Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year From Yadix!

We would like to thank you for trading with Yadix and to wish you a happy and prosperous 2017.

We would like to update you with the scheduled market hours and office operating hours over the New Year's period. Our Liquidity Providers have confirmed that the markets will shut down according to the times below:

In observance of the holidays, our offices will be working on limited hours during Monday, January 2, 2017. During these times, please allow for additional response time to any queries.

Important Note: During the Holiday period the market has lower liquidity and therefore clients may experience higher than normal spreads.

Once again, we would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2017 and to thank you for your continued custom.

Best regards,

David Bergman
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Hedging Benefits for Manaual and Expert Advisor Traders!

For traders that rely on hedging, manually or through an expert advisor, Yadix offers hedging with zero margin requirements!

Unlike many other brokers, that charge margin for at least one leg of the hedged order, when you open a Buy and Sell position on the same instrument and in the same lot size, The Yadix MT4 requires zero margins. Furthermore, traders can hedge orders when the account has a negative free margin.

These benefits are invaluable for better risk management, and allow Yadix traders to handle drawdown in the most efficient way.

To learn more about hedging advantages and more benefits, feel free to contact the Yadix customer support team or click here.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Win iPhone 7, iPad Pro, MacBook or Galaxy S7

Latest Apple and Samsung Devices Available to Win!

Dear Traders, 

I would like to invite you to trade and get a brand new iPhone 7, iPad Pro, MacBook computer or the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the new gifts promotion at Yadix.

Please click here for more details or contact our live support team to take part and get your gift.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

David Bergman
Yadix Support Team
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas & New Year Trading Hours

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2017

Dear Traders,

As the end of 2016 is fast approaching, we would like to thank you for trading with Yadix and to wish you happy holidays and
a prosperous 2017.

We would like to update you with the scheduled market hours over the Christmas and New Year's period. Please click on the link below for full details:

Please feel free to visit our live chat for further information.

Kind regards,

Katie Davies
Customer Support Team
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Monday, December 19, 2016

BoJ Interest Rate Decision

"The Bank of Japan's Moment of Truth: Decision Day Guide"


BOJ Interest Rate Decision - Dec 20, 03:00 GMT: The Bank of Japan interest rate decision is due out in the early hours with investors keen to see whether there will be an increase in the record scale of its asset purchases or a further cut in negative interest rates.

By not reacting to either of the above in recent meetings, we have seen a fall in consumer prices and by not acting during this meeting will further increase concerns that the BOJ's tools are worthless against their limitations.

Any disappointment from this meeting will trigger the appreciation of the yen and will make the BOJ’s job of reaching its 2 percent inflation target even more difficult and therefore, the BOJ’s most likely choice for any move will be to push its key interest rate further into negative territory, this move could soften the currency and underpin Japanese shares.

Trade with leading conditions:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fed Interest Rate Decision

Getting Ready for a New Regime

Fed Interest Rate Decision - Dec 14, 19:00 GMT: Fed Interest Rate Decision - Dec 14, 19:00 GMT: It is almost certain that the Fed will announce an increase by 25 basis points in short-term interest rates as suggest for many months now. However, since the Fed last published forecasts back in September, the economic outlook has changed dramatically so the markets will hope to get an insight into plans for 2017 activities.

The U.S economy is benefiting from a strong final quarter of 2016, with growth at an estimated 2.6%, a fall in unemployment and following the presidential elections, what the FOMC says and not actually does, may drive the markets. Furthermore, if there is a decision not to increase interest rates this time round, we could see a major US dollar and equity market sell-off. 

Read full alert:

Monday, December 12, 2016

Day Trading Forex

Benefit your Day Trading strategy with leading conditions and low costs!


