Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reduced Forex Spreads – EURUSD From 0.1 pip

Low cost trading is the ultimate benefit for forex traders, the emergence and popularity of ECN trading has made forex brokers more competitive in their offerings to clients with reduced Interbank pricing being made available even to retail clients.

Yadix has taken a dramatic step in reducing the spreads for most currency pairs by 50%, making Yadix ECN accounts the most cost effective in the industry.

EURUSD core spreads now start from 0.1 pips and the ECN commissions on the Pro and Scalper accounts are the lowest available, and more importantly, affordable for you.
The bottom line trading costs for the Pro Account is now 0.8 pips in total. For Institutional level clients, Yadix offers a amazing low cost solution with total trading costs of 0.6 pips. We feel that’s unbeatable.

So now we’ve delivered the lowest cost trading for clients, the next step is to add the extra benefits that should also be a high priority for serious traders.

Execution Speeds

Both Pro and Institutional accounts offer a free Forex VPS that connects clients directly to the Equinix NY4 facility that hosts the Yadix trading servers. This reduces latency to the lowest possible level and ensures the most accurate STP, ECN and DMA order execution. Order execution speeds are as low as under 1ms.

Interbank Liquidity

All forex orders are executed to tier one FX banks that provide liquidity to our traders delivering real market conditions to real forex traders.

This deep pool of liquidity is the location where each order is executed. By using multiple LPs, Yadix can comfortably accept any trading strategy, forex EA or Scalping Robots. Furthermore, we are also able to deliver the unique benefit of trading micro lots (0.01) on professional and institutional accounts.

Move your forex trading volumes to Yadix to save money, gain better order execution and give yourself the best opportunity to maximise your trading profits. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Beat Forex Slippage?

Understanding Slippage

Slippage is when an order is executed at the next available price in the real forex markets. Traditionally, slippage is referred to as a negative aspect of trading using an ECN, STP or DMA Forex Broker, but in fact, slippage is often positive for the trader as they experience price improvement.

It is important to understand that slippage is a factor of trading forex that cannot be altered, edited or controlled. The true definition of slippage is when an order is filled at the next available price. The cause and level of slippage is directly affected by latency (the delay in internet communication between parties involved in executing a forex order). The impact of slippage is obviously greater during times of high volatility, data releases and rapid real market movements, slippage can also occur during times where liquidity is thin (e.g. market open and rollover times).

By using the Equinix Financial Exchange, an industry leading and respected technology provider, deep liquidity sources and the Free Forex VPS facility, Yadix delivers an environment that not only is free from trading conflicts, but also provides each client with the fastest possible order execution on the STP/ECN forex model across all accounts.

Understanding News Trading

When News Trading during the release of market critical forex data, markets can become extremely volatile and unpredictable, with sharp changes in prices within milliseconds, price changes are referred to as “ticks”. When a currency pair “ticks” aggressively, the markets can often offer multiple prices per second, these prices are the base of an MT4 candle. It is during these times that news traders experience slippage, where by the order is filled at the next available price.

During “news”, there are no controls over real market spreads and this could lead to greater slippage impact. Like any market, trading forex relies upon supply and demand which determines the spread. If everyone in the market wants to buy at the same time (bullish market) there are less people willing to sell so buy orders can be filled, naturally, this increases the price available to trade on the platform.

One fact that is guaranteed, is that a true STP/ECN broker provides clients with true market conditions and a trading environment and cannot manipulate or influence spreads, slippage or the candles displayed on the MT4 platform.

Profitable Trading at Yadix

Yadix is a broker that targets forex trading strategies that can benefit from faster order execution and those that traditionally are understood to be profitable forex strategies. As a broker, we also understand that many strategies are being implemented in automated trading systems (Expert Advisors, Scalping Robots and trading algorithms) and welcomes traders by providing the conditions, execution and tools for you to benefit. 

For a consultation to discuss your trading strategy with Yadix, please contact our support team who will happily arrange a time to  Account Manager,

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Choose the Best Broker for Scalping?

