Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Trade Forex?

Beating Slippage

Many clients believe that Slippage is a controllable factor when trading Forex. However, slippage is not a Forex scam, it is a factor of trading the real Forex markets and cannot be avoided. In fact, Slippage is often positive for clients and can add extra profit to your trades or close an order at a more favorable loss.

Slippage occurs during volatile market conditions when quoted prices are fluctuating very fast. When trading with an STP broker, you are always trading real market conditions with leading Forex banks as execution venues. Therefore prices cannot be and are never manipulated for the benefit of the broker.

When exiting an order or your stop loss/take profit is attempting to be filled, the rapid market movement could mean that the price you want to fill at is not available to trade in the market (it has already past or it never existed) and the order is filled at the next available price. Order filling at the next available price is more likely when clients trade during major economic news releases (News Trading).

Beating Slippage:

Whilst Slippage is unavoidable, it can be limited by using technology solutions. By limiting Slippage you can also limit the affect on your MT4 trading account.

The Yadix trade servers are hosted at the Equinix financial exchange at the NY4 data center. Under the same roof and network are the servers of leading banks, execution venues and liquidity providers. This set up means that your orders are executed within the same network and not only does it reduce latency it increases your order execution speeds and the stability of execution.

The average order execution time at Yadix is under 5ms, however, faster order execution is available. You can also benefit from order execution of as low as 1 ms.

Free VPS:

Yadix offers a FREE Forex VPS for all clients that trade regularly.

The Yadix Forex VPS is a computer where clients can operate their MT4 platform and EAs for faster trading. The VPS, is strategically located close to the Equinix NY4 data center and means that the connection to the trade server is the fastest it can be, using the very latest optical fiber technology to ensure the fastest transfer of data.

When trading with Yadix, clients should experience very fast order execution, but, when using the Yadix Forex VPS, clients can experience order execution in less than 1 MS.

This allows our clients the advantage of filling their orders at the accurate target price, more accurate fills, fast order execution and most importantly, reducing the chances of being slipped. Remember, slippage exists, it’s not a scam and brokers cannot control slippage, it’s a part of trading.

Switch your trading activity to Yadix and benefit from less slippage, faster execution and better EA performance:

Monday, August 18, 2014

VIP Forex Trading

At Yadix, we offer a VIP level service for professional and high volume Forex traders. The service available is includes the leading care of VIP Traders, the lowest cost trading conditions and extraordinary service levels that our VIPs deserve.

Our VIPs benefit from institutional quality liquidity, low spreads across all instruments, ultra-fast execution, dedicated personal assistance and added-value rewards and benefits.

Trade Forex With Pro Trading Conditions!

  • Lower Trading Costs

    Trade with core inter-bank spreads starting from 0 pips, low commissions of 0.35 pip per side and the most competitive final trading costs.
  • Institutional Level Liquidity

    VIP accounts are connected directly to the bank liquidity to ensure high quality of order filling, fast order execution and market depth.
  • Unrestricted Trading

    Trade directly with inter-bank liquidity feeds. Minimum trade size 0.01 up to unrestricted. 1:500 regardless of account balance.
  • Strategy Friendly Trading Environment

    We comfortably welcome the most aggressive or profitable trading strategies and EAs allowing you to trade with confidence with Yadix.
  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Access to an in-house representative responsible for your account and who is on-hand to help you with everything at anytime.
  • Free Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    A Forex VPS for EA hosting, reduced latency and more accurate order fills. Our VIPs are able to claim their free VPS from their first deposit.

To review our VIP Forex Trading conditions, please Click here 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

100% Forex Bonus

Yadix has launched its 100% Summer Bonus up to $7,500 for all clients that trade on the Classic Account.

The bonus is available on all new deposits of $100 or more on Classic Accounts from August 1st until the September 30th 2014 and is available for new and existing clients. Clients that trade on the Yadix Pro, Scalper or Rebate accounts can open a new Classic Forex account directly from the FX client area and choose the account settings like Leverage, swap free and base currency. 

Yadix encourages trading on multiple accounts so that our clients can benefit from the wide range of low cost trading conditions, low spreads from 0.1 pips, ECN Forex trading and true STP accounts. There are no trading restrictions on any of our accounts which mean scalpers, expert advisors and profitable Forex strategies can trade. Withdrawals are completed on the same day and there are no broker fees on deposits or withdrawals giving our clients real cost-effective trading advantages.

Yadix Forex Broker offers a great range of rewarding and high value Forex promotions that really do provide additional cash returns on your trading activity. The Rebate Account is a specialist Forex account that offers a 1 pip cash back on every trade you make. For example, a client that trades EURUSD can benefit from low spreads and the below rebates:

  • Trade 10 lots and receive $100 in Forex Rebates
  • Trade 50 lots and receive $500 in Forex Rebates
  • Trade 250 lots and receive $2,500 in Forex Rebates
  • Trade more and get more, UNLIMITED FOREX REBATES.

Register here to participate in the 100% Forex Bonus or the 1 PIP Rebate.


To read more about the 100% Forex Bonus offer, and to see the terms and conditions, please click here.