For Day Traders, low trading costs, fast order filling and high execution accuracy are important aspects for Scalping, news trading and high frequency trading.
Unrestricted Trading
Day Traders and Scalpers benefit from no trading restrictions, no limits and no strategy exclusions for full trading freedom to support any trading strategy.         
Flexible Leverage
You can still trade with leverage as high as 1:500 at a level that will suit your trading strategy or EA system adding to a range of trading benefits and unbeatable conditions.              
No Minimum Trade Sizes
Traders can manage risk with complete efficiency with minimum trade sizes from 0.01 to 1000 lots to suit all strategies and systems.
No Market Distances
As a true direct to markets broker, you have no minimum market distance restrictions or time limitations so you can implement even the fastest scalping strategies.
Bank Liquidity
Your trades are executed to a pool of 15 liquidity banks to ensure fair and true market pricing at the lowest real-time market pricing to benefit your Day Trading strategy.
Hedging Capabilities
Hedging is a popular technique for many traders, at Yadix you can hedge with zero margin requirements as well as hedge when your account has negative margin available. 
Free Forex (VPS
For traders whose strategy relies on ultra-fast execution, the free Forex VPS provides an average ping time of 2ms to our Equinix LD4 MT4 servers.
Test Ideal Conditions
Before investing any funds, Yadix offers you a no obligation test credit of $25 to test the execution speed, spreads and filling accuracy of the famous Scalper account for Day Traders and Scalpers.
Read more:

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New: Instant Rebate Program

Get $12 per lot Forex Rebates! Get paid to trade at Yadix and for every trade you make, win or lose you will qualify for the highest rebate in Forex! 

Instant Rebates Introduction:

Yadix offers you four different instant rebate programs that credits your account with cash instantly when you close any trade. The amount of Rebates you can earn is unlimited. 

Instant Rebate Levels :   

Classic account: 0.3 Pips/Lot       
Rebate account: 1 Pips/Lot         
Scalper account: 0.2 Pips/Lot     
Super Rebate account: 1.2 Pips/Lot

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does it work?

Simply trade and when you close an order your account will be credited with cash according to the rebate program you are trading on.

When are Rebates Credited?

Your cash rebate is calculated and credited to your MT4 account instantly and automatically, giving you instant access to extra cash.

Rebate Examples:

Case A - Client A deposited $5,000 to his Super Rebate account, made a trading profit of $1,500, and by trading 90 lots received an extra $1,080 in Rebates. Bringing his total profit for the month ($1,500 +$1,080) = $2,580 TOTAL PROFIT.

Case B - Client B deposited $5,000 to his Super Rebate account, made a trading loss of $500, and by trading 90 lots received $1,080 in Rebates. Even though Client B made a trading loss, he ended the month in profit. Total profit for the month (-$500 +$1,080) = $580 TOTAL PROFIT.

What are the  Requirements for Withdrawing Rebates?

There are no requirements to withdraw. Your Rebates are real cash so you can transfer them to your trading account, save them or withdraw the cash.

What Symbols and Trade Sizes Qualify for Rebates?

You will earn rebates on all symbols, all trade sizes and regardless of trading profit or loss, meaning you are guaranteed to earn rebates always.

Are there Restricted Trading Strategies?

No, as an true STP broker, there are no trading restrictions which allows any strategy or EA to earn extra cash through the selected rebate program.

Read more:
Register account:

Friday, December 2, 2016

XAU/USD – Gold Drops to 9-month Lows

November has been terrible for gold...

as it has dropped 8% in value during the month, which are the sharpest losses since 2013. This is due to a strong US economy which reduces demand for safe-haven markets and the expectation of further rate hikes from the Fed in December.

Impressive GDP figures in the third quarter, shows that the economy expanded to 3.2%, above the 3.0% forecast. Solid consumer confidence has jumped to 107.1 points in November was also crucial for the recovery in the US. Overall, Donald Trump’s surprise election victory has not had an adverse effect on the economy, suggesting that the US dollar could continue to strengthen against its rivals.

Trade gold with Yadix and benefit from core spreads from 1 pip, low commissions and no trading restrictions to benefit from these unrivaled trading conditions.

To read more about trading gold at Yadix and to review our leading trading conditions, please visit:

Thursday, December 1, 2016

It’s Time to Claim your November 2016 Rebates!

Dear Traders,

Please be reminded that now its the time to claim your November 2016 monthly rebates: 1 pip per lot on Rebate Account or 0.3 pip per lot on Classic Account.

