Monday, December 28, 2015

10 New Deposit and Withdrawal Options

We are delighted to share with you the addition of 10 newdeposit and withdrawal options for our clients to benefit from.
Due to popular demand and after thorough research, Yadix has included new payment methods that are specifically targeted for the easy and safe funding and withdrawing of your online Forex account using regional payment alternatives.

The new deposit and withdrawal methods includes, 15 easy and safe options:

  • FasaPay                               
  • AliPay                   
  • WebMoney
  • Neteller                              
  • Skrill                      
  • CashU
  • Moneta                               
  • Qiwi                      
  • Yandex
  • iDEAL                    
  • MisterCash                        
  • PaySafe
  • InstaDebit                          
  • Bank Wire                          
  • Credit Card

Access wide range of deposit and withdrawal options by logging in to your member's area and make your deposit.

For more information and assistance the Yadix customer support team is available to answer any questions you might have

Thursday, November 26, 2015

High Frequency Trading at

High Frequency Trading is a title that can lead to some confusion between traders and is not really a clear definition of a trading strategy. Thinking about it logically, high frequency trading can apply to any Forex strategy that executes market orders frequently, whether scalping, news and even manual trading.

Like most other trading strategies, traders that implement a high frequency strategy or system rely on their broker to deliver a very specific set of advantages and trading benefits. Yadix Forex Broker is focused on delivering a no-conflicts trading environment, focusing on technology and liquidity quality to be able to service and support all trading strategies, with the added promise of flexibility to evolve its services as the markets and traders needs change and become more demanding.

Over recent years, we have seen a distinct change in how traders approach the markets, and clear changes in how the markets are reacting, especially since the SNB decision in January and the more recent Chinese stock markets crash.

There has been a large shift towards a Scalping approach to the markets, where traders increase their initial trade size but enter and exit the markets much quicker to maximise a very short term hit on the markets. There has also been a clear shift in currency pairs targeted by high volume traders with more focus on Indices, Gold and Oils also. All of these asset classes tend to develop more clear trends and remain less volatile than the major pairs, giving traders and system developers the chance to build their strategies around more profitable and less risky symbols.

High Frequency Trading at Yadix is a Forex strategy we target and provide conditions, execution quality and top liquidity to suit and handle high frequency trading.


Equinix technology accelerates execution performance by connecting traders to the MT4 trade server and then to leading bank liquidity providers, through a global data-center network to make sure orders are transmitted in the fastest possible speeds.

Traders are directly linked via Optical Fibre to a large selection of liquidity providers at Equinix, and means orders are transmitted at accelerated speeds and lower latency on our network.

The Forex Bridge has the capacity of executing efficiently several thousand orders per second. The bridge also splits orders to multiple execution locations to ensure clients are filled at their target prices and can fill larger order sizes up to 200 million.

Trading Conditions

Spreads: From 0.0 pips
Trading Instruments: Forex, Indices and Commodities
MT4 Servers: High Frequency Capacity Server Technology Hosted with Equinix
MT4 Bridge: Leading bridging technology with high frequency trading capacity
Max leverage: 1:500
Execution: Market Execution. 100% direct to market NDD. 100% Order Fills
Minimum Distance on Pending Orders, S/L and T/P: Zero. No limits. No trading restrictions

Fast Order Execution

High quality and fast execution is achieved by combining global data-centres and fibre optic connectivity to ensure low latency trading, and fast order execution, with 98% of orders being filled in under 100 ms

To learn more about High Frequency Trading at Yadix, and it's dedicated services to support specialist trading strategies and systems, please visit our professional live chat service to discuss:

Friday, November 13, 2015

News Trading at

As a broker that supports all profitable trading, Yadix Forex Broker focuses on delivering the most beneficial trading conditions and execution quality with a specific focus on News Trading.

News Traders require specific conditions like low Forex spreads, Low ECN commissions and low slippage levels, therefore top FX liquidity and technology are most important aspects for Forex News Traders.

For News Traders at Yadix, we suggest our Scalper or Pro account types. Both accounts offer spreads from 0.0 pips on the majors, they are connected to our top liquidity providers and with our server and technology infrastructure supplied by Equinix, traders can benefit from the fastest STP order execution possible.

Spreads: From 0.0 pips
Trading Instruments: Forex, Indices and Commodities
MT4 Servers : High Frequency Capacity Server Technology Hosted with Equinix 
MT4 Bridge: Leading bridging technology with high frequency trading capacity
Max leverage: 1:500
Execution: Market Execution. 100% Direct to market NDD. 100% Order Fills
Minimum Distance on Pening Orders, S/L and T/P: Zero. No limits. No trading restrictions
Promotions: Free VPS

The combination or aggregated liquidity that are co-hosted at Equinix means Yadix Broker for News Traders  offers low spreads during normal and abnormal trading conditions and the fiber optic connectivity minimize slippage to an institutional level.

For ultimate order execution, we recommend that client's trade using the Yadix VPS to lower latency between the trade servers and your trading location.

To learn more about News Trading at, please visit the live support directly from the website.