Friday, February 22, 2013

Benefits for Forex Scalping Strategies

From experience, there are very typical questions/confirmations that nearly all of our large community forex scalpers ask us before trading their scalping systems with Yadix. below, we have listed the most asked questions and our answers for true transparency:

Q. Do you have any stop limits or levels? 

A. No, Yadix offers ZERO stop limits and NO levels on all forex orders inclusing - Stop Loss, Take Profits, and all pending orders.

Q. If I close my orders within a few minutes, will you ban my profitable scalping robot?

A. No, you a free to trade and close your scalping orders whenever you wish.

Q. How is that possible, all other brokers remove my scalping profits and close my account.

A. Yadix has exclusive partnerships with multiple liquidity providers that help us accept aggressive scalping strategies.

Q. If I make 100% profit with my scalping system, will you pay me, or block my account and scalping profits?

A. No, as a true STP broker, we want you to trade successfully and generate higher volumes.

Q. How fast are your withdrawals?

A. We publish a 24 hour time-scale, but we always try to complete your withdrawal on the same day.

Q. Where are your trade servers?

A. Global locations, recently, we connected to the market leaders Equinix Financial eXchange, who's main data ceneters are located in the heart of New Yorks financial sector, a few moments away from Wall Street.

Q. What are the benefits of Equinix Financial eXchange?

A. The Equinix Financial eXchange trading servers are in the same location as all the major forex banks, allowing us to connect to our liquidity providers with no latency - This allows clients accurate execution of all order types. Global trading servers connect with the main data center to allow clients around the world to experience fast order execution with no latency.

Q. Do you have any rewards for Forex Scalpers?

A. Yes, we have the Yadix Scalper Account designed for scalping strategies only. The Scalper Account offers a fixed cash rebate of *$3 per lot and free VPS (EA hosting)**

Check out the reasons why we believe that we are the right broker for forex scalping and information on the Yadix Scalper Account below:

Scalper Account:
Raw spreads from 0.3 pips
Fixed cash rebate of $3 per lot
Minimum trade size 0.01 (micro)
ECN model
Specific Liquidity providers to execute scalping trades
Zero Limit and Stop Levels: SL, TP and all pending orders

For any questions on trading your scalping robot or scalping strategy at Yadix, please get in touch.

* Minimum volume requirement ** Minimum deposit requirement 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yadix Account for Scalping Forex

Yadix has a vision to become the best broker for scalpers, to achieve this we are focused on providing the best trading conditions for scalpers.

The new Yadix Scalper Account that has been specifically targeted to the best trading conditions for forex scalpers, scalping systems, scalping robots and profitable scalping.

Why choose the Scalper Account?

The account offers advanced trading conditions for all forex scalpers that include spreads from 0.3 pips, no trading restrictions - Zero Limit and Stop Levels on SL, TP and all pending orders - Yadix welcomes all EAs and profitable scalping systems.

The Yadix ECN/STP forex model allows clients to trade forex using trade sizes of 0.01 (micro lots), low latency and fast order execution using leading trading execution technology, but also offers the additional benefit of a fixed cash rebate of $3 for every lot traded.

What are the differences in Scalping Order Execution?

The Yadix Scalper Account is specifically for clients that use profitable scalping strategies, scalping systems, forex robots and manual scalping. Yadix is determined to gain the reputation as being the best broker for forex scalping and has specific liquidity providers that focus on accepting forex scalping “toxic volumes” to handle all scalping trades. This allows Yadix to deliver fast order execution with low latency specifically needed to operate a successful scalping strategy.

Broker Scalping Policy

Moving forwards Yadix as a scalping friendly broker is targeting a reputation of being the leading forex broker for scalping.  At Yadix we continue to attract more forex scalpers and by building on the best trading conditions for scalpers, and to deliver scalping friendly services  to clients and  the ever-growing forex scalping community.

To learn more about the Yadix Scalper Account please visit our account comparison page. To discuss your scalping strategy, please contact our professional support team.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scalping in Forex: Small Steps to Profitable Trading Strategies

Forex scalping is a trading strategy defined by a trader that opens and closes an order within minutes in order to profit from small price appreciations when market moves are favourable.

A scalping trader is alerted to these market movements and enters and exits market orders at the right moments. Regardless of the market direction, the currency pair is open to advances, pullbacks and further advance. During these times, the markets are affected by major movements and minor price movements on the MT4 charts. A currency pair may move 100 pips over several hours, a pullback 70 pips over the following hours. Sometimes, the market can advance a further 200 pips. These major moves are suitable for trend traders or medium term traders, but not scalping traders.