To claim your rebates simply send us an email in between the 1st and 6rd of each month. Please include your MT4 account number and the number of lots that you have traded.

*Learn more on the new Cash Backs Program – Up to $12 Per Lot:

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

David Bergman
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

High Impact News Release Alert

Today the market will experience several high impact economic data releases as well as the FOMC minutes, a clear guide for the US interest rate policy.

We expect these events to be important for the markets after the effect of the recent US election, and may cause periods of high volatility. Client's that plan to trade during these events are encouraged to plan in advance and fund their accounts accordingly.

High Impact Economic Events November 23 2016:

Be prepared for sharp movements and volatility if any of these events deliver unexpected results.

Best regards,

Mario Antov
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

High Impact News Release Alert

High Impact Events: On November 17 and 18 2016, the markets will experience the first round of high impact economical events since last week's US election excitement.

The ECB Monetary Policy Meeting is due Nov 17, 12:30 and includes an overview of financial markets, economic and monetary developments within Europe. At 13:30, the Building Permits from the US released and at the same time Initial Jobless Claims from the US is delivered, which is another market mover.

These releases are followed by key speeches, with the Fed's Yellen's insight into the current economic situation in the United States and policies updates at 15:00. Then, on Friday, we have ECB President Draghi's Speech that presents how the ECB observes the current European economy.

The shock of the Trump presidential victory didn't cause the market to react could be expected, as the dollar continued to gain. Tomorrow and Friday could be crucial to its continued strength, or we could see some weakening based on the aforementioned events.

Be prepared for sharp movements and volatility if any of these events deliver unexpected results. Refer to our Economic Calendar for full details.

Best regards,

Mario Antov
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trading Opportunities - One-on-One Session with Account Manager

With the recent political and economic changes,  trading opportunities have been presented in the markets that I'd like to share. 

I would like to invite you to benefit from a personal one-on-one session with me to discuss how the high impact political, economic and upcoming events of 2016 have led the markets to a level where there are potential opportunities to take advantage of. 

We have noticed that for the every-day trader, the current market situation is unclear. However upcoming major events (that may surprise the markets) and an insight into how the professionals are approaching the current market volatility may give you a different and valuable perspective for your trading. 

To arrange your one-on-one session, please visit the following link and book your time slot:

Best regards, 

Tony Edwards
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump elected new President of the United States of America

Donald Trump has been officially elected as the new President of the United States of America, after Hillary Clinton conceded defeat.

Earlier this morning, according to a popular US news channel, Clinton called Trump to concede defeat in the presidential race. For many very well respected and influential political commentators, this result is the most shocking development in politics for many generations.

At the core of this victory is that fact that Trump over-performed in key states whereas Clinton failed to take advantage of expected supremacy. Losing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and more caused too much damage for Clinton to take office. Furthermore, the republicans also retained the House of Representatives majority.

During the victory speech, Trump commented about Clinton "We owe her a major debt of gratitude for her debt to our country" and added that he plans to be the "President of all Americans".

For the markets, the coming days should experience risk aversion as the main driver which of course should see volume shift to safe-haven symbols such as Gold, CHF and JPY pairs.
Currencies within the EU are expected to battle with their own economic and political agenda's as well as a weaker dollar. Commodities will probably mirror movements in the stock and Indices markets.

Make the most of the market movements with our US Election bonuses for today only!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trump Or Clinton Better For Your Investments?

US Elections Special

On November 8th 2016, the people of the United States will select their next President. While focus is on the vote, experienced traders will look to the markets, as the election will create high volatility. Candidates, Democratic Hillary Clinton, and Republican Donald Trump, have differing opinions on policy, which stand to affect the markets no matter who takes office.

US Election Effect
The markets are fully focussed on the upcoming election with the polls affecting many currencies, for example the Mexican peso reached six-week highs based on the strength that Clinton was leading. However with the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s emails, her campaign has suffered pushing Trumps popularity higher and Mexican peso has dropped in value.