The best forex broker for scalping and EA traders should comprise of the below beneficial trading and account conditions to allow forex traders to make money scalping.

Yadix is proud to offer its clients trading without restrictions, including zero pips levels on SL and TP and pending orders. Forex scalpers have the freedom to maximise profits and trade without any limitations:

Forex Scalping Conditions:
  • Low forex spreads
  • Multi-bank Liquidity
  • No Dealing Desk
  • No re-quotes
  • No Restrictions on SL & TP

Forex Account Conditions
  • High Leverage
  • Low deposit requirements
  • Fastest order execution (under 1ms)
  • Low ECN commissions
  • 24 hour withdrawals & instant deposits

Learn more about our Forex Scalper Account:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Benefit of Forex Managed Accounts

Forex managed accounts are ever increasing in popularity due to the simple and efficient manner that an inexperienced forex trader can benefit from the skills and knowledge of a professional forex trader.

At all times, the investor remains in control from the choosing of the manager, monitoring the account and exiting the investment. Unlike traditional investment opportunities, forex managed accounts provide exceptional controls for both managers and investors.

For account managers, Yadix delivers a transparent trading environment with low cost conditions and unrestricted trading to ensure that the all managers can implement their profitable trading strategies without exception.

Investors receive a profile for each manager, performance report and specific details about the trading strategy in order to make a more educated decision on which manager to invest with. Once decided, the investor account is funded and attached to the master forex account. From this point, the investor simply needs to monitor the investment account MT4.

Forex Managed Account Costs & Fees

With Yadix, there are no set up fees, ongoing fees or any other costs other than the performance fee that is charged by the independent forex professional. The performance fee is based on the high watermark system that ensures that performance fees are only charged should the account reach a higher level than the previous account high. This incentivises the forex account manager to generate profits for his/her clients and does not receive rewards in any other way. Yadix believes that this is the most transparent way to operate a no conflict of interest policy between investor, manager and broker.

Privacy and Confidence

Throughout the relationship, the clients and managers details and investment remain totally confidential to ensure that there are no preferences or discrimination towards the investment. In fact, the manager only sees a total balance in his investment account and his only incentive is to generate profit so that he can also make profit.

Low to Medium Risk Investments

Yadix checks fully the performance and trading style of each manager prior to making the profile public to investors. This is done to ensure that our investors will not be exposed to high risk and unrealistic management programmes. We are firm believers in quality over quantity, and as such, each investor will be offered a handful of managers based on their profile and requirements. We will never make public a manager that claims to generate 80% in forex profits each month as we understand that these figures are not achievable without unbalanced risk.

To learn more about forex managed accounts and the professional forex account managers available, please visit the following page to register:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Higher Forex Rebates for Yadix Traders

In keeping with the Yadix commitment of rewarding clients trading volumes, the Yadix management team has generously increased the forex rebates on the Classic Account up to $5 per lot.

What are Forex Rebates?

Rebates guarantee traders a cash return on their forex activity, whether trading profits or losses are generated. Yadix clients can rely on a real cash return each month and there are no strategy restrictions and beneficial trading conditions make generating rebates easier. The amount of rebates earned is unlimited, the more you trade, the greater your rebate will be.

Classic Account Forex Rebates:

The new classic account forex rebates have make earning extra monthly cash easier by rewarding lower values at a much higher rate. The rebates range from $2 to $5 per lot on the classic account.

Yadix also offers the highest forex rebate available on the specialist rebate account. $10 is guaranteed for every single lot traded, furthermore, Yadix happily welcomes profitable trading strategies, Expert Adviors and Scalping Robots to make earning rebates more achievable.

Multiple Forex Rebates

Our unique policy of allowing clients to trade on multiple accounts means that traders can take advantage of beneficial conditions and forex rewards offered on four different account types. For example, trade on the Classic account for the 40% welcome bonus, iPhone 5s welcome gift or forex rebates, and at the same time, trade on our Rebate account and get a guaranteed fixed return of $10 per lot traded.

At Yadix, the more you trade, the more you earn. Make forex rebates part of your trading strategy.