Monday, March 5, 2012

Yadix Forex Broker -VPS & EA Hosting

At Yadix Forex Broker, offering the best in trading conditions for our clients is our philosophy. And that is why, we not only offer completive trading conditions which are fundamental for any client, but we also offer additional account benefits to ensure that all of our clients are trading in the best possible environment.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a facility that greatly improves the speed of execution and the ability to trade without delays no matter your geographical location. By using the Yadix VPS allows you to connect directly to the trading server and perform your trades as if you were located in the same building and at fastest possible speed. The VPS facility guarantees that your trading activity is not susceptible to latency and as such eliminates any poor internet connectivity issues that you may face.

The VPS facility is widely used to host expert advisors to ensure that the EA operates at maximum efficiency. As we know, EAs rely on opening and closing positions at critical moments and delays in communication over the internet can cause issues to the expert advisors performance and your profitability. These issues are no longer valid when using the Yadix VPS as your EA operates at maximum efficiency as if it's running on the trading server.

To find out more details about how trading using the Yadix VPS can help you to maximise your trading efficiency or eliminate issues that you face with other brokers, please feel free to contact for full information.