Trump Moves Up As Volatility Returns

With less than a week to go before the election, there's been a shift in sentiment and in the latest polls Trump has taken a slight lead, which has been the catalyst for some fairly significant risk-off moves.

The VIX that measures the fears and volatility of the US equity market has jumped to 19 due to this shift. It had been around the 13 level on the expectation that Clinton would win the race for the White House. Also a sell-off on the S&P 500, which has broken important support levels and is trading at its lowest level since July. Either the markets are concerned about a Trump win, or investors are lowering risk to protect against a shock result or higher volatility.

Who’s Better For Your Investments?

It's considered that a Trump would be better for families who are trying to pass assets to the next generation tax-free, as Trump would end the estate (‘death’) tax. Hillary would be worse for these families, as she would increase estate taxes by double.

Trump would also seem to be better for manufacturing workers, however his planned tariffs on imports could put American manufacturing workers at risk or out of work, as US exports would potentially be reduced in volume. Clinton on the other hand is seen by Wall Street as “more of the same”, the ‘status quo’ candidate would largely continue with Obama’s policies.

Vote for Volatility, Trade the US Election
Keep in mind that volatility is expected across USD pairs during the election, and after results are released sharp market movements are expected that offer significant trading opportunities.

Best regards,

Alexandra Miller
Yadix Support Team
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Monday, October 31, 2016

Best Performing Managers During October

Dear Investors,

I would like to update you with the latest performance statistics of the best performing managers from the Yadix PAMM community during October.

Manager #1617 - Growth: 16.01%  |  Winning Trades: 95.65%
This program has delivered growth of 16.01% with only 0.11% drawdown from 95.65% profitable trades during October.

#1617 is a full time professional fund manager with more than 10 years experience that trades using a manual execution strategy using a range of proprietary indicators and trading tools. For investments exceeding $5,000 the performance fee is reduced to just 10% of your monthly profits!

October Summary:

Manager #8499 - Growth: 34.64%  |  Winning Trades: 98.22%  
In October has generated growth of 17.21%, from 98.22% winning trades and ultra-low drawdown of 0.11%.

This manager has Quantitative background (PhD in mathematics and economics) and delivers a monthly average growth of 15.58% with very low drawdown statistics.

October Summary:

Manager #6447 - Growth: 7.08%  |  Drawdown: 0.10%
 Manager #6447, is a now option for serious investors looking for stable growth and low risk management, with growth in October of 7.08% and drawdown of only 0.10%.

Trading is performed by a team of full-time traders, 24/7 monitoring and trading quants with a conservative and professional trading approach with returns targeted at 10% monthly. 

October Summary:

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Mario Antov
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Monday, October 24, 2016

Auto Crediting Of Rebates

1 Pip Rebate Instantly Credited
We invite you to benefit from the auto crediting of the cash backs you earn on your Rebate account and profit from 1 pip ($10) per lot traded.

From now, there's no need to waste time calculating your rebates, waiting till the end of each month and claiming your money, all you need to do is simply trade and your cash rebates are credited automatically and are available for you instantly. All of your trades will contribute to your total rebates including micro orders (0.01), profit/loss positions and the rebates you can earn are unlimited.

Read more:

True STP Broker Trading

Yadix offers STP trading with NDD intervention and delivers attractive trading conditions including ecn spreads from 0.0 pips, low latency execution and a best execution policy to support EA and scalping. 

ZERO limits/levels on your S/L, T/P 
 Zero market distance levels or limits allows clients to set SL, TP and pending orders without limitations and even close scalping orders in the same second. 

Supporting Profitable Trading
Our unique no conflict of interest infrastructure, technologies and trading conditions are in place to suit profitable trading systems/strategies. 

True STP Trading Experience
Leading price aggregators match and execute orders, using fibre-optic connectivity directly to global banks and financial institutions without dealing desk manipulation.

Smart Order Routing & Aggregation
High capacity MT4 Bridge connects scalpers to our advanced Smart Order Routing and Aggregation engines with the capacity of executing thousand of orders per second. 

