Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forex Trading - Hedging and Scalping

At Yadix Forex Broker, we understand that different traders have different forex trading strategies that help them make profit when trading forex.

When trading forex with Yadix, all clients can be sure that no trading startegies will be discriminated against. Hedging and Scalping are two of the most used strategies that are welcome at Yadix. As an STP ForexBroker, our business model benefits from profitable trading clients, unlike the model of a dealing desk that generates profit from clients’ losses.

When clients use strategies in dealing desk forex brokers, there are always restrictions in how these strategies are used, for example, scalpers will have a set limit of time or minimum pip limit before the scalp can be closed. Also with hedging, there is usually a minimum pip limit in place to stop true hedging.

Yadix is able to welcome and serve you no matter your strategy and the forex trading environment is beneficial for all traders. You can even utilise your strategy to gain higher value cash rewards and forex rebates  in the Yadix promotions programme.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Forex Leverage – Advantages and Disadvantages

In forex, leverage is often a critical factor to your trading strategy and your choice of broker. In this article, we’ll talk about leverage choice and how it can work for or against you.

Leverage, can be used to reduce the capital investment need to trade forex, this is referred to as margin in the MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform. If the ratio of chosen is 1:500, you can enter the markets with a capital investment of $1,000 but enter trades with the value of $500,000. As the market moves for or against your forex trade (order), your account equity will grow or will reduce according to the ration of leverage chosen on your account (risk level).

Many traders tend to only see the positive side to trading forex using high levels of leverage, however, at Yadix we believe that it is important for clients to fully understand how leverage choice is critical to how your account can be affected in a positive or negative way.  This is because the potential rewards and risks of trading forex and multiplied by the leverage you choose to trade with.

Leverage is a loan from the forex broker that you are trading with and is used to multiply your account equity using your deposited funds as collateral.  When your account reaches a pre-set level of equity, the MT4 platform triggers a Margin Call, a warning to you that your account equity is at a low level.  The next step is a Stop Out, this is also a pre-set level set in the MT4 forex platform that will close orders starting from the least profitable first. These actions are to primarily protect your account from going into a negative balance, and also to protect the broker from making any losses on the loan (leverage) on which you are trading.

At Yadix Forex Broker, we offer our clients a flexible choice of leverage from 1:1 to 1:500 for our clients to choose from. However, we always encourage the education and correct use of this forex trading facility.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker - Tools for Better Trading

Clients of Yadix can trade using the STP forex model with competitive spreads, excellent order execution and a range of forex trading tools to help maximise trading the forex markets with Yadix Forex Broker.

Our traders can choose to trade on a selection of trading platforms to suit their forex trading strategies. The platforms available include MetaTrader 4, Yadix Webtrader and coming soon the Yadix iPad and iPhone applications for mobile trading.  

The Yadix client personal account management area allows clients to safely and securely deposit and withdraw funds to the trading account. The “personal area” also provides clients with a range of reporting tools and the storage of historical forex trading data which assists clients better understand the trading history for fx trading strategy development.

Below, we have listed a brief introduction into each one of the facilities for you to get an overview of the key benefits for each:

MetaTrader 4 Platform:
The MT4 forex trading platform is the world’s most popular terminal to trade forex. It boasts a list of excellent trader-friendly tools, indicators and charting facilities that allows clients to customise their forex control. 

MetaTrader 4 still remains the choice for clients that trade forex using automated trading tools (Expert Advisors). The platform is so flexible towards EAs, it even offers its own programming language for users to create, edit and upload custom made expert advisors. Unlike other forex trading platforms, MT4 also does not restrict forex traders that use strategies such as hedging and scalping.

Yadix Webtrader:
The Yadix Webtrader platform is a fully customisable platform that is rich with forex trading features that allows clients full control and flexibility.  

Unlike the MetaTrader 4 platform, the Yadix Webtrader does not require any download and is accessible through any internet browser from any type of PC with flash capabilities. This feature allows forex traders to access and control their accounts and trading orders using the Yadix Webtrader in a discreet way from any location.

Personal Account Management Area:
All Yadix traders’ access to a “personal area” allows all clients to manage their account funds, history, reporting and trading strategy in the most efficient and secure way.