Scalpers and scalping robots are more focused on trading where the market moves 15 pips in minutes. If the market oscillates over a few minutes, then it’s ideal conditions for scalping. The scalper makes the right decision based on forex indicators to enter and exit the market and makes scalping profits.

The time frame scalpers focus on is 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes as the scalping strategy is to enter and exit with profit in minutes using technical analysis and not risking trading for longer.

What are the positives & negatives of Forex scalping?

What are Forex Scalping Benefits?
The main benefit is to make money scalping quickly, entering many successful forex orders. Scalping systems that trade 1 standard lot (round turn) 20 times a day, and target a 3 pip profit on each can generate $600 daily scalping profit. The target is to close profits within minutes and not to expose forex orders to unknown market conditions that ruin the trading strategy. Knowing when to close forex trades is just as important as when to open and this can be judged by using some of the best forex indicators. Risk management is also more controlled in scalping.

What are Forex Scalping Negatives?
Scalping is suitable for experienced forex traders, new comers to forex can find it complicated or risky. New traders often don’t understand fully chart action, news, indicators and technical analysis that are crucial to a successful scalping strategy. As scalping depends on market noise, news releases and breakouts, it can be difficult for a beginner to really understand the impact on fx markets.

Many brokers view scalping as negative, it is critical to check the brokers scalping policy. If the broker is not transparent on the site, then you should be altered, ask support specific questions to ensure your profitable scalping system will be accepted.

As Scalping is very sensitive to market noise and short-term market conditions, traders should avoid trading during news releases and unstable fx markets that can lead to sudden changes in direction.

To read more about scalping, scalping strategies and how to make money scalping, please visit our series of Scalping Forex Articles.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yadix Managed Forex Accounts - Manager Update 12427

Each week, we would like to highlight one forex manager, the trading performance and the trading profit that is generated from asset managers in the Yadix PAMM community.

This week, the spotlight falls on manager 12427 who is the forex manager for many accounts and is managing tens of thousands of Dollars for forex investors. 

This article will cover the period of the last fortnight to give readers a better understanding of real time performance.

Since the week commencing 21/01/2013, the forex account manager has generated a profit of $1536.04, a growth of over 10% for each forex investor. See Image below:

Trading is performed by a forex robot that operates under a very successful trading strategy and under the constant supervision of the manager himself. Not only are the results very impressive, we can see from the report that there is very little risk as maximum drawdown is only 5.75%. Furthermore, the asset manager has a very low performance fee of 20% based on high watermarks.

You too can now participate in the Yadix Pamm programme and benefit from diversifying your investments by using multiple manual and automatic trading strategies, such as successful scalping systems, trend and breakout strategies.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Forex Scalping Education

Yadix is happy to share with readers’ six new articles that have been independently written to help clients understand more about scalping forex markets, the benefits of scalping and many critical elements that will affect your choices when developing or when you learn how to scalp the forex markets.

Each article covers a different, but important part of the scalping strategy, starting with how to scalp the fore market and finishing with how to make money scalping. Below you will find a brief overview of each scalping education article and a link to read more:

Forex Scalping Article No1: How to Scalp the Forex Markets

Start your forex scalping education with reading more about how to scalp forex markets. This article will cover whether forex scalping is right for you, the benefits of scalping, choosing a broker for scalping and an introduction into scalping robots.

Forex Scalping Article No2: Forex Scalping Factors

 In our second article, we look at the most important factors of scalping the markets. The importance of low spreads, the forex brokers scalping policy and other order execution elements such as re-quotes, slippage, news trading and fast order execution.

Forex Scalping Article No3: Forex Scalping Strategies

This article covers what you should know as a forex scalper, what a scalper looks for in a forex broker and how different forex models employed by brokers can dramatically affect your forex scalping system.

Forex Scalping Article No 4: Technical Analysis Scalping Systems

Technical Analysis is an important part of any Scalping System. In this introduction we look at the critical impact technical analysis can have on profitable forex trading systems. News Breakouts, technical breakouts, range patterns and flags are covered in depth.

Forex Scalping Article No 5: Automated Forex Scalping Systems & Forex Robots

Automated trading systems, forex robots and EAs are growing in popularity in recent years as they give forex traders freedom and proven trading systems to trade and make money in forex markets. This article is in place to educate traders what to look for in a forex robot as well as discussed the best forex indicators that many Expert Adviors use.

Forex Scalping Article No 6: Make Money by Forex Scalping

The final piece of the series of scalping education focuses on how to make money trading scalping forex and some important factors that all traders should consider.

For specialist advice or information on scalping forex, please feel free to contact our support team. Details can be found at