Market Execution - No Re-quotes
Orders are filled to inter-bank FX exchanges on a “Fill or Fill” basis with no last look and no re-quotes and no broker intervention for pre and post-trade transparency.

Transparency & Anonymity
Client’s positions and strategies are protected with 100% anonymous execution to the priced matching execution venue (Liquidity Provider) to protect from stop hunting. 

Information links:
1)Forex Scalping Tips:
2)Quick Start Guide including $25 no-deposit -
3)Trading accounts benefits -

Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be very happy to help.    
Best regards,

George Miller
Trade Services
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Best Performing Managers During September

Latest performance statistics of the best performing managers from the Yadix PAMM community. 

We would like to update you with the latest performance statistics of the best performing managers from the Yadix PAMM community during September. 

Manager #1617 has delivered growth of 12.87% from 96.13% winning trades using a very low risk trading strategy with drawdown of 2.22%. 

The minimum investment to join Manager #1617 is only $2,000 with 15% performance fee. For investments of $5,000 + the performance fee is reduced to just 10%.

Manager #8499, in September has generated growth of 8.97%, from 100% winning trades and ultra-low drawdown of 0%.

This exclusive investment program is available with a minimum of $1,000 and a performance fee of only 20%.

In the interest of investors, all managers in the Yadix PAMM community are required to trade for three months before being made available publically to ensure the only low and medium risk trading strategies are displayed and verify the manager's performance and abilities.

For more details or information, please contact our professional support team for help.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pamm Manager Profile #8499

15+ years markets’ experience in fx, derivatives and rates trading

We would like to introduce to you a new successful PAMM program that focuses on stable returns.

The strategy of Manager #8499 implements 15+ years of trading experience with a patient approach for low drawdown and consistent performance. Scientific risk management is implemented based on exposure vs. capital and the protection of capital to deliver long term and sustainable growth.

The manager has Quantitative background (PhD in mathematics and economics from Cambridge) and has more than fifteen years markets’ experience in fx, derivatives and rates trading. The manager has developed a set of trading tools to help identify trends, appropriate pricing levels for order entry and to indicate the best exit prices to maximize profitability and reduce risk.

View Full Performance Report:


Best regards, 

Mario Antov
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Expert Advisors Review & Performance

Since 2010, Yadix has been focused on providing excellent trading conditions for Expert Advisors and Scalpers.

Based on our large community of EA traders, our Auto-Trading team have prepared review of  three EAs that have performed extremely well trading at Yadix.

Trio Dancer EA Review:

Trio Dancer is a powerful Scalping EA that trades high volumes. Because of this, the EA is very popular for client's that trade for instant rebates on the Yadix Scalper account.

Trio Dancer EA has a very high winning trade ratio of 64.12% and low drawdown when using the recommended low risk EA settings. 

Full Review:

Romeo & Juliet EA Review:

Romeo and Juliet is an intelligent duel EA that works in conjunction with one another based on the direction of the chart. If Romeo sells, Juliet will buy and both EAs receive a price signals to identify the direction of the market, closes the losing direction and maximizes profitability of the right market direction.

The Scalper account is ideal as low cost trading delivers great profitability. The EA has recorded 69.46% profitable trades and ultra low drawdown. 

Full Review:
Forex Hacked Pro EA Review:

Forex Hacked was launched in 2009 and remains one of the most popular EAs in the Forex market. The performance trading on the scalper account exceeded 113% in a very short time period, with this level of performance the EA is often used.

Trading on a Yadix Scalper account, the review shows 82.42% winning trades, 113% profit and just 8.70% drawdown.

Full Review:

To access these EAs for free, fund your account with $1,000 or more and contact our support team to arrange access to these powerful trading tools.

George Miller
Auto-Trading Team
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

About Yadix Liquidity & Pricing

Major Banks Compete For Your Trades

Do you know that when you trade with Yadix  - true STP broker, your trade is send directly through to the liquidity provider offering the lowest price? Believe or not the major world banks like Citibank, Deutsch Bank, Bank of America, UBS, JP Morgan, Barclays Bank competing for your forex trades.