The management of funds in trading accounts using the “personal area” gives our clients efficiency and total security. The funding and withdrawal from accounts is instant using a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options all accessible from the “personal area”.

Coming Soon
Yadix will soon be launching the iPad and iPhone forex trading applications. Both applications offer state-of-the-art forex trading facilities and allow clients of Yadix to have instant access to the forex markets with the ability to open new positions, modify existing trades and monitor the markets using real-time price feeds and charts.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker – Understanding Leverage

Yadix offers clients a flexible leverage range to suit their trading style or according to the settings of their automated trading tools or Expert Advisors.

Leverage can be presented in many positive ways to influence your decision to choose a high level of forex leverage; however the Yadix team is committed in providing a transparent explanation as to how leverage can benefit your trading account as well as how the wrong choice of leverage can negatively affect your leveraged forex trading account, balance and risk strategy. 

As Yadix is an STP broker, we highly recommend that your choice of leverage should be set to a maximum of 1:100. A dealing desk forex broker will recommend the use of a higher level of forex leverage and this is because the higher the leverage, the higher level of risk on your account meaning that you have a greater chance to lose your balance using a higher leverage. This is where a dealing desk forex broker makes profit on their clients’ losses.

An STP Forex Broker, only makes a commission based on clients trading volumes, and our aim is to help you generate more forex traded volumes and not push you to lose your balance. Clients must remember that in forex, leverage can work two ways, either for or against you and it is the main reason why clients lose money when trading forex. We highly recommend that all traders use a lower level of leverage, or at least to understand the full risk of misusing leverage.

Your Expert Advisor is always welcome at Yadix, and we are happy to accommodate your leverage settings to ensure that your EA operates without issue and maximum efficiency. If you have any questions regarding the leverage levels offered by Yadix, or the implementation of your EA on our MT4 forex trading platform, please feel free to contact our professional forex trading advisors.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker – Advantages for Forex Managed Accounts and EA Communities

As an STP Forex Broker, that utilises the very best liquidity providers, Yadix can proudly and confidently welcome profitable trading strategies and automated trading tools.

Whether our client manually trades on forex managed accounts for his/her clients or whether you are looking for the PAMM account facility to operate your profitable Expert Advisor, Yadix can provide a fully transparent and efficient trading environment for both you and your clients to benefit from.

We understand that profitable trading is problematic with many brokers, and because of this, many brokers will restrict or exclude your system or trading strategy from making profits for your community of traders. Even with many STP brokers you will face restrictions or trading issues due to poor levels of liquidity providers.

To overcome these issues, the Yadix environment has been purpose built to be able to provide you with an issue free trading environment, excellent conditions and trading benefits for both you and your valuable clients. 

To learn more about our PAMM, VPS and our business philosophy, please visit www.Yadix.com

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker – EA Trading with an STP Broker

The use of automated forex trading tools is becoming more popular with forex traders, the Yadix MetaTrader 4 platform supports all EAs written in MQL4 code. By using an expert advisor allows clients of Yadix a more reliable and efficient way to trade forex when comparing to self-trading. 

EAs are programmed with specific strategies and react to the markets in real time. The strategy which the EA relies upon will automatically identify the signals from the forex trading charts and trigger the expert advisor to submit trades, take partial profits and close trades based on the way it is programmed to function.

Another benefit of trading using automated trading tools is the fact that the EA can be connected to the MetaTrader4 trading server 24 hours of the day, meaning that unlike us humans, the programme will not miss profitable forex trading opportunities at the time where traders are sleeping or unable to be physically sitting in front of the PC waiting for the perfect trading opportunity.

Yadix, as an STP broker provides the ideal trading environment for the users of expert advisors, with a no re-quote and no conflict of interest policy clients can be certain that EAs will never be restricted or excluded from our forex environment. Furthermore, the free VPS (Virtual PrivateServer) facility will allow clients that trade forex using expert advisors to be connected 24 hours a day and never with latency. 

To read more about trading using your EA with Yadix Forex broker, please feel free to visit our site.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker - Understanding EAs

Expert Advisors are basically a successful forex trader’s strategy that is crammed into a programme that is designed to trade forex markets, maximise forex profit opportunities and make money for the owner of the EA.

