes some time (milliseconds) and to execute trades to the market. This can mean that in times of fast moving or abnormal market conditions, the price you want to execute at has passed and is no longer available, orders are then filled at the next available price and this is known as slippage.

If you're broker is a dealing desk (market maker) you will trade at prices defined by the market maker and then the demo to real difference can be extremely different.  Alternatively, the dealing desk will have a "last look" and delay your order fill and the price has passed. It means that demo trading can never replicate exactly live trading regardless of broker model.

Yadix uses the highest level latest technology to provide the fastest low latency connectivity between clients trading terminal, the MT4 server and the co-located bank servers to ensure we are offering the fastest order execution we possibly can, and this reduces slippage.

As a true direct to markets broker, Yadix can assure fair and transparent order execution for all traders, this is evident in the best execution policy that provides price improvements for our traders to benefit from.

As a responsible broker focusing on providing a suitable trading environment for all Scalpers, EA and news traders, we do recommend that clients use the Demo platforms for checking spreads, trading conditions and MT4 abilities, and do recommend testing any trading strategy on the live trading environment for any clarifications.

To discuss trading with unrestricted and interbank conditions and spreads, please contact our professional support team at any time.

Friday, January 8, 2016

NEW: Auto Rebate Crediting System

Until now, trading for rebates have been rewarding with the ability to generate unlimited cash rewards each month, but accessing the cash backs you've earned meant waiting until the end of the month to claim, manually calculating your Forex Rebates due and then have the rebates credited to your trading account.

We are delighted to introduce the newly developed system that automatically credits your hard earned rebates in real time to and have your real cash reward available instantly.  

The new auto-rebate system is based on MT4 pip value calculations in real time to ensure that all rebates are 100% accurate and the cash is instantly available for you. There's no need to wait for the end of the month or a specific date for your Forex rebates any longer.

Yadix Forex Rebates offers all clients to earn a real cash back for every single trade, regardless of size or outcome (i.e. profit of loss trades) and on all symbols to ensue you are rewarded with high value cash rewards for your volumes. The more you trade, the more you will earn.

Rebate Account: 1 pip Fixed Rebate ($10) per lot traded
Classic Account:  Between 0.2 -0.5 pips scaled rebate ($2-$5) per lot traded
VIP Rebates: For high volume traders, we can create a unique and high value rebate based on volumes.

To sign up for auto-rebates and to star to get paid for your trading activity, and earn unlimited Forex Rebates, please visit our dedicated auto-rebate page:

Alternatively, please contact your account manager or our professional support team.