Due to the Straight True Processing (STP) broker model, our clients receive instantly core spreads and the best market prices from tier one liquidity providers. Unlike the Market Makers brokers, who do not execute the orders on the real market but only “internally” and requote the prices, Yadix provides the real market prices and fast order execution with no restrictions on stop loss or take profits.

As liquidity is a key factor to delivering continued excellence in order filling quality, execution speeds and no limits on stop loss, take profit and pending orders, we work hard to source the most suitable liquidity from 15+ banks and provide traders with fully anonymous execution with no dealing desk intervention to maximise their trading profitability and efficiency.

For more information please read:

For any questions, you are welcome to visit our live chat service where our professional support team are happy to help you.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Best Performing manager 2016

Growth of 183.28% with low draw-down of 10.26%

We would like to invite you join the most successful PAMM program during 2016.

PAMM Manager #1617 employs a low/medium risk manual trading strategy. With more than 10 years trading experience as a high value trader and money manager, the manager uses a range of trading tools and indicators to analyze chart history and price action for the best entry and exit points to deliver excellent performance statistics: 
Growth: 183.28%, Total Winning Trades: 67.24%, Maximum Drawdown: 10.26%.

10% Performance fee for the next 12 months: 
Due to network growth, the manager would like to offer Yadix Investors a reduced performance fee from 35% to 10% for investments above 5000 USD and 15% for investments under 5000 USD for next 12 months!

Contact our live chat to learn more.

Read more:

Yadix Partnership Program

Our partners can promote five competitive account types to earn high commissions and benefit from excellent client retention for maximum returns. We pay up to $12 per lot on clients referred to Yadix.

Up to 55% Share / Up to $12 Per Lot!
The Yadix partnership program offers you to earn unlimited commissions and build your business with a broker that offers full flexibility, unbeatable conditions, exceptional marketing support and a range of tools for your success.        

25% for Referred Partners
When you refer a new partner to Yadix, you automatically qualify to earn from 10% up to 25% of commissions generated by referred partners. Furthermore, the referred partner's earning is set for life.   

Fast Commission Payments
Cash flow is important for all partners that are why Yadix offers its partners the option to receive commissions on a weekly or monthly basis. Request the payment and the funds are sent the same day.

Conversion & Retention
Our program offers the highest commissions and conversion rates and the most advanced promotions and tools for traders, our retention team ensures you achieve maximum returns on your referred traders.

Asset/Money Managers
Our high-end PAMM/MAM software has seven types of distribution methods including disclosed or undisclosed allocations to give Asset/Money managers the flexibility reliability needed to succeed. As a manager all you need to do is focus on making money trading the markets and leave the rest to us.

Dedicated Account Manager
Account managers care for our VIP’s accounts and can help with funding, withdrawals and are available for one-to-one consultations to help maximise our leading trading environment.

White Label Partnership
As a successful Introducer, Affiliate or Asset/Money Manager with many clients, the next step to running your own independent broker can be expensive, demanding and most of the time just not possible due to the requirements.

EA Developers & Traders Community
Are you the developer of an EA and dream of realising the full potential? Yadix provides you a platform to release your EA to the market through our EA community. At Yadix more than 75% of our traders are EA traders and are constantly looking for new and successful Experts to trade with.

I would like to invite you to one on one chat with our partnership team, together we will be able to find the best roadmap that suite your business

Read more:

Yours sincerely,
Andy Lee
Yadix Partners Team

Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Global Data-Centres

High-Performance, Reliable, and Secure Cloud Connections

Yadix STP Broker is happy to announce new technical developments in order to provide you faster connection to our Equinix LD4 MT4 server. You are now able to connect to through your local data-centre and improve your latency through dedicated fibre-optic lines directly to our trade servers in LD4, London.

The new localised data-centres are located at the below cities: Frankfurt, Delhi, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Washington and London. The developments will be most favourable for traders relying on low latency and fast order execution for their Scalping, News and High Frequency Trading systems.

Please feel free to visit our Live Chat for any help and to discuss the new advantages for your trading.

Best Regards

Mario Antov
Customer Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Forex Managed Accounts

Invest with Professional Managers using Low to Medium Risk

We at Yadix STP Broker believe a managed forex account is an excellent choice for investor who cannot follow the market around the clock.  Forex managed accounts are preferred by those investors who want to have their capital managed by professional forex money manager.  Another reason to consider this type of trading is diversification of the investment risk without being too much involved in Forex trading.

If you are looking for a regular long-term proven, high yield returns you are on the right place. Yadix PAMM program introduces low to medium risk money management provided by independent money managers and financial experts. Their highly professional work ensures lowest drawdown and consistent income, using automatic trading systems and manual trading strategies.

Yadix gives you the freedom to choose among multiple fund managers depending on the amount of your investment capital, desired returns and the level of risk. Once you are registered your account will be attached to the money manager you have chosen so that he can trade on your behalf using all his knowledge and expertise.   All you need is 5 minutes for account registration and minimum deposit only $500.

Client’s Fund Protection is with highest priority for Yadix.  That is why the system allows the Investors to remain in full control of their funds all the time. 

The fund managers also can benefit from Yadix PAMM.  Once registered, the professionals have an access to qualified clients looking to invest their capital.  The system allows your manager’s profile and performance report to be visible for the investors so that they may easily to choose you as a master of their funds.

For more information please read:

For any questions, you are welcome to visit our live chat service where our professional support team are happy to help you.

Best regards,

Mario Antov
Account Manager
Yadix Forex Broker
Telephone: +44(0) 20 3239 6117

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Auto-Trading with Yadix

No Trading Restrictions & Anonymous Trading 

Forever growing popularity of automated trading is due mainly to its accessibility. The idea to use the computer program which analyses the market trends and makes trading decisions on your behalf looks very attractive for significant number of traders. The Expert advisors – a form of auto-trading, gives opportunities to the traders with no much experience to apply a complex algorithms and know-how. The professional traders may use trading robots to optimize their work and to gain the best of both worlds – manual and automated trade. No matter you are a beginner or more experienced trader, you are more than welcome to use Auto-trading with Yadix – true STP broker.

Yadix invites you seriously to consider the automated trading when implementing your forex strategy. Using well designed, tested and optimized Expert Advisor allows you effectively to eliminate the emotions and guesswork while trading. The fear and the greed will be no longer such an issue for you. The Auto trading allows your money constantly work for you while you are working, sleeping or having fun.

More and more people are choosing to use Auto-trading with Yadix because we operate with no conflict of interest and we do not implement any trading restrictions as stop levels or other obstacles during trading. Yadix does not make profit from trader’s losses unlike brokers with Dealing Desk known as Market Makers. You have no limits to apply the most aggressive and profitable strategies using scalping, arbitrage and hedging. Auto-trading friendly environment provided by Yadix allows traders to benefit from market movements 24 hours and at the same time to be much more efficient.

To learn more please read:

Open Scalper account:

Friday, July 8, 2016

Low Latency Trading Using Equinix LD4

Low latency connections to deliver faster & accurate execution.

Very often a few milliseconds make difference for the trade to be profitable or not. Yadix stp broker have been investing heavily in improving their systems to reduce the time it takes to send information to customers, as well as to accept and handle customers’ orders.  The partnership with Equinix – one of the best technology providers for financial markets is a significant part of such commitment.

The ability to deliver the fastest order execution, with the lowest latency and the most accurate order fills through the Equinix Financial eXchange gives the traders powerful tool for profitable trading. The Equinix LD4 data centre with trading server facilities has a strategic location in London. Such a co-location with major liquidity banks and state-of-art technology makes possible our clients using our VPS service to achieve average ping time 2 ms.

Choosing Yadix VPS service you are connected via a cloud technology to ensure that no matter the your physical location, order execution and connectivity is just as fast as if you were located near to the data centre. This creates ideal environment for successful implementation of scalping, arbitrage, hedging and many other time-sensible trading strategies of all kinds.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Hybrid Promotion – 20% bonus + $5 rebate

Unbeatable offer to maximize your forex investment

Yadix – always strive to offer you a WIN-WIN deal. This amazing promotion is called “hybrid” because it combines two big advantages and in this way doubled your benefits! That is possible because Yadix – true STP broker does not operate using a dealing desk; this means that there is no conflict of interest with our clients. We are happy when our clients are successful!