The EA will work on predefined trading strategies, usually based around technical analysis. Forex technical analysis has proven to be much more efficient and less subjective in forex trading markets when compared to fundamental or economic analysis as both of the later do not cover critical technical elements of trading any financial asset.

Once the Expert Advisor has been programmed and tested, it’s ready to be released in to the market place to generate profits for the traders. The EA will always be backed with months or even years of historic trading and performance data to allow the trader to make an informed decision prior to investing. Once agreed, all the trader needs to do is to simply add the EA to his MetaTrader 4 Platform, fund the account and sit back and watch the balance grow.

Yadix Forex Broker operates the STP model which means that all traders are submitted directly to the liquidity providers and not through a dealing desk. Dealing desks or market maker brokers base the profitability on clients’ losses and as a result often restrict the use of profit making automated trading tools.

As a client of Yadix, using an expert advisor, you can rest assured that you will benefit from all of the excellent trading conditions without facing restrictions or expulsion from trading using your EA. Our profits are based purely on the commissions received from the forex trading volumes. Yadix offers a free VPS facility to greatly improve the forex trading experience for clients that trade using automaded trading tools or Expert Advisors.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker - VPS & EA Hosting

At Yadix, we understand that trading using Expert Advisors is not as simple as people might think. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to maximise the performance of your EA and of course profitability.

Connection – A stable, reliable and fast internet connection is critical to your trading success. If you have intermittent connection issues, or your connection is slow, there is no doubt that your expert advisor will not perform according to your requirements.

24 Hour Trading - As the market never sleeps, neither should your EA. If it does not have access to your MT4 account and the internet, you will miss trading opportunities that could generate for you forex profits.

STP Broker & Liquidity - An STP broker is ideal for the use of Expert Advisors as you can be assured that you won’t face expensive re-quotes when trying to enter the market. However, an STP broker without very good liquidity providers can also cause trading issues with your EA.

Yadix combats all of these issues by firstly only working with more than 15 top tier liquidity providers that compete for your forex trading volumes. These liquidity providers can easily handle all trade sizes no matter what instrument or time of day (or night), allowing your EA to open and close positions without issues.

The Yadix VPS facility allows users of expert advisors the freedom to leave the EA connected to the market 25 hours per day, ensuring that profitable trading opportunities are never missed. Also, the VPS facility allows your expert advisor to be hosted as if it is in the same room as the MT4 trading server.  This will remove any internet connection downtime and latency that are the biggest cause of order execution delays and failures.

To learn more about using the Yadix VPS facility or our STP Forex Liquidity providers, please feel free to register an account and take advantage of EA friendly trading environment.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker - Trading Platforms

At Yadix, we offer a choice of trading platforms to suit your individual requirements for accessing financial markets online. We have the award winning MT4 platform available for your PC or laptop as well as platforms for your iPhone and iPad for the trader on the move and the Yadix Web Trader that has excellent trading features.

MetaTrader 4 Trading Terminal
MT4 is the most advanced and popular trading platform available and lets traders easily control trades and market exposure. With MT4, clients can easily place market orders, pending and stop orders, trailing stops and take profit transactions. Controlling orders remains in your power according to your preferences including trading directly from charts.

Indicators and charting tools are second-to-none with Meta Trader 4, the range of analytical tools are perfect no matter your trading strategy, these tools allow traders to quickly identify trading trends and more ability to maximise profits.

Yadix Web Trader
The Yadix Webtrader offers an enhanced and customisable trading platform according to traders preferences. As a client, you will quickly see that the Yadix WebTrader has a great range tools and is very familiar to trading with MT4.  

As the Yadix Webtrader is connected directly to the trading server, all transactions are highly secured and there is no need to create multiple logins as you can access Yadix Web Trader using your MT4 account details.

The platform allows all traders to trade their forex account on any operating system. There is no need to download, simply login to your account and trade from any computer. 

iPhone & iPad Platforms – Coming Soon
Yadix will soon launch both the iPad and iPhone trading Apps to allow trading on your mobile device.

Both platforms allow instant access to ypour trading account regardless of location and the freedom to trade from anywhere at any time,  without the need to be sitting in front of your computer. 

The user-friendly interface allows clients to trade directly from their device using the secure environment whilst using the range of facilities offered by the famous Apple products. All clients will be able to login using the MT4 account details.
The application will soon be made available for free from the Apple App Store.