The first part of this Hybrid promotion is giving you 20% trading bonus on your deposit. For example: Deposit $1,000 and for next 60 days trade with $1,200 equity! This increases you trading power, profitability and gives much more security to your investments.

And this is not the end – at the same time you get $5 rebate on every lot traded. For example: Once you trade 50 lots, you will get additionally $250 rebate (50 lots EURUSD *$5= $250). All trades are counted - regardless of profit or loss. This is guaranteed income coming from converting your trading volume into the real cash in your account.

Having this promotion you continue to enjoy the other trading benefits such as no stop loss and take profit limits or levels, zero margin requirements for hedged positions and hedge with negative free margin.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yadix Rebate Account

Real time cash back for every lot traded

The Rebate account offers unique opportunity for forex traders - 1 pip / $10 rebate for every lot you trade!

How Do Rebates work? 

For every trade you make Yadix will pay you back a part of the spread or commission of your trade according to the program you choose.

Rebate Examples:

Case A - Client A deposited $5,000 to his Rebate account, made a trading profit of $1,500, and by trading 100 lots received an extra $1,000 in Rebates. Bringing his total profit for the month ($1,500 +$1,000) = $2,500 TOTAL PROFIT.

Case B - Client B deposited $5,000 to his Rebate account, made a trading loss of $500, and by trading 100 lots received $1,000 in Rebates. Even though Client B made a trading loss, he ended the month in profit. Total profit for the month (-$500 +$1,000) = $500 TOTAL PROFIT.

Yadix Rebate Account  is targeted for volume traders that like to convert their trades into big savings. When you open Rebate Account and start trading, Yadix pays guaranteed cash amount equal to 1 pip value for every lot traded. For example: The pip value for EUR/USD is $10. If you traded 5 lots you will receive $50 in your account.

Yadix Rebate account provides 100% market execution and no trading restrictions for stop loss, take profits or pending orders. All kind of trading strategies are welcome – the higher the volume is the higher the savings are. That is why to secure good rebates is something which the professional traders give a high consideration.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Real-Time Economic Calendar

Keep track of all Economic that affect the forex markets
Economic calendar is another forex tool, provided by Yadix to help traders get a better understanding when the market will move and why.  Among the biggest market-moving events tend to be the release of key economic data such as the GDP, US non-farm payroll number as well as the speeches of the chairman of the ECB or Federal Reserve.  Despite a big volatility occurred during such an events they do present excellent trading opportunities.

How to use the calendar? It is important for the trader to compare current period figures (Actual) with those related to the preceding period(Previous) and expectations (Consensus).  Comparing these three values gives information to the traders whether new data disappoints or exceeds expectations and therefor to define next move in the market.

By using Yadix’s economic calendar, experienced forex traders may be aware of a possible market changes and act faster than some other market players. The beginners also can gain from this valuable tool – they can track the events and observe the actual impact on the market.  Once they gain more knowledge of the Forex trading basics, new traders will be prepared to go to the next level and understand better the most important economic data released each trading day.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Yadix Pro Trading Account

Trade like a Pro at low cost ECN trading
Yadix is a market leading, fully regulated STP broker offering unbeatable trading conditions and high quality order execution since 2010.  We are aware that some Forex traders deserve more special trading conditions. This special account is a part of our ongoing efforts to support our execution philosophy - real market execution at low cost.

The Pro account is targeted  to more experienced traders needed access to unparalleled and uncapped conditions. Professional traders will find here the high-level of liquidity along with fast and anonymous order execution. They will benefit from easily access the best possible spreads starting from 0 pips and low commissions. Zero market distance levels and specialist liquidity will contribute to support even the most complex trading strategies.

The Pro account offer low cost ECN trading with direct to market execution to over 15 liquidity